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  1. Well, worth reading it. SEC seems angry and reiterates his treats against investor. They also use blackmail strategy : if you let them participated we will extend in time the lawsuit.
  2. To be honest the btc chart was a bit ugly these last weeks Look the weekly period, the big jump since february, the RSI was super low. The last impulse from 43k looked very weak and each legs was weaker than the previous one. This correction was highly anticipated by several economists... Elon triggered it once for all
  3. Imagine a good news right now about lawsuit ! XRP safe heaven during crash !
  4. yep, hugging the "support" right now. Next "stop" will be 38k, and then 30k
  5. Yeah but no, sure great to have a "use case", but clearly having Musk is not something we want now.. Imagine he starts tweet centralize, scam, etc.
  6. yes...always when we start to have fun...BTC....
  7. And now the famous 1.57 resitance before joining our epic local ATH not seeing for a week
  8. I wonder if something leaked about the lawsuit or it s just a pump&dump grouop having fun
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