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  1. You still believe Bitcoin will reach 400k by the end of the year?
  2. Many thanks for this. I can now see my SongBird tokens in my MetaMask wallet. Do you know how I can view my Spark tokens via Ledger Live app or Metamask? Thanks again
  3. I'm also having a similar issue in that I can't see my Spark or Songbird tokens in the Ledger Live app. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but any help is appreciated.
  4. I have stop loss in place so it's ok. But I'm pretty sure we'll see 0.90 or a bit lower before it heads off to a new ATH.
  5. Next XRP short term target is around $0.90. I've sold most of my position and will re-buy when price hits $0.90 Not financial advice
  6. "Old coin as hell"?? WTF is this supposed to mean? Maybe you can explain exactly why you're bearish rather than spitting g your dummy out for no reason at all.
  7. XRP isn't the only one at less than 1/3. I think it's doing rather well considering everything that's going against it, especially a lawsuit being g filed.
  8. Looks to me that it hit over $1, came and back tested $1 and has now held it as support. I'm no TA guru though and if anyone has any thoughts on the price action going forward then feel free to contribute.
  9. You sure know how to make someone feel better about themselves LMAO. I think the primary reason people are still holding is because of FOMO. The fear of selling now and then the possibility of the price suddenly shooting for the stars which is a distinct possibility, especially if a sudden announcement of the lawsuit being dropped occurs. Unlikely but possible. Imagine seeing this scenario play out after holding all these years through all the turmoil we've encountered, only to watch in horror as the train leaves the station without you onboard. The fear is very, very real.
  10. Should hopefully see a small boost in price if it's true that deposition is granted.
  11. You could argue that alts have already had their run. There are so many coins that had already exploded in price this year. Not ALL coins have to explode in every bull run.
  12. There are far too many people involved in crypto now for anyone to easily become filthy rich. You now need to invest heavily and need a lot of luck in terms of investing in the right crypto at the right time. It's all very speculative. Who would have thought by investing a few thousand into the likes of Doge just a few months ago would have made you a millionaire now? This is what I mean by needing luck in a speculative market. I believe the next bull run will bring new crypto projects and coins into the fold. Coins such as Theta, Cardano, Vechain, i.e. ones that have exploded this time round will be replaced by new coins. This is what happened to the likes of Zcash, Dash etc. These coins were at the forefront of the 2017 bull market and have since not even reached 50% of their previous ATH. So if you missed the boat with the likes of Doge, Theta etc then I believe there will be another opportunity in the next bull run to bet on a new horse. With so many people involved in crypto now, I don't think there's the same opportunity to make anywhere near as much money as the last few bull runs. There's simply too much selling pressure now. People will buy and sell very quickly in order to make just a few bucks. In order to profit going forward now, people will have to sell at a much lower price in order to front run the millions of others that want to make any sort of a profit before you do.
  13. Something has been playing on my mind for some time now. Given that we all know how corrupt the SEC is, what's to stop them from right now creating the documents that Ripple have requested and tailoring it to suit them? They certainly have enough time now with the 60 days extension to make new documents and pass them as old. How will Ripple ever know that these documents have just been creating by the SEC now or if they've existed for many years? I wouldn't put it past the SEC to play a dirty trick like this
  14. Bitcoin death cross is approaching which will instill more fear into the market and shake more people out at which point the price will suddenly move up. Not financial advice but this is what I'm predicting.
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