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  1. Imagine a good news right now about lawsuit ! XRP safe heaven during crash !
  2. yep, hugging the "support" right now. Next "stop" will be 38k, and then 30k
  3. Yeah but no, sure great to have a "use case", but clearly having Musk is not something we want now.. Imagine he starts tweet centralize, scam, etc.
  4. yes...always when we start to have fun...BTC....
  5. And now the famous 1.57 resitance before joining our epic local ATH not seeing for a week
  6. I wonder if something leaked about the lawsuit or it s just a pump&dump grouop having fun
  7. xrp is moving This market is so random o_O
  8. Because xrp always been the most hated coin and ripple is in trouble with SEC currently
  9. Don t be so naive. Did you forget Xrp is running this bullrun with a broken leg because of US ? That s how the world is running for now. Most of us are upset about the importance of the US but we can t do anything about this.
  10. already mooning again as elon just tweet about improving doge
  11. A lot of things can happen in the next 6-8 weeks...
  12. Dont worry for them they will really reduce their CO2 emission as promessed but in fact there is a trick : https://www.reuters.com/article/germany-electricity-statistics-idUSL8N2JF16X They import way more electricity now, and the imported isn t taking into account in THEIR CO2 balance sheet. Always the same old trick : playing with number, displace the problem, etc.
  13. I can t wait to listen Maxi explaining how bitcoin is good for environment because it uses mainly renewable energy Those idiots are making a terrible mistake by assuming renewable energy = good for environment. Renewable energy just means close to infinite. Example : Wind energy is a renewable energy but the big fan itself have a terrible carbon footprint / energy produced Water dam use a renewable energy but it modifies the environment and you can't build a infinity on the same river Solar energy, well, what about the enviromental impact to build them ? Etc.
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