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  1. Well it is true that there was nothing better before Ripple. Then again if they wanted (Banks) to update the system all they have to do is ask some software company to do it. Or do you think there could not have been a better solution between Swift and Ripple in 50 years?
  2. I did not feel like he is anti XRP. He has a good point. I think it is true for most of the banks. Banks and insurance companies are very very slow to move to better (modern) tech. At least in my country.
  3. He never said that. If you think he said that why don't you read again. Please feel free to do that as many times as you need until you understand what you are reading. One more time. He never said that.
  4. JBW


    Something that BTC should have done, but they did not and thank's to that all crypto are paying the price
  5. https://xrprightnow.com/us-financial-giant-bottomline-technologies-testing-ripplenet/
  6. True.. but it will affect if US banks are using xrp or not.
  7. Yes you might both be right, who knows. But still giving the money to the creator is still better than what we have know. I don't know I don't use whatsup for talking because I did not allow them to record my calls but still a few billion users allow them and they are doing great I suppose
  8. Yet another great xrp project. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2020/01/02/ripple-exec-xsongs-platform/
  9. I don't know? Maybe because of this.
  10. BTW why are you crying and whining here about faith in XRP. If you don't have that is ok. Sell what you have and move on... who cares if you have faith in xrp or not.
  11. They seem to be very optimistic, that is good
  12. I don't think anyone has given up. We just buy more
  13. https://xrprightnow.com/moneygram-and-visa-expand-its-cross-border-debit-card/
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