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  1. the E is the capitulation from wednesday. The model doesnt explain what happens after...in case of one shot event (pure hype, then never come back, ie : handspinner) it will dip into oblivion, that s i think happen most of the time...in case of BTC that is suppose to gain value over time...nobody can say what will happen
  2. There are dozen of coin linked to elon... Some people are creating new coin with each tweet he makes...that sridiculous
  3. yeah...that s what i have done...but holy shit...i feel dumb...i am really afraid (and it's money i can afford to lose) I keep some usdt in case it drop further. PS : yeah i visited some others places..it s scary how bad the mood is..i think some ppl might suicide
  4. ADA and XRP are heavily shorted right now : https://datamish.com/xrpusd/7d A short squeeze on this would be epic
  5. There is always a tiny flame of hope. And as there is a real utility and project behind xrp, well, perhaps one day we won t follow BTC cycle
  6. +1 i would like to read it also...we only have infos by people who are not really neutral...so impossible to forge our own opinion But few chance to get it ... as it s illegal
  7. How can you be sure, HE is the same guy ? (i dont really understand 4chan, for what i have seen you can t link a message posted with another message posted by same person, as a result, it can only be a oneshot) There are dozen and dozen of post claiming to be "insider", at the end well one of the prediction turn to be true
  8. I imagine something like that : "Hi people, we heard you find a potential way to become rich. Sry, but we only need slave. Your beloved CCP."
  9. Oh come on ! Not today, it s already one of the hardest day of us....
  10. I think nobody can tell exactly how many times we had this news in the past
  11. i tried to transfer some cash to binance. Transfert rejected technical issue
  12. Seoulite, in case you missed it, i got surprised 2 hours ago. On binance a ninja whale panic bought 3M XRP (XRP/BTC) at market price up to 3850 sat :
  13. Comparison with yestersday data , clearly the confirmation that whales are accumulating. 0.01% is the only one which incresed their stack When others group not accumulating it s normal to have a small decrease as it s calculate by % account. : everyday you have new account so a % by category implies more account for each and, of course you add the smaller one.
  14. Look at the right side of your screen...i don t use it but it s harassing me
  15. i can t wait to see XRP being 4nd in CMC even with 10Mds Xrp missing Will they make another 10MD disappearing ?
  16. Well, worth reading it. SEC seems angry and reiterates his treats against investor. They also use blackmail strategy : if you let them participated we will extend in time the lawsuit.
  17. To be honest the btc chart was a bit ugly these last weeks Look the weekly period, the big jump since february, the RSI was super low. The last impulse from 43k looked very weak and each legs was weaker than the previous one. This correction was highly anticipated by several economists... Elon triggered it once for all
  18. It looks like whales keep accumulating :
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