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  1. 35 minutes ago, B088IN said:

    If people are following historic charts surely then we know that if history repeats, once BTC starts to drop off from its bull run the Alts start theirs. So why do people get so panicked and constantly tie XRP to BTC, if you follow historic trends. Surely as BTC drops the Alts will start to rise. Not saying it will happen but it seems most people base future predictions on historic predictions, personally I think this market is too new and no where near established to base it on that plus without any sort of regulation, it’s almost impossible. I get people are trying to make sense of it, but I have yet to see anything that makes sense. It’s a market controlled by the few and retail works solely on emotion. This in turn makes any sort of prediction impossible; guess work, that’s all it becomes, for now. 

    You already had an "alt season", BTC dominance drop from 70% to 40%.

    I don t think you will have an event as in 2017-2018 (BTC dominance : >95% --> 38%).


  2. Hmm, this one is very interesting.

    So if my understanding is good, a Ripple win on the fair notice would be very very bad for the Sec's future against crypto.

    The real question now, will they take the risk to have a judgement on this or would it be better for them to stop and attempt a settlement and avoid a lose on this particular point.

    A lost now but potentials others victories, against not more victory ? Great dilemma !

    Will Ripple accept a settlement ?

    I think SEC is tring to settle but Ripple refuse, that could explain why SEC now is going rogue  and is threatning about an extension of the discovery period. They also declared they want to investigate about potential "lobbying action". 


    This last attack, on lobbying action is full retard for the SEC as it implies to be relevant that XRP IS a security, and that s whole point of the lawsuit : proving it is a security (for the SEC). This attack is annoying as it involves people around Ripple  and that's not good for business...

    Bulffe  to pressurize Ripple to accept settlement ?

    Well, we will have the answer really soon.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Seoulite said:

    Sure. Some of what I say might not be clear but that's because it would require explaining all the TA things that I'm learning so bear with me.

    Firstly, I agree with the general consensus that around 60-70 cents was a multi-year resistance level, and I think that level has been decisively broken. Second, as we would expect, I believe that level is now acting as a support. There are various other levels of historical support that are also helping out, but so far we have held at the first line of defence, which is encouraging. So far this signals a change in the whole direction of the chart.

    Markets follow laws of nature and so it can be helpful to think in these terms. The short term charts (1hr, 15 mins) can zip around like a motorbike, tiny turning circle, changing direction whenever they want. The long term charts like the weekly are more like an oil tanker. They can't just spin on a dime. It takes a really long time and a lot of energy to turn the thing and once you've turned it it's not easy to just turn it back. When weekly resistance is broken, it is like the tanker turning. Confirmation of support just confirms to us that it has turned. That is why I said a long while back that every day we spend at this levels makes it more likely we have fully turned. If we just spiked up and spiked back down below 60 cents, it would be a different story. But we haven't. We are doing ok. 

    Someone is gonna say "well what about the ATH? That was a quick reversal on the weekly chart." Yes it was, but the significant difference is that that was outside any previous range. Outside any previous range all bets are off, which is why I've been saying for months that buying BTC was too risky. It can turn at any time because you are in uncharted territory, no support and no resistance. Imagine if suddenly a massive waterfall appeared in the Suez canal.

    At the moment we are within the range, and so things don't generally just jerk around. There are defined levels, defined channels in which we are now trading. It would take a black swan to send us to 10 cents this week. Black swans are always possible, but you can't base your analysis on them.

    Which brings me to the last point. This is more speculative but I am fairly confident in it. We are trading within the range from the bottom to the top. In general, charts move from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top. Eventually they break the range one way or the other. Since we are still near the bottom of the range, to me it is more likely that we are going up next. We are closer to the bottom than the top in terms of both price and time. Also since there is very little space below the range but a very large space above it, that makes me think it is more likely to go 5 dollars than 5 cents. Finally, all the other major coins have followed this same pattern. Look at the ADA chart, that is what I am expecting the XRP chart to look like. Why would it be similar? The market is small, the people manipulating it want to make money and they don't give a damn about maxis and FUD. Also we've seen accumulation for years. What do you think they are going to do with all that xrp? 

    Another metaphor: massive moves in the market are like massive events in nature. They don't just come out of nowhere. They can't come out of nowhere. A massive volcanic eruption needs a build-up of magma and pressure beforehand. They can't hide it. When they buy it gets recorded on the chart along with everyone else. They are buying here. This is the build-up:




    Ok thx.

    i agree with you the chart XPR/USD alone is bullish on weekly, and we are still in range but on the lower part.

    My concern is that we are tied to BTC/USD, and BTC doesnt look great at all (when i was talking about giant HS its for BTC). 

    If BTC decide to confirm the HS (so the last bounce = bull trap) it will dip very badly, and as xrp will most likely follow under the support (aka lower line of the current range). If It happens i have no idea where xrp will be (i have idea but drawing on xrp chart is just ridiculous ...so giving a prediction is a bit hard... 0.2-0.3..)

    I just hope if BTC crash again, xrp will keep his current support but it s a bet against recent history.

  4. 2 hours ago, NMNR said:

    I can understand Kurodo's comments. Japan is obssessed with it's monetary policy - god knows why because it has failed to really stimulate demand and inflation for decades now. If Kurodo came out and was a massive proponent of Bitcoin it should cause a MASSIVE influx of the Japanese deposit holders dumping out of traditional saving schemes and securities in return for what is quite speculative assets and causing quite a substantial economic shock. 

    Japan debt > 250%

    They are done, the only strategy they have is MORE debt...infinite spiral.

    Kuroda is afraid that if Japanese rush more into crypto that will accelerate Yen fall...

    God damn, what a world we live on...when the **** crash will occur...? Really, zombie economy everywhere. We all know how this will end...I just hope it end fast..

  5. 25 minutes ago, Neurotoxin said:

    Imagine Jed runs out of zerps before BTC even peaks. Let’s say shortly before it. Man oh man, that would make for a crazy ride for XRP IMO! 10 used to sound crazy but with Jed running out, new users piling in tryina get rich quick and FOMOing into rallies, inflation happening due to massive overprinting of money, etc, I can easily see it happen this cycle. I’m so excited. Might even happen before the year is over, who knows?

    About 3 months remaining for Jed sell off if the volume is maintained

  6. 6 minutes ago, xrp-nuke said:

    That is all good and fine, but frol what price do they short? Since 0.7? Might they want to do squeez to fomo retails and short for real, once that happen, dump market, buy btc close longs.

    Anyway as many scenarios as ypu want. Seems this short graph is just useless.

    XRP since 1.2 to 1 (short position increased as the price decreased)

    ADA 1.75-1.85

    I still dont understand  why they didn t close the position ADA touched 1 and XRP 0.65 since...

    Over greed ? Or expected another huge drop ?

  7. On 5/22/2021 at 4:33 AM, NightJanitor said:

    Getting REAL tired of this "no recordings" local rule, which leads to having to rely on "Twitter interpreters" / live-bloggers...

    Does anyone have an actual transcript of the last couple of hearings?  Locked out of one or two due to capacity constraint, couldn't make the last one, had a medical issue for this one...  Any transcripts from these would be *greatly* appreciated - maybe won't be such a horrible inconvenience once there's someone there actually representing XRP holders on the line...

    available here :


  8. 30 minutes ago, Elysium2030 said:

    What will happen when the shorts get squeezed? Demand overload? Rocket to Mars? 

    For example on bitfinex in the order sell book you had, between this price and 2$, about 10M token available.

    Right now on bitfinex you have also 49 M xrp shorted...not enough for everyone in case of a sudden price jump

  9. 4 minutes ago, xrp-nuke said:

    I do not know how to read this graph, but, wtf 🤣🤣🤣



    Yes, that s what i have posted earlier today, since friday ADA and XRP are heavily shorted...

    On bitfinex almost all the token available are shorted...

    It s the highest ratio for at least one year (datamish), it s very weird...thats why i would love to see price suddenly going up for an epic short squeeze


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