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  1. Ans SEC asked for 60 day ... what a clown joke Will the judge let the SEC disrepect her.....
  2. Great with this it s clear that the SEC is just trying to damage Ripple business as much as possible. Tactics to build up the pressure on Ripple to force them to go on the settlement table
  3. Quantity of XRP borrowed by short seller on Bitfinex over time.
  4. + This one : https://xrpscan.com/account/rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv The one you post isn t "his" account, it's Ripple account holding Jed's xrp
  5. You already had an "alt season", BTC dominance drop from 70% to 40%. I don t think you will have an event as in 2017-2018 (BTC dominance : >95% --> 38%).
  6. Hmm, this one is very interesting. So if my understanding is good, a Ripple win on the fair notice would be very very bad for the Sec's future against crypto. The real question now, will they take the risk to have a judgement on this or would it be better for them to stop and attempt a settlement and avoid a lose on this particular point. A lost now but potentials others victories, against not more victory ? Great dilemma ! Will Ripple accept a settlement ? I think SEC is tring to settle but Ripple refuse, that could explain why SEC now is going rogue and is threatning about an extension of the discovery period. They also declared they want to investigate about potential "lobbying action". https://cryptonews.com/news/sec-asks-court-to-let-it-see-evidence-of-ripple-s-xrp-lobbyi-10496.htm This last attack, on lobbying action is full retard for the SEC as it implies to be relevant that XRP IS a security, and that s whole point of the lawsuit : proving it is a security (for the SEC). This attack is annoying as it involves people around Ripple and that's not good for business... Bulffe to pressurize Ripple to accept settlement ? Well, we will have the answer really soon.
  7. I have seen several videos of his guy. He is really interesting to listen as you can feel he is very humble not as others super optimistic influencer.
  8. Ok thx. i agree with you the chart XPR/USD alone is bullish on weekly, and we are still in range but on the lower part. My concern is that we are tied to BTC/USD, and BTC doesnt look great at all (when i was talking about giant HS its for BTC). If BTC decide to confirm the HS (so the last bounce = bull trap) it will dip very badly, and as xrp will most likely follow under the support (aka lower line of the current range). If It happens i have no idea where xrp will be (i have idea but drawing on xrp chart is just ridiculous ...so giving a prediction is a bit hard... 0.2-0.3..) I just hope if BTC crash again, xrp will keep his current support but it s a bet against recent history.
  9. Can you show us what you see on the weekly ? The weekly is for me the most frightening : the only thing I see is a giant H&S
  10. Japan debt > 250% They are done, the only strategy they have is MORE debt...infinite spiral. Kuroda is afraid that if Japanese rush more into crypto that will accelerate Yen fall... God damn, what a world we live on...when the **** crash will occur...? Really, zombie economy everywhere. We all know how this will end...I just hope it end fast..
  11. https://u.today/sec-attorney-moves-to-withdraw-from-ripple-case too bad it s not tenneiro
  12. XRP since 1.2 to 1 (short position increased as the price decreased) ADA 1.75-1.85 I still dont understand why they didn t close the position ADA touched 1 and XRP 0.65 since... Over greed ? Or expected another huge drop ?
  13. What is the next step..asking documents from the future ? I sue you now because in 5 year you will commit what we are suing you today !
  14. Can someone remove the shovel from SEC hand...
  15. available here : https://www.crypto-law.us/document-library/
  16. So, we have 3 offerings for the crypto god. Hope it will be enough to satisfy him.
  17. For example on bitfinex in the order sell book you had, between this price and 2$, about 10M token available. Right now on bitfinex you have also 49 M xrp shorted...not enough for everyone in case of a sudden price jump
  18. Yes, that s what i have posted earlier today, since friday ADA and XRP are heavily shorted... On bitfinex almost all the token available are shorted... It s the highest ratio for at least one year (datamish), it s very weird...thats why i would love to see price suddenly going up for an epic short squeeze https://datamish.com/xrpusd/7d
  19. yeah, dont forget the whole XRP run had been sabotage by the SEC...who knows without it what could happen (my point : easy ath..)
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