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  1. Just noticed the SNL show will be an international live That would be the perfect timing for THE whale to crash the dogecoin
  2. ok BTC back above 59k and obviously Xrp not following
  3. oh yeah maybe. i remember this, CMC removing korean exchange
  4. Anyone have an idea why the circulating supply drop to 35B ??
  5. Ex Ripple co founder. He left Ripple to create XLM (Stellar). But he had several billiard XRP just as Brad or Chris and he said he will sold everything no matter the price.. So he dumps everyday XRP on market, but he can t sell more than a % of the volume per day....to avoid a massive crash
  6. Yes even the Joker don t mess with IRS :
  7. Okay, the tax isn t that expensive. My point is i wouldnt want them to know which crypto i bought
  8. How can they know exactly the value ? Just based on what you declared ? or do you have to reveal your position ?
  9. nah, C denied next target 1.80 PS : Note, i chart with my little finger
  10. That was my first thought after reading 1984 (G.Orwell). I question myself not about the story but i tried to imagine how the society falled into it. And i could imagine a scenario in which such society could be set up with good intent at the first place (to protect people from themself). Such thought came to me after realizing the guy tormenting the "heroe" is firmly convinced to act for the good..and perhap's it s had been the case...at least at the beginning... Hell is paved with good intentions
  11. i guess some doge hodler are sweating now
  12. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-appoints-former-treasurer-of-the-united-states-rosie-rios-to-board-of-directors-and-kristina-campbell-as-cfo/ https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-rosie-rios-former-us-treasurer-board-of-directors Any thought about this ?
  13. Not with a market price order that will fulfill all the buy order...i dont think there is 21 Mds waiting to buy....
  14. Especially when you know someone is holding 28% of total tokens... I hope for them that is a good guy and not someone like me who love chaos.... If i had such power, i would certainly "missclick" on the button sell all at market price (receiving millions by the way) and watch the chaos with a huge candle right to 0
  15. Such a dismiss from the court would be very bad because that would again let the door half open without clarification....so the show could continue wih another administration later.... The fact is SEC cannot really give a statuse to xrp as a currencies or a securities because they (for i have understand, i am learning....) use the howey test to determine the nature of the asset. The major problem is that this test is too old to appreciate cryptocurrency and apply to them give a mitigated answer... At the end of the lawsuit process, i hope the test will evolve or a new test created for crypto...if it s not the case you will always have an uncertainty for the future.. That s why it s good for the lawsuit to go further even it s hurting now... My main concern is that it should be faster....and now for what i see SEC is playing for the win and is clearly wasting time fighting on each ridiculous details...so i don t understand : what is their ***** objectives after all ???
  16. That for sure the case, that s why in their reponse previous response about email (to ripple motion) they say that internal discussion arent relevant and not reflecting the SEC position
  17. Well....doge about to flip XRP What a world
  18. oh ! That makes me think about this : https://www.coindesk.com/proposed-legislation-in-germany-could-allow-425b-to-flow-into-crypto-report
  19. It s what i call the natural selection
  20. What about ethereum exploring new ATH ? Eating every day a bit more BTC dominance
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