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  1. Won't be long before she loses interest and figures out she's been wasting her time. Remember Hodor?
  2. ^^ A very accurate report which is going to a hit a few nerves here. Expect a huge backlash now.
  3. This thread should be renamed 6 to 32 cents
  4. Here is something of value which I'll leave here for the chart worshippers:
  5. Yes, today is a very important day. We've gone from 25cents to 24.7cents. Just to give you a bit of an idea as you really are clueless - this is a XRP forum, not XTZ. Moron.
  6. You must be making a fortune following these chart price movements of 2 cents here and there. Either that or your so called portfolio must be misaligned like most things in your brain.
  7. I'm afraid to say his chart has been more accurate than 99% of the charts posted in the 190 pages of this thread. This is the best chart I've seen here and is absolutely a work of art. We need more accurate charts just like this.
  8. You should have invested in a Nano Ledger if you had millions of XRP rather than letting it sit on an exchange idiot.
  9. Back to the charts. And we are still between 25 and 35 cents surprisingly pahaha
  10. It's worthless and will remain worthless for a good few years at the very least. I'll get next to nothing if I sell now
  11. I did tell you a few months ago that the price would remain at this level and I was right And so I've proved to be right when I said you guys are wasting your time spending so much time creating these charts. It's not pessimism, it's just an unfortunate fact. I still believe we'll move to around 50cents in around 18 months time. Again, it's not pessimism and will prove to be fact. I've not been wrong all this time and I'm confident i won't be wrong again.
  12. 184 pages of charts showing movement of XRP between 25 and 35 cents. You guys are wasting your time. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We're going to be stuck at this price for at least the next 1 year. Sit back and stop wasting your time creating these useless charts and thank me later.
  13. I feel for you but XRP is worth next to nothing so you aren't really missing out on anything.
  14. Bitcoin hit 12k and XRP went to 45c. Amazing. Where as previously Bitcoin hit 20k and XRP reached $3.85. This suggests Bitcoin has very little bearing on XRPs price these days. At this rate, we'll need Bitcoin to hit $1mil for it to have a substantial bearing on the price of XRP
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