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  1. I have a Binance card. Works well. Once per month I transfer some profit on the card.
  2. You are looking for a safe way. First move your xrp away from Kraken (never have anything on an exchange) to a ledger wallet. From the ledger you can do the trick for the snapshot without moving your xrp from your wallet. There are plenty of Youtube vid to show you how to do it.
  3. Do you mean what he lend's, yes that is huuuuge. If you mean what he has... well not much
  4. Great news They look at current crypto. They are not planning to make a new coin.
  5. What virus are you talking about?
  6. The quality of the video is of course the main point why he made the video in the first.
  7. I agree. I think it will come down a lot more.
  8. I don’t like the way she characterises people as super human. I have not notice this. trying to demonstrate people are idiots and their opinions should be ignored. What I have seen is that she is not trying to make them look like idiots. They do it themselves with their statements. She is just pointing out the obvious for the slow ones. As a reader / listener only you decide who's opinions you ignore. Which is ironic for someone who keeps her real identity secret. She shows her face. What more do you want? Her home address and phone number?
  9. It is always good to ask questions. That is one reason this site exist I suppose. What I think is a little strange is that when you get a reply to your question is it so hard to response to that answer in any way. You agree, disagree, thank you ...whatever... just a simple response
  10. And sell it with a huge huge profit. Yes I agree it is good
  11. So is this the first time you invest in something? So what if you don't make millions by investing in XRP, so what if you loose some money on XRP? In time you will understand that not everything you invest in will bring you money back. It is just common sense. Instead of putting all your money on XRP you could invest in something else as well.
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