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  1. Has anyone received their SGB tokens from Bitstamp or Binance?
  2. So he don't need to answer any questions in front of the senate any more?
  3. When will Gensler give his answers, do we know that. Maybe he don't need to answer any of this questions. Is that possible?
  4. That is a good start. Maybe you could add in some of Digital Asset Invesor's youtube videos plus questions. He has so many of them. Of course there are many others. People are lazy to read so perhaps watching some videos could help to make the point?
  5. It is difficult to have a free market when for the last 20 years you print money as soon as the stock market dipps 10% and you put the printed money in to the stock market
  6. It is amazing how many times SEC can let the retailers down in US. First 2008, then 2010 and now. I mean it seams to me that the SEC is more corrupt than the corresponding agency in Russia and China. And still after all the neglections they have done over the years they can continue doing what they do. Money talks and BS walks. That is how you do it in US. I am lucky I am from Europe, I don't have to bend over and take this corrupt sh*t from SEC. For me I don't care so much what they do or not do. They use mucho mucho XRP outside USA and they always will.
  7. I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean a different price for us and them?
  8. With all the deals Ripple has made after December Ripple and these companies are just showing middle finger to SEC.
  9. I have understood that SEC has never said that BTC and ETH are not securities. So they have not made any deal with them. There was one person saying they are not securities and he was working for SEC. Not the same thing. Another thing they go after Garlinghouse and Larsen. Why not after Jeb?
  10. Do you think this is normal in Europe and Asia?. I am from Europe and I have been living in Asia for over 5 years. This is not normal. If you want to talk about socialism then lets talk about US stock market that is so saved by socialism that anything can be. If it drops 5% then you are printing more money to buy more stocks. If this is not socialism then what is? US stock market is not free market.
  11. I have a Binance card. Works well. Once per month I transfer some profit on the card.
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