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  1. Best thing to do is block BB, this isn't the first time he's been overly aggressive/annoying. You can type out all the information you want in several different ways and it's like talking to a brick wall. Continuously pushes his point regardless of what others are replying back with. Last time he was phased out of the conversation because he was proven by multiple individuals to be wrong after going in circles for pages on pages. Best to just let that conversation go.
  2. Yeah I'm sure some of the banks have their Twitter PR people helping make business decisions behind the scenes. It's honestly unreal what people can come up with these days. That being said, it's getting pathetic how often CZ Binance and others are tagged by some popular figures in the community to add certain things. As well as the whole Coinbase thing, people are still consistently pushing this when it's irrelevant and more annoying to see people giving them exposure everyday. CZ and many others already have a plan and will add certain pairings/make business decisions on whatever makes sense
  3. So you post an older article which you take in your own context instead of listening to the CEO who has been repeatedly saying banks will be using XRP soon. Maybe he knew something about the company that he runs...
  4. This wasn't a shot at you, I said "you guys", as in anyone who overreacts to articles like these. I don't claim to follow your posts or anything of the like, you just happened to be the unfortunate recipient in this case. I came off a little strong, so sorry about that. My points still stand though.
  5. These types of replies are what make me wonder if you guys are actually doing legitimate research on everything as well as reading what was actually just posted. Swift GPI has not been "launched out of the blue." It's been around since last year, and they don't SETTLE transactions instantly or even close to it, so I'm not sure where you're getting that information at either. "Nearly half of gpi payments are credited within 30 minutes, many within seconds – and almost 100% within 24 hours." GPI can't even credit more than half of their payments, let alone settle them instantly. If GPI ends up p
  6. Yes XRP is definitely going to overtake coins like Monero for black market transactions. I'm sure they definitely want to get caught. I swear the stuff people say on here, you can't make this stuff up.
  7. https://www.euromoney.com/article/b176p9v9ng51gp/ripple-india-tries-to-ignore-the-noise Could be possible they're in talks from this article. We all know how integrated xCurrent is within India. I think he still seems fairly confident(Navin Gupta) that regulators over there will eventually come around to crypto or at least the use case that Ripple is going after. Honestly we just need the push from a few countries to get this ball rolling. If Japan or whoever starts using crypto through payment flows and it's successful in what it's supposed to accomplish, then other countries will see
  8. "Maas reiterated a proposal to make international payments systems like Swift more independent of the U.S." Could be pointing in Ripples direction. Not saying XRP or crypto would be involved in any way at least right now...but what better way to circumvent the big U.S. correspondent banks than to use a Ripplenet solution? In one of the recent interviews with Marjan Delatinne, she had also stated they are actually working with quite a few German Banks.(She was leading the Swift GPI program before heading over to Ripple) And we all know the BOE has been experimenting with quite a few soluti
  9. This is something you should be inquiring to your company about considering they’re the ones asking you for private information...
  10. Lol Ripple hasn’t changed their stance on what they’ve been trying to accomplish since whenever you invested. Investors only take a coin so far, it’s real world utilization that will win in the end, and Stellar is way further behind in that regard. As well as them helping the unbanked with Mojaloop I’m not really sure what else you can ask for. Emotions and money never mix well. Adios.
  11. Go for use case with most value first, conquer, and move on to the next that offers high value. Their plan is pretty straight forward. Stay focused on the biggest piece of the pie and worry about the rest later.
  12. You definitely got me with that one lol. Wasn’t sure if I was drunk or actually reading a proper sentence.
  13. It won’t be in Sydney....Ripple was smart to launch the first one on Swift’s door step, but that’s all they needed to make it known they mean business. Ripple as a company is thriving and well known in the corporate/banking world now. People know what they’re setting out to accomplish and have witnessed the strides they’ve made so far. They can stand on their own and will have plenty of current and future partners lined up out the door waiting to hear what they have to say. I’m sure the venue will be quite bigger this time as well.
  14. “Ripple will sell off all their XRP”, “XRP can be frozen and has been by Ripple.”, “XRP is a security.” Just a new flavor of the week in a long list of fud from detractors with different investments. No reason to get all worked up over something that will pass and another arguement will take its place.
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