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  1. @nikb, can you elaborate on this? Is this going to be a verifiable publication of UNL used in past ledgers? Or is this going to show intention for the coming ledgers? Do you know if there is going to be proof of topology? I personally don't doubt Ripple's intentions to work out decentralization in the coming period, and I don't doubt that Ripple has some very smart people on this topic. But in crypto-space it is always about proof. Do you envision a situation where there is some way or the other (with or without publishing individual UNL's) going to be proof of topology? Or can you convince that there is no need for such a proof, and that the proof of the pudding is in the eating?
  2. I'll be off for some time

    Hi, I decided I need some time away from this forum and crypto in general to attend some pressing personal issues. This OCD (obsessive crypto disorder) is distracting me too much and I need to find a way to reduce the distraction. Karlos is willing to enforce my self-imposed ban, it'll be active until the end of the month. When using this forum, please be aware of the role of your own core believes and your evolutionary response to protect them. When trading or checking crypto prices, please be aware of your own emotions and how this makes you feel. Do you feel panic? Fear? Can you make sense of these emotions after the price has settled? What (trading) actions would you have done if you acted on those emotions and how would you have acted now? What (portfolio) position should you take in order to not have such intense emotions? Please be aware that even if it aligns with your core believes or your financial goals, do no believe without a doubt (new/provided) information. Always be critical, and try to argue for the opposite. Be the devil's advocate; you will find that it helps you either correctly rejecting false information, or making your believes stronger, either way it is a win. Do not force your own opinion onto other people, even if there is a financial benefit of doing so. Real people lose real money on short-term rallies, partially because of the hype created by others. Be a good example (realize this can go deep). Do not get greedy, do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Anyway, I'm off for at least a month. Eik
  3. BIP39: secure?

    The nano S has it's own hardware random seed generator. Supposedly.
  4. And replace 'bot' with 'other human beings trading on poloniex' that also want to make a profit (hence also selling)
  5. Ripple (XRP) Merchants Directory

    Good stuff, thanks. What do merchants need to do to implement this on their webshop?
  6. Prediction Game and Prize

    Great! Maybe make it such that people add in the memo or destination tag the price. Instead of one day ahead, maybe also a week ahead price. Also specify which currency and gateway/exchange.
  7. It is not trading. It is showing ownership of your XRP, then you get XLM for that.
  8. No, it was a simple (browser) plugin that allows to register IOU debt with e.g. a friend. Very similar to trust-lines in RCL, except that there is nothing to enforce the debt (e.g. if friend walks away, the IOU debt is worthless).
  9. A triskelion shape does not qualify as coin. Maybe?
  10. Ye trust is hard to build. I don't know the story how he pulled this off, but I guess in 2013 people trusted him enough. I wouldn't put IOU's on the wallet. Imagine we did that years ago with USD.Justcoin or alike. I would buy a whole set of shiny precious metal triskelion with a Ripple secret key inside, half embedded in a tamper-proof hologram.
  11. Probably already posted before. It is very old. But was amazed by it. From wikipedia: With bitcoin private key inside: Some now also for sale in auction. Reddit discussion about this picture. Any ideas for XRP like this? (disclaimer)
  12. I'd argue that will be approx. 2 months of declining Stellar price. Starting now, ending several weeks before end of claim. That dilution is enormous. Probably most bitcoin-folks will check out buying more bitcoin. Probably most ripple-people will check out to buy more ripple. I assume the allocation is still based on holdings right before Jed's dump post in 2014, right? If that is still the case, most of the lumens will end up in Stellar's operational fund.
  13. ??? You seem to be afraid that XRP is not getting enough attention while the article is not about XRP. And what race are you talking about? This demo was a demo of the current possibilities of ILP, not XRP. I think Ripple explicitly didn't want to mention Ripple and XRP too often in this expo. Gregor from Bitstamp also avoided naming Ripple / XRP-ledger when he was clearly talking about that. This is a good thing, ILP is coin/ledger/blockchain agnostic, and also should not be portrayed as the killer-app for XRP.
  14. QuadrigaCX Loses 60,000 ETH

    I like how cool they are about it publicly: "and has unfortunately eaten into our profits substantially". And great they do not discount it on others.