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  1. I think he has a great sense of humour. So down to earth for such a genius.
  2. Thank you @brjXRP17 for your time and effort as always. Much appreciated!
  3. Firstly I am no expert in US law by any means. The way I read it is that at if it is tried in federal court it becomes law and in any state it will be upheld. However if it had been in a state court then it could be tried in any other state for the same accusation. The SEC make no decisions at all regarding whether something is deemed a security. They will make an investigation if they so choose and put it to the courts to decide, either way it will be decided by a court and not the SEC.
  4. I think at the moment it's Nano. Wait for the release of cobalt then ask the question again.....
  5. I am happy, that's the difference between you and I. Crypto rises and crashes it's the name of the game. Ripple are doing so much it's incredible but I'm mostly excited about Codius and Coil. Meanwhile if thousands of kids get a better education that makes me even happier still.
  6. Simply put. No it's not, it's theirs. And what they are doing is quite remarkable. Ripple make a lot of money themselves and they are using it not only to create a long term future for the IOV and for our investment to come into fruition, they are also marketing to mainstream and helping with education and ultimately a trust from the general public who will recognize the brand when crypto takes over the financial systems as we know it.
  7. There are no known problems as far as I'm aware, we have to be patient, it will not be put into production until everything is perfect and tested and tested and tested again. What is on the line here is so big that most can fail to imagine so until everything is assured 100% (or near as darn it) we will not hear anything. This is the intelligent way of doing things so that once it is in production there is no doubt of functionality.
  8. @mars75you don't post often but when you do the research and effort is to be credited and definitely taken note of. I always enjoy your posts and the connections that you make, you are a credit to the forum. Another noteworthy link which I found out today was that Gcash and American Express work together and I only found this out today on this forum. Thanks @mars75 great info once again.
  9. Ripple always let the customer make the announcement, 24 hours later confirmation by BG on Twitter then 7 days later on insights. Longer attention for the publicity.
  10. Well someone had a spoonful of grumpy for breakfast.... At the moment there is very little news of absolute partnerships, the whole crypto space is completely in a bear market and with a 1001 NDA's little confirmation of what is going on. 90% of this forum is speculation, some more researched than others. It would be an awful thing if everyone stopped using the forum because we didn't have real news 24 hours a day. This for me is more positive speculation with actual partnerships that really happened and creates an opportunity for people to do a little research on top. certainly better than why XRP is/isnt a security or when Coinbase? I'm sorry but please give the OP and newbies a break for bringing something positive to general discussion.
  11. Fuddesk doesn't need an excuse lol they can make up what ever they like. Even if they had their salaries paid in XRP they would deny there was a use case.
  12. Have a look at Standard Charter, they are massive and they have been using Ripplenet for some time. If you also look at the connections with Axis and Rakbank you will seen the rails that are being laid here.
  13. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32048/standard-chartered-to-extend-use-of-ripplenet-to-more-countries Had to get another one in sorry.....
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