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    JBW reacted to HAL1000 in Jeremy Hogan on SEC's Fizzling Case Against Ripple, Gensler Testimony, C.Gasparino, Bombshell Video!   
    The Self Enriching Criminals keep digging their own graves ever deeper, they must be on a Kamikaze mission. If they don't settle soon by giving into whatever Ripple wants, then even more evidence may come to light and bury both the SEC and some of its officials, along with any of the string pullers, even deeper.
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    JBW reacted to mrhat75 in US will reportedly impose crypto sanctions amid ransomware attacks   
    Maybe putting Clayton and Hinman in prison will push back these parasites
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    JBW reacted to RipMcGillicuddy in Ripple team going for all out victory?   
    Getting fun. It's the only thing they would ever say to a reporter at this stage of events. But the fun part is that the heat is starting to turn WAY up on the SEC. Like others have said, just wait for other news outlets to peep the twitter activity and attention that Gasparino is getting. The hungry reporters will start to circle like vultures. 
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    JBW reacted to RipMcGillicuddy in Gensler’s Crypto Mess: It’s Time For Congress To Teach The SEC What “Clarity” Means   
    Too many children/idiots there for the adults to get anything done. And that may be harsh on children and idiots. 
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    JBW reacted to RobertHarpool in Gensler’s Crypto Mess: It’s Time For Congress To Teach The SEC What “Clarity” Means   
    Well now, isn't this a fun article that we can all relate to out of Seeking Alpha. 
    You won't have to read far before you run into a gem like this:
    "If previous SEC Chairman Jay Clayton was the “most conflicted chairman in history”, then Biden’s pick – Gary Gensler – is the most clueless." 
    And it maintains this tone all the way through. The author, Jared Whitley, is not mincing any words at all. 
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    JBW reacted to HAL1000 in Songbird is LIVE!   
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    JBW reacted to macropolo in Ripple’s Gaming Juggernaut   
    Forte partner and legendary game developer preview minting features:
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    JBW reacted to JASCoder in John E Deatons summary on SEC/ETH-corruption (must read)   
    ( facepalm ) 
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    JBW reacted to Seoulite in Songbird network connection info released   
    It is time for us to move past centralised exchanges
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    JBW reacted to Panopticon in SEC motion denied   
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    JBW reacted to Panopticon in SEC motion denied   
    And Ripple motion to seal granted
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    JBW reacted to RikkiTikki_is_Back in "Scaling for Value": Flare vs Solana   
    This is why I like Flare's get it right mentality as opposed to the Rush to Market mentality and I am here for it.  I have never said in any post "Wen Flare?"  As a developer well former developer as I really don't get to touch much code in my current role I can attest to seeing many projects fall to the wayside because they were rushed to the the floor for the sake of trying to grab as much market share as possinble in the moment.  The thing is I have also not seen an instance where these projects aren't overtaken by a competitor who has put in the time to develop a feature rich application that solves the actual problem at hand, typically the counter results to bad mouthing and spreading FUD because it will take months, years or a massive hiring spree of a $hit load of developers to throw at the code to get it somewhat competitive in a hurry.   We see this now with BTC and Ethereum they pretty much combat their shortcoming's with FUD.  I still have serious doubts on the success of ETH 2.0 and it's move to proof of stake.  I just don't see it going as smooth as they are making it seem it will be, maybe I have been out the game to long and I am wrong on this.
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    JBW reacted to thinlyspread in "Scaling for Value": Flare vs Solana   
    Read the entire thread, it is exceptionally enlightening. 
    It is why, on top of performance, we need proper economic and security structures, as well as out-the-box interoperability. That's what Flare promises. Do you see now?! 
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    JBW reacted to thinlyspread in "Scaling for Value": Flare vs Solana   
    Here's a decent tweet thread about Solana, which is let's be honest, one of the best blockchains out there currently in terms of transactional on-chain performance metrics (tps, throughput) by an absolute mile – competing with other "Gen 3" like Hashgraph and Avalanche. 
    However, it is missing one crucial element – the "secret sauce" if you will, that other "Gen 3" chains simply cannot even address yet: scaling for value. Now we see why, in plain sight: Solana is having to "subsidize" the cheap transactions on the user side, with expenses mounting on the validator/staking side. 
    Now, the Flare tokenomics is not tied down with the security of the underlying chain or consensus mechanism other than using Spark as a network level (not overall security) anti-spam mechanism or "postage stamp" (like XRP). Flare has essentially taken the finest elements of Hashgraph (DAG), Avalanche, and XRP/Stellar (BFT & SCP) and created something that can scale out (potentially as fast as Solana if you believe the recent demo video!) without endangering the security of the overall network through economic-based attack vectors, and done so with entirely new groundbreaking features that turn value-interoperability on its head via the FTSO and f-asset system. 

    Flare is going to be phenomenal when/if it pulls this off.  
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    Digital Asset Investor has dug up such an incredible amount of dirt on that trio. Not to say it all connects seamlessly...but I think he has proven enough to warrant an investigation. 
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    JBW reacted to Julian_Williams in FSIC Summary : CRYPTOCURRENCY AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AT THE SEC:   
    Full summary of the case
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    JBW reacted to Julian_Williams in Coinbase CEO lays into SEC   
    It is indeed strange behaviour.  SEC under Gensler, who comes across in his lectures are approachable, thoughtful and balanced, is behaving in a more and more dysfunctional way.  There is no explaining, and where the explaining happens it is simply open lying or engaging in obstinate authoritarian telling.  We are also hearing stories of lawyers leaving because they are feeling undermined by their boss.
    Regulation is a social contract. We consent to regulation, or in authoritarian countries are forced by the military to work by the rules.  People accept authority and regulation only when the regulators are respected.  When they are not respected the regulated find ways of circumventing the regulations and put two fingers up to the regulators they despise.  They move their companies abroad,  invent schemes like money tap or simply commit fraud and just break the rules with others who are also willing to break rules.    Gensler is destroying respect for SEC and the result will be disorder and mayhem, not ordered markets he says he wants. 
    I think I saw an article about how institutions Gensler previously ran have fallen on their faces?  The man is clearly incapable of  doing his duty.   There are five commissioners.  Two are already in open revolt.  Maybe a third one will step forward and put an end to this rule by a mad man?
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    JBW reacted to Panopticon in Coinbase CEO lays into SEC   
    Not much sorry for clownbase really. I've read there was a 404 service error yesterday during the meltdown in BTC, I guess they rekt many people once again with their lack of infrastructure. Maybe they should stop whining and use some small amount of the billions they pocketed from the IPO to improve their services.
    PS. David seems to agree with me
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    JBW reacted to thinlyspread in Is yesterday’s crash possibly related with this?   
    Upside to all this is that Ripple & XRP are (for once) "ahead of the curve" as far as legal battles goes. So if we do see the SEC attack other projects, even their buddies at the Ethereum Foundation et al, then XRP might be the first truly "in the clear".
    Although I'm sure somethng else will come along and screw things up for XRP holders, always seems to happen.  
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    JBW reacted to BillyOckham in Coinbase CEO lays into SEC   
    I said this privately but I will repeat it here…
    Holy crap that’s bad.   When does USA decide that its own enforcers are out of control and killing their own industry?  Not yet apparently.
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    JBW reacted to panmores in Court Saga: Open Letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler   
    Thinking there's already enough infotainment on social media  trying to keep things clean and serious.
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    JBW got a reaction from panmores in Court Saga: Open Letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler   
    That is a good start. Maybe you could add in some of Digital Asset Invesor's youtube videos plus questions. He has so many of them. Of course there are many others. People are lazy to read so perhaps watching some videos could help to make the point?
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    JBW got a reaction from BillyOckham in Flare CEO: I was wrong to suggest launch timelines   
    Writing flawless code is impossible.
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    JBW got a reaction from Chocobo in Flare CEO: I was wrong to suggest launch timelines   
    Writing flawless code is impossible.
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