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  1. If the picture is true... then this is very nice
  2. JBW

    Deutsche Bank Confirms HSBC and Xoom As Ripple Clients

    Were did you read this? Do you have the link to share?
  3. JBW

    Global cooperation in crypto regs coming to light

    Thank you for sharing. I am happy to see EU here
  4. JBW

    US Tax Deduction for XRP Losses

    Yes it goes without saying, at least it should But I suppose you can never explain too much to ...
  5. Thank you it was a good read
  6. JBW

    So Few people know

    In what country are you living?
  7. I watched the video twice but did not here him mentioning XRP
  8. I don't believe this will prevent any bank from recession or crash. Ripple decentralized financial tools seem to be the answer to bank recovery from the effect of the past financial crisis. The financial tools are, xRapid, xCurrent, and xVia. These decentralized financial tools created by Ripple enables banks to perform transaction faster, at a cheaper cost. Banks will be able to maximize profit, by saving cost and rendering seamless services to customers. It makes no different how cheap or expensive something is... the greedy people will always find a way to f*** up things like they did before 2008 crash
  9. However, based on what I have seen happening (or better not happening) with all these partners so far, I think we are in for a long ride. Maybe far longer than most of us would care to consider now. Even the "full production" mode may not be as groundbreaking as we all hope it to be. Yes I agree with you on this. I also think we are in for a long ride... and at least for me it is longer than I thought. Here are many that are in for 5 years plan and even when the year changes they still say 5 years. Well I got in 2 years ago and my plan was about 3 years so I have 1 year left of my plan. I don't think I will get the return I was hoping 2 years ago so I just have to wait a few years longer... no problem but it sucks .
  10. Yes I undertsand but they are still using xCurrent for now which is better than nothing. They will eventually use xRapid
  11. Which is good or ?... what do you mean?
  12. JBW

    Price manipulation

    ok but that is only a delay... so what. It is better they delay and make sure everything is working like a clock instead of rushing and then find out there are problems... don't know why everything has to happen so fast these days
  13. JBW

    Price manipulation

    Of course we would not have this problem if we would have more exchanges offering straight fiat pairings.
  14. JBW

    Price manipulation

    It is just amazing. About one hour ago top 30 was mostly green. Now it is all read and all crypto is down > 5%. Most likely this is again a BTC whale putting in massive sell orders and taking it back before actually selling anything. Don't know how they can manipulate the market like this. This has been going on for years. The exchanges allowing t his to happen should be closed.