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    This might be the killer app we have been waiting for
  2. I hope you are right. I would like to think you are. Anyway it is about time the price goes up. So much has / is happening ... and will
  3. I think you should. First I was not about to make an account and pay to read your last week's post. Then I went for a smoke, change my mind I thought of course I will make an account and pay for reading your blog, because I want to read them. I wait for them. You put so much effort in them, and they are great BTW. So I came back in and just hit refresh on the page and then you had posted that no worries I will have my next blog on xrpcommunity as usual so I did not make the account. The point I try to make here is that if we get good stuff on Coil we will pay for it, I will. Here are so many of us (me included) that think Coil is great but are not willing to pay (not using it). The fact is I don't do anything to spread the XRP in anyway except for talking to my friends about it. I could at least use Coil, and I will if we get some good content there. Your blog is a good content to have there. Your last blog did not have that many readers, shame on us.
  4. What is your point. Ripple have + 50B XRP. Of course they will sell that. What else are they suppose to do with that?
  5. Yes it was hacked. I think they fixed the problem and it will not be hacked again.
  6. https://cointelegraph.com/news/coincheck-exchange-adds-ethereum-and-ripple-to-its-new-over-the-counter-trading-desk
  7. I don't think they are fully engaged with blockchain and other new tech.
  8. https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-building-first-fiat-interledger-protocol-ilp-connector-launched/
  9. https://todaysgazette.com/the-new-xrp-focused-puma-browser-takes-the-world-closer-to-the-internet-of-value/
  10. Yes agree. I get the feeling that ccn "news" has been paid for also, why would they otherwise put their own opinion there? Who cares about the writers opinion? When you read about Brexit, like you do every day. Do you care to read about the writers opinion? I don't, I just want the facts, nothing else. I do read sometimes ccn news, they amuse me but I just have to think why they do that (adding their opinion ) for a few extra bucks, they don't care if they look stupid or not. It is amusing and though
  11. I don't think I have ever read an article from ccn.com about Ripple or XRP without them adding some personal opinion. Most of that time the opinion is negative. I don't know. If I would like to read about someones opinion I would go to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or a blog. I guess I am trying to say that ccn.com is a cheap crappy site. Nothing objective ever comes out from there. Don't know what they are writing about, it is not news just there opinions. Maybe they think they are CNN
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