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  1. Exactly, i expected also a good thing but he never said it will be good. And for those who wanted to buy, it was a good thing :), point of view, point of view....
  2. It remind me that Bearableguy123 (on reddit) say he will make his price prediction for XRP on wednesday. I wonder if it's a coincidence but this guy already hinted that he had some insight view (remember his countdown for CMC tricks that begins the xrp "crash")
  3. Yes that's the point. The timing is exactly the same as a normal day. Usually on Saturday people don't buy like that at 8 AM. They should be sleeping ! Something is about to happen and i think this is an insight move. (again totally personnal view)
  4. Close to 1.30$ on bithumb. This run might be huge....Europeans following Koreans. So i expect Americans to FOMO this. It's good for crypto but i have a really bad feeling for stock exchange on Monday (just a personal opinion)
  5. Wanna laugh hard ? Look the history of the Farenheit and how the low and high temperature had been choosen.... it's the most random thing i have ever seen in science The 0°F is "the lowest air temperature measured in his hometown Danzig in winter 1708/09 " The 96°F is "the horse blood temperature".
  6. I have followed the asian market for months now. Usually, their day signal start at around 23:30 GMT+1 (it's 7:30 AM for them), the signal is weak (low volume). Then nothing until 00:30 GMT+1 (8:30 AM for them). At this time, the chart usually follow the previous signal but volume are increasing so they confirmed the trend. Their market follow the trend until 3:30 GMT+1 (11:30 AM for them). Basically, if it's a bull signal at 23:30 GMT+1 one hour later it will emphaze. For the rest of the day, it's hard to predict because they aren't alone on the market (West Europe start to wake up).
  7. I wonder the same thing. Especially, after listening this morning an economist saying almost all signals are red in the "real" economy and predicting a potential black monday. So yeah for a friday is kinda unexpected but that remind us how irrationnal and beyond the logic the cryptoworld is .
  8. Well, happens to a coworker several years ago. I was talking about bitcoin price (400$ at the moment), and this guy heared me...he was puzzled and he said me he had 100 bitcoin he bought at the early beginning and he totally forget it. I am not surprized about this kind of situation happening. My mother also bought some zerp to follow me but she bought at 2.7$. I think she already give up... Fortunately for her, she can't sell because i put their coin with mine. In one or two month she will totally forget about her lost and about her xrp. But one day i am pretty sure i will be able to "offer" her a little house giving her back her xrp...
  9. The best is still to totally forget you own it...and one day your brain will remind you of some old zerp that worth > 100 $. Will be the same feeling from finding a lost dollar bill in a feature.
  10. Wait, what ? Really ? I thought they would have understood how irrelevant they are to rate crypto....after their first released. Well, they had one month to study crypto fundamentals and they didn t... The old world don t understand the new one..they will disapear into oblivion
  11. +10% on bithumb on the 30min chart and volume still increasing
  12. These red candles on bithumb are beautiful (1.07$) For those who aren't aware red in asian culture is used for good thing (our green is their red )
  13. 2 min ago on bithum, There was a 1,5M sell wall at 1,01$ eaten in 20 s and now replaced by a buy wall at the same price. Our fellow korean are back.
  14. Really ? People had called a H&S on those 5% changes ?? Just a normal pattern for the cryptoworld. xD
  15. Any reasons for these sneaky green candles ? I try to find some news but nothing relevant for today. Anyway i would love to see >1$ today (+30%). Still needed +40000% to reach my target
  16. To answer this you had to ask yourself an old question : What is a money ? The question is simple but the answer is fascinating and will be different depending of people. Mine is simple : money has no value if it doesnt result from a global consensus. Bank could use their own coin for their exhange but if there is not link with the "real" world those coins would be worthless. The XRP is particulary interesting (to me) because the value of this coin won't be "choose" by normal people but will be result of the amount of money transfered between bank. But at the stage you can imagine bank just use pebble to trade. The people's role will be to validate the value. If people refuse to validate the value (by buying or trading), the coin will be worthless. Try to imagine how this work for fiat...the current value is the result of the global consensus. Historically your fiat is supposed to be backed by gold, but now it's not. Why it keeps some value ? Because people continue to accept those fiat even if there is nothing behind. For me most of fiats currencies are just a worthless piece of paper or simple pebbles, because you can print it....
  17. Well, i spend the week end in family and we talked about crypto cause some of them looked interested and asked me some question. Was really puzzled about their opinion negative or positive (all same random stuff you can read on Facebook or Twitter..) based on nothing At this point i realized something and asked this : " - What do think about the blockchain ? - Never heared about it, is it a new coin ?" Now i fully understand chart and how the price is moving : there is nothing to understand about, people have absolute 0 knowlegde about what's going on. They only see amazing December chart and want instant cash. I think all the blockchains is suffering and will suffer a lot about this, because the only thing most of people think is Crypto-Currency. Here on this board, we are all thinking about how usefull and how blockchain could be used in the future. Meanwhile, for normies, it's just magic. Fortunately for us, you don t need to understand how a car work to use it......
  18. Ah Nice try. No FUD to expect from me. Just asking for an info
  19. Wow Asian market cheaper than others (bithumb). That s quite unusual. I don t remember having noticed that for a while. Anyone had some memory about such trend in the past?
  20. Hi everyone ! First post there --> shame on me : another lurker going out the cave. Me ? XRP hodler, bought at .75c Why ? nothing to add, xrp is one of the few CC that has a general direction. And an ambitious one... I have followed this thread for a while now (page 500 xD) so i know almost all the big name here, and i know you well now (it s creepy saying like that). Just wanted to send a message for those who are currently an inspiration for all of us who also pay the ticket for the rollercoaster. The way you all stand tall during these hard days is really awesome and i think you play a huge role to help people keep believing ! About the current situation : just remember the whole crypto market is a threat for the "system" and that its original purpose. So people has to be fool to think they won t fight against to keep control and power...so the downtrend is to me a sign that the war had begin but it s a just the first battle.. I am pretty sure all of this is totally orchestrate : CME, CMC not showing KRW, regulator threat ban, etc... and the choosen period is perfect to emphase the fear among normies as January is known to be bloody for CCs. The system is getting nervous and is now very agressive. PS : Sry, english isn t my native language...
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