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  1. https://blog.flare.xyziclaiming-spark-faqs I also havea Nano Ledger S and went to the above website as well as using the video below for reference. I went through the process earlier today and it worked great.
  2. Blockchain Backer has created a new video and, I have to say, his arguments for a $70k Bitcoin too are very strong.
  3. I've also watched this video where he predicts Bitcoin will top at 70k during this cycle. He also predicts XRP will reach $13. Since Bitcoin is already near 70k, I can't see XRP moving to $13 in the same time frame
  4. It's been a long, emotional last few years for me in this crypto space. Having jumped in and spent a considerable amount of money buying XRP at the top, the best advice I took was to keep buying to lower my average buy in price which I've been doing for the past few years now. 2020 was a particularly difficult year having lost my father to Covid. It's been a massively emotional and devastating time for the whole family and easily the toughest time of my life. Trying to take my mind off things led me to a 1 hour stint on my PC where I just decided for some unknown reason to just
  5. I've not seen this posted anywhere here as yet:
  6. You should have just bought $50k worth of Bitcoin instead of XRP. Then you wouldn't have needed to post your story on this forum as I'm sure you would have had better things to do in life.
  7. And when are you expecting this bull cycle to end?
  8. I will buy more when we lose the SEC case as that is when the price will tank very hard. That will be the best buying opportunity by quite some distance. The road to recovery will then be a very long one and one that I'm willing to walk. I've already waited 4 years and and am prepared to wait much longer.
  9. People here keep Fudding Bitcoin and it keeps making people eat their words. The exact opposite can be said of XRP unfortunately.
  10. 127 million is nothing and nowhere near enough for an exchange the size of Coinbase to be listing for trading with I think.
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