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  1. Market cap is highly linked to your personnal conviction. I, personnaly, think dollar will experiment a hyperinflation (no idea when) but in that case where is going the market cap ? Infinite ? I put some money on crypto to cover myself against such event.
  2. Greed They will dump it just before new token flows into market
  3. Elon Musk is now teasing he will speak about doge on TV May 8th. For each of his tweet, you have now an army of zombies begging more.... I start to be very frightened by his behavior, i have the feeling this joke will end very badly for everyone... Am i the only one ?
  4. I really like those sneaky moves upward. i wonder who is trading at this time. I also find funny how they fight on every penny when you know that sooner or later they will fight for every dollar
  5. 2.2 Flare would be fun --> that akward moment when you realized more gain with a airdrop day one than with our fellow xrp after 3-4 years
  6. SEC's reponse to Ripple's response to SEC's Letter :
  7. According what i found on reddit : "10:00 a.m. EDT (GMT - 4)" Personnaly, i won't go as it would irrelevant : my english level isnt good enough to follow such thing
  8. Talking about tomorrow hearing : Anyone here plan to join them on the phone call ?
  9. Come on...it s obvious... XRP is an intergalactic currency so after the launch it will be announced that alien exist and humanity will be ready for new horizons. XRP is the only fast enough for travel long distance in space...but it will use only to trade with others civilizations. On Earth we will adopt the doge as a standard... Why do you think, elon is pushing is that way..he is not a human...look closely at him...
  10. it's even worse for the SEC : Ripple have Mary Jo White (31st chair of the SEC from 2013 to 2017)
  11. - Captain ! We missed the Moon - Okay then let's go Mars - Fair enough
  12. Looks like a a buy pressure atm But there are so many sell order in the area 1.40-1.45
  13. monks playing chifumi against a snake. One is smiling because he realizes snakes don t have arms
  14. Looks like Musk is again having fun, creating another pump on doge....
  15. same here even if i didnt expect such unhinge, if it continues on this own i wonder how it will react when the MA50 will cross the MA200 on the 1h chart and the MA20 crossing MA50 on 4h chart
  16. i expect it to happen when the lawsuit will be over and xrp be relisted for US
  17. huhu i knew something was fishy seeing the lack of activity on the common board compared of what it was back in 2018. Seems i lost access cuz of inactivity, can i have it back ?
  18. i was wondering if in that specific case it just luck or an obvious manipulation. (Same for Biden announcement tax)
  19. Blockchain backer two last video (and the only one i ever seen) made something very similar to you. Sure alt can move by themself, i remember when it occured in mid dec 2017, after the BTC ATH : BTC dropped but ETH and Xrp didn t give a ****. At this right moment altseasons started because people saw a safe heaven and mofo
  20. already seen the same exact assumption on youtube But today we are tied to btc so...
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