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  1. It's arbitrage. Mostly done by bots, as @Tinyaccount mentioned. Perfectly valid market activity. Favors unsynchronized regulations across the globe, as the current state is presently. More evident in absence of people with the intentions you describe above.
  2. Interesting thread. My 2 zerps: One does not exit crypto via bitstamp in the amount of 1b. There are avenues for that. No one even needs 1b usd, what that sentence means is that he found a thing thats far better. No one with 1b protects the market. Power is always excercised, not contained. What he protects is his money, as he is exposed on the xchanges, that is why he does packets. The poor guy cant even make proper intervals, he has so much of it. Thats way he chose reliable and liquid Xs such as bitstamp ad bifinex. He left those places already, its insanity to keep milions in fiat on an xchange. He would exit in crypto. Thats why he moved there, if he wanted fiat => see point 1. He most likely uses a bot for the orders and txs. Bots leave patterns. Someone kind enough , as the people before me, could perhaps query other networks. He must stick out. So, a wealthy crypto pioneer woke out of crio and dumped a nations budget. ( it is increadibly unlikely this is dur to some enfocment or political). Its just a simple sell. The q on everyones mind is why now, when its so low? thats the peculiar. My contention is that he thinks the opposite. See, that q is a reflection of our expectations . He simply finds that even the price today is fine, considering his bottom. Think about what a prson like him, given the former info in this threas, knows, and what you know. My, fairly confident, bet is that he switched horse, it would be nice to get a hint which one. Cheers
  3. Hello m8. Tell her. You are making a mistake by keeping it low, regardless of outcome. Cheers ?
  4. De_Graaf

    Cashing out

    I think that company had links to Slovenia, I'm too lazy to check. Seems Bitstamp is a viable option, indeed. Shipping and actually being in possession of physical gold has its own small risks though, to my mind. Not exactly, just a viable secondary market for crypto. Any business that would accept largish amounts of it, in exchange for something else. The reason I am considering alternatives is because I don't believe any exchange is solvent "enough". Edit: well actually, yes, to your second q, that's exactly it. There should be a search function for this kind of things . thanks. If I may ask, why do you consider gatehub to be dreadful?
  5. De_Graaf

    Cashing out

    If we coordinate timing, with even minimal effort , I am certain we can collapse* this thing. (or at least send it back to 2011) My original question was more related to alternative ways, for example: https://www.goldmoney.com/ any experience with services such as these, or other similar concepts? Point being , one does not need to exit in fiat directly. As an example you could deposit to a online bookie that accepts crypto, do arbitrage vs a rookie bookie and exit that way over time. May sound rather dubious, that is not my intention. I'm just sayin it is doable. I'd imagine many people would be more comfortable wiring via some reputable entity from another industry rather than a crypto exchange. Edit*: meant the structures around crypto, not the tech itself, obviously
  6. De_Graaf

    Cashing out

    What are possible presently available venues to withdraw five, six or seven figures fiat? Any ideas welcomed. Thanks Edit: I am aware of coinbase, gemini and others, the point is to discuss alternatives.
  7. @maktal "New User Registrations Are Temporarily Suspended" @ cex cex has a premium on usd pairs(used to) , euro pairs are their base, despite less liquidity. Acceptance of cCards goes a long way in crypto, once the gates open again for cex, divergence may occur. It may also be the case that, exc C or exc D added deposit/withdrawal options for coin X which made the Bitfinex/excC/cex arbitrage flow change and the price would correct. Simply, a third party provided entrance/exit to combine Bitfinex/cex pairs and back.
  8. cons: myriad of withdrawal issues possible (in fact, guaranteed) tx problems (yes, even xrp) spread ( price you see quoted on exc B is the last trade, spread is so large, you are not getting that price in any reasonable time) mistakes, as in human error ( you'll send assets to someplace else by mistake, you'll try to arb in exc that quote price of asset but won't allow deposit or withdrawal, you'll make the greedy choice of including exc X to your arbing patterns, while exc X is registered in Republic of Samoa) bots, good lord so many bots ( there is a place in the world where one can learn how to write automations in less than 30 mins, with fancy algos) taxes (must include in profit margin, unless Maltese) Korean regulations great uncertainty in dealing face-to-face for large volume transactions tx time ( you may find yourself moving in something different than XRP, or that other fast coin that shall not be named here ) security (activity involves large stacks of value being kept available at all times) pros: if done right and consistently, it is glorious. Now let me assume a few things: You seem to want to approach it simple, buy lower at A send to B sell, withdraw. If you are lucky to be of nationality that has access to proper local exchanges that deal with premium prices, than it can be done. You only need to consider taxes (if any), banking (limits and rules) and occasional hiccups in transfers. Definitely doable, but accessible to only a minority of people. Fancy ways are accessible to more people, but they are a lot riskier and harder to execute. If I may assume one more thing, I think you are slightly underestimating arbitrage. That activity, if it can be done consistently, is beyond any analysis, tradings, value estimations, hopes, investments and speculations, simply is not in the same frame of reference. With that said, you won't get an explicit answer to your question that has any value. Keep looking. Good luck in your endevours Edit: and if you make it, you'll do your part in fixing those prices, therefore contributing to more accessible (price-wise) XRP which is just good for everyone.
  9. I do, since the 6th. Just a guess. Giancarlo and the other fellow made the testimony, other markets are crashing, sentiment changes (at least it appears so to my mind) are some of the events of this particular time frame. By the guidelines posted here, there is no confirmation whatsoever that a reversal has begun.
  10. Subpoena was supposedly delivered on Dec 6th. Lets speculate: Bitfinex cuts ties with US customers on 9th November. Said subpoena would demand information of doing business up to 6th, possibly a little bit earlier. Bitfinex leaves US jurisdiction before actions done in 2018 (January daily printing of 100 m batches, of which they cannot be held accountable in a us court)
  11. Take the assumption temporarily as true that: there is less than 20 bn fiat total in all crypto at its peak of mcap ~800 bn. ( google Marko Kolanovic (jpmorgan quant) document for further info) With the above in mind, lets take into consideration the peculiarity of tether (pegged to usd), the amount of circulation of the coin will contribute immensely to value. Now check this : It is not just the amount of tether, but the amount that can possibly be used with purpose, intention and design. ( and capacity of manipulation in what is essentially a free for all market).
  12. Gatehub is still a crypto exchange. My point was to use the services of a firm that actually offers the buying of gold or other metals. One that actually existed for a hundred years, is audited often, has credibility and its stocks are being exchanged, keeps metals in safes( look em up). There may be services like these that accept digital money. The difference between the former and latter is obvious for when your money enters your bank account. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
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