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  1. I predict the price will be closer to .30 than 90% of predictions here at the end of both 2019 and 2020.
  2. This phrase has been bashed around for years now on this forum. The irony is banks are still not using XRP But let's hope this changes very soon
  3. You hit the nail right on the head with this post
  4. 99% of people on this forum don't provide a balanced view. They are all cheering for XRP regardless of which way the price moves. Someone needs to provide others with a reality check and i don't mind being that person, regardless of the pitfalls. And what progress is it we are talking about exactly? Where are the MAJOR banks that were supposedly going to be using XRP at the end of last year? Yes, Ripple have done well in getting X number of major banks to use its technology but none of these are anywhere close to using XRP nor has there been any signs of them wanting or needing to implement XRP so far. Moneygram and Western Union have also bailed out as far as I can see.
  5. Great, I'm glad your feet are planted to the floor. If everyone had your outlook in life then we'd all be fine. Unfortunately everyone is different and not everyone has the same outlook in life. Well that's the difference between you and me - I certainly do care about others. I've seen it time and time again on the news and in the papers where people have lost everything and gone on to take their own life due to being brainwashed. The main reason for being brainwashed is because of the lack of balanced views. If everyone jumps on a bandwagon then It's easy for them to follow suit. The whole reason for my negativity is to try to bring a little balance to this forum where 99.9% of posts is spreading FOMO. If you look at my post history, you'll see I was full of optimism when I first joined. But then I started to see things more clearly and have accepted reality. However, as each event that, according to FOMO spreaders here, was supposed to increase the price of XRP unfolded (i.e. XRP going live, Coinbase listings etc etc), my outlook has become more and more realistic. Yet these FOMO XRP fanboy daydreamers still aren't able to see a clearer picture as they're blinded by their investment. They refuse to accept reality. There has been absolutely nothing to be positive on for the last 2 years in terms of price movement. And people are still complaining when others bash XRP. They shi* on your head and expect you to say thanks for the hat. If and when we see something really positive in terms of price movement then I'll be the first to post something positive. And no, I don't see a 10 or 20 cents increase as something positive right now, all the so called positive stuff that's been going on in the background that people keep raving on about should surely result in something a lot higher. All I've seen so far is a monster bubble which people are trying to deny by calling it a bull run.
  6. It's these very dreams you talk of that will lead others to the utmost disappointment. Creating false hopes and expectations for others is an extremely dangerous ploy. Perhaps this is the main reason I'm always trying to play things down CONSTANTLY. People don't realise what impact hype and fomo can have on others - especially if and when things come crashing down around them. We could be talking about people investing their entire life savings into something like this. And why shouldn't they when the entire space is filled with positivity with no negativity whatsoever, even when the price is struggling to reach half a dollar? Who on this forum will be bothered if someone takes their life because they've lost everything? For this reason, I feel it's EXTREMELY important to keep a balanced view, especially on this particular forum where people are too scared to say anything negative due to the fear of a backlash. I for one won't change my perspective unless there's a real reason to do so. As yet, I see absolutely nothing and no reason for me to change my views.
  7. That's exactly right. Just as everyone has been pulling numbers from their jacksie, I've also made my prediction too.
  8. I've never hated XRP. I'm just hating the current price as well as fanboys like yourself that can't bear anyone saying anything negative about it, that's all. It's because you DON'T find it strange that someone spends all their life researching and writing articles to share without expecting anything in return is the EXACT reason why people call the likes of you a deluded fanboy. You can read as many articles as you like but the fact of the matter is everything is and will continue to be coupled to Bitcoin for the next 6 years at the very least. Bitcoin goes up, XRP and all other coins go up, whether they have utility or not. So you go ahead and kiss whoever's cheek you want because it won't make any difference to anything, boy.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said. I'm just answering the question which the OP posted
  10. I think the 2nd table showing XRP price at $30 in the year 2030 would be a fantastic achievement and an incredible ROI
  11. These are great questions and ones that I've wondered myself. I'm quite sure many others have wondered the same things and have had intuitions as to what the incentives are but have not had the guts to state the obvious openly on this forum in fear of a backlash and being ridiculed or bullied. So I will say it now. I find it very strange that someone would spend hours upon hours researching information and creating hundreds of blogs expecting nothing in return for what's basically a speculative investment. It's literally a full time job and there's absolutely no denying this fact. And no, I don't believe it's because members here are that passionate they'd spend all their time doing this without getting something in return. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I firmly believe there are members on this forum that are paid to do a job. A job to create FOMO and to pull investors in to buy more and more XRP. This is honestly what I feel and believe. I can already sense a backlash coming my way but, at this point, I really don't give a monkey (I would have used a more appropriate word but I've already been given a warning for using a very slightly offensive word in the past so I have to now be careful and choose my words wisely as I know there are people here itching to boot me off this forum completely). And before anyone jumps in to say "well this is the reason we don't want you in the Zerpening Club" then I'll tell you now - I don't give a monkey's anymore. I will openly say what I believe and, if you don't like it, bite me or hit the ignore button. Now of course there's a chance I'm completely wrong and mistaken but who knows. And please don't take this as an attack on anyone as it's not. I totally respect people's opinions and this is merely an opinion of mine.
  12. Of course circulating supply makes a huge difference. It's no coincidence that coins with a circulating supply in the billions has not exceeded a unit price of around $3.50.
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