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  1. Yet again everyone in this forum is turning a negative into a positive. I don't see how you can all consider this as good news when Gary Gensler has already publicly admitted that he thinks XRP is a security and that he doesn't hold any XRP himself. It's an uphill battle from the very beginning.
  2. And this is the reason why people tarnish XRP holders as being delusional moon boys.
  3. And then come back down again.... We've seen it happen time and time again and now it's plainly obvious to see that the only way of making any money with this coin is by selling when the price increases by 15 cents. Then buy back in, rinse and repeat the process.
  4. Congratulations on your first post here.
  5. And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you should always use a stop loss. Managed to sell a portion of my XRP at $0.62 and rebought at 0.44 resulting in adding 10k to my stack I'm still in the red overall though, but my DCA has come down considerably.
  6. I use Binance and never have issues with logging in
  7. Can see why you might think this is an urgent message as you're a noob in this space but it's not urgent or anything new. Scams like this in crypto are a common occurrence every single day and will continue to be. Nobody can do anything to prevent this. Once reported to YouTube, the video won't be removed for at least a few days. By that time, a new scam video will surface. Rinse and repeat.
  8. What you're referring to here is a pump and dump scheme which is completely illegal and unacceptable. Mods, please close this thread.
  9. I'm not having a go or anything but you sure do spend a lot of time on this forum considering you only have 1.2% of your portfolio assigned to XRP!
  10. With a name like "Moon Bugatti", I've concluded that this guy took his apprenticeship under Saul Goodman.
  11. Bitcoin struggling to get past $37,500. As soon as the rejection occurs, it will drag XRP back down with it.
  12. The guy was paid by Ripple to spend all his time creating blogs to incite people on this forum to buy XRP. Who in their right mind would spend so much time doing this without an incentive? Come on, it's obvious it was a full time job on its own.
  13. The video you watched was more than likely made by a XRP fanboy. They clearly failed to include the most important part of the video. Watch again from the 45:30 mark:
  14. Sounds like Ripple made a mistake by employing you and are now taking appropriate action.
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