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  1. If it doesn't happen in 2 years then people will say give it 5 years. If it doesn't happen in 5 years then people will say to give it 10 years. If it doesn't happen in 10 years then people will say to give it 20 years.
  2. A striking resemblance to Bob Lazar in every aspect if you ask me.
  3. Not sure why people are getting their knickers in a twist. Doesn't matter if they start trading in March or in July as it will make absolutely no difference to the price - mark my words. Just look at the difference Coinbase made - absolutely F all. Just simple rumours of a Coinbase listing in the past would have sky rocketed price. We've got to now accept we're in a new era of crypto where all the craziness has stopped and the dust has settled. Gone are of the days of huge price increases. It's all slow and steady from here on. We're looking at a minimum of 6 years before we get to even $2 again, if that.
  4. There are many people on this forum that work directly for Ripple. Their main focus is to get as many people they can to accumulate as much XRP as possible.
  5. As long as your "decent returns" mount to $1mil then you're good to go. However, it's extremely unlikely you'll make £1mil with your $100k investment in crypto for at least the next 6 years.
  6. Ripple will not entertain you with a measley $100k investment. I believe the minimum you require is $1mil to be an investor.
  7. Of course it's the customers money. But how many customers do you think a bank of this calibre has and how many of them will send money cross border? We all know the technology and software works, Ripple has demonstrated this many times previously.
  8. The point is that this bank has no money to move cross borders in the first place! And I'll ask the question again which hasn't been answered - where is this bank getting the money to implement Xrapid in the first place??
  9. Yes, but you have to ask yourself - is this really adoption? Is a bank this small really going to send payments of more than £100 (and that's being generous) via xRapid? It's clearly a ploy on Ripple's behalf to show the world that they've kept their promise and word by announcing a bank has gone live with using Xrapid. Clearly a bank this small with literally no assets would jump at the opportunity to be paid handsomely by Ripple to promote its products. This is nothing but a publicity stunt created by Ripple. I'm also here for the money just as you are but I'm not here to be made a fool of.
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