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  1. The only difference between them is that the roller coaster is offering better thrill with xrp
  2. and ETH...new ATH this afternoon followed by -20%
  3. I survived 2017, but honetlsy it would be painful to see doge and xrp at the same market cap
  4. I am back from your future. This event was in fact the central point of a space-time disturbance. Brad was upon to announce a major partnership with god himself and could become the new savior. Unfortunately, this event was interupted by an exterior reason. Now humanity lost his last hope. Brace yourself !
  5. That really suck... I never listen TV, and here i am looking a foreign TV live and it's talking about trade war. Looks fun... I am just here to have fun talking crypto >_<
  6. well, he gets a point by saying ico can be use to promote raising fund for social movement
  7. Ah ! I haven't looked the price for 2 days. I guess i missed all the fun seen this pump Typical " Buy Rumor, Sell News"
  8. hmm, not for reloading the jukebox but. I have bought french books about blockchain. In the first part they explain how to create your first wallet. Was very surprised when i saw the website they adviced. I let you think about which one i mention
  9. And to go further (even if i want coinbase/xrp) adding xrp will skyrocket it at the second place and will threaten BTC.
  10. I know it's creepy. Question for all In case you died, did you provide a way for your inheritor to keep an access to your crypto ??
  11. lol, if it's true i would love to know why they change their mind about xrp. Did they made some research or they capitulate because they got trash talked..? But yes it's good as fudsters won't use this rating anymore as an argument.
  12. Funny, i am not even surprized...as Ripple is working with regulators. And to go further that's a reason why i bought some zerps. I have this strange gut's feeling that something huge is gonna happen with xrp involved. No idea what will happen but it will be fast, in order to let as many people behind. No matter the price today, just want to have a ticket for the ride to heaven or to hell !
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