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  1. obviously it will not be at once.. $10-50 maybe 25%, 50-100 maybe another 25% and the rest long probably until i can cash out 1 xrp for quite a handsome amount!
  2. Tried to do some day trading and got burnt..lesson learnt, imma gonna look away and treat this as a long term fd..no more fiat at hand anyway...
  3. Congratulations! Hopefully by the time you are back from honeymoon we will be on a bull run again!
  4. am i dreaming? BTCmarkets showing 50cents up within 5 mins
  5. Did some news come up? everything's on a upward run since a few mins
  6. BTC Market is showing 24 hour change with respect to current price lol.. according to that all coins are down over 50%
  7. what would you think, in your opinion, the best price to buy more? is it 0.85 still? want to put an order and get some sleep lol
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