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  1. Judging by price movement over the last 18 months, I'm extremely confident I'll be right or not at all far off. And this is without having to create fancy charts.
  2. Charts dont need to be produced or looked at on a daily basis it's pointless. Here's what's going to happen - the price is going to fluctuate between 25 and 35 cents for the rest of the year. You can thank me later.
  3. That's the best news I've heard all day, congrats! All the hard work you put into creating those charts has really paid off now! But if it makes you happy then knock yourself out
  4. I'm always happy. Just feel a bit sad for people when they put so much effort into something that's going nowhere in terms of price movement which, no matter what people say, is the reason we're here. Putting so much effort into something that moves 2 cents up or down seems pretty fruitless to me. It seems even the great Hordor has also finally realised this and has stopped wasting time creating blogs too because let's face it, nobody would have ever imagined we'd be at 30 cents now.
  5. @Cesar1810 You seem easily confused just like most XRP fanboys LMAO
  6. As there has been no decent news or threads recently, I choose to visit these threads for sheer comedy value.
  7. Have you been living under a rock for the past 2 years or perhaps you’re oblivious to the number of times the price has steadily gone up and come back down just as fast if not faster? Jeeze, even your useless TA charts that God knows how much time and effort you’ve put into clearly shows the price going up and coming back down. These silly charts have shown give or take a 5 cents movement either side of 0.30 for the past year or so and there’s absolutely no signs of this changing in the near future. Give it a rest, sit back for 4 or 5 years and see how this pans out rather than wasting your time with silly posts like these as they’re not fooling anyone other than yourself.
  8. No idea what you're talking about when you say I play on the sympathy of newer members. Don't be a moron, be straight forward and tell me what you're trying to imply. Be creative, provide some examples instead of attacking anyone that is anti XRP moon boy. When the dozens of so called major banks start using XRP this year, I'll retract my statement. In fact, when even a single major bank starts using XRP, I'll retract my statement. Capiche? Perhaps you missed the dozens of posts where I've previously mentioned that I'm the one that decided to invest and that nobody held a gun to my head - although research led me to my decision to invest.
  9. People keep using this line as a joke but the fact is nobody is actually using XRP 😂😂
  10. I don't think FI's will implement a settlement infrastructure for at least a decade. That's more than enough time for another entity to come in with better tech that R3 could use instead - who knows. What I do know is that no major or even remotely major bank is using XRP and this after BG said there would be dozens. There has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment which doesn't give much confidence in terms of XRP being used by R3. It just feels like another event in the pipeline like so many others in the past which have all led to disappointment. But as usual and for the God knows how many times, I'm hopium-ing for the best
  11. I certainly don't consider myself as being arrogant or disrespectful. Disrespectful is when others don't respect the decisions made when someone decides to sell their stack and ridicule them instead for their decision. This thread being a prime example.
  12. People have been saying to bring your dollar cost average down for the best part of 2 years now. They said this when the price came down to a dollar (you've heard the phrase before - anything under a dollar is an absolute steal). That's exactly what I did, I kept buying more and more. And all the time the price kept coming down and down and down. There's only so much I can justify putting into this considering the circumstances. But now I refuse to buy more for 2 reasons: 1 - I don't trust the price won't go down further 2 - I've been buying the **** out of this for the past 2 years and am yet to see any progress having spent huge sums of money already. I can't justify taking any more risks with this now. Thanks for the tip regarding the Nano - I've already got one.
  13. Of course they will have. But any doubts about their investment would have evaporated when they saw the price go down to $2500 back up to $13000 in the space of a few months. We've seen the price of XRP stuck at 30 cents for what seems an eternity. Price of Bitcoin in January 2018 - $20,000 Price of XRP in January 2018 - $3.85 ------------------- Price of Bitcoin today - $10,000 Price of XRP today - 30 effing cents Considering all the hype and noise constantly generated by moon boys and hopiums here, talking about all the so called progress tgat has been made, surely we should be at around $2 if not more by now. So what if I have a moan? I genuinely have something to moan about. What excuse do the moon boys here have to constantly kiss the butt of XRP at times like this?
  14. I come here because I'm heavily invested in XRP. I complain when I see moon boys hyping this space and ridiculing others when they have made valid points. Why are you always trying to ridicule members here that have decided to sell or have something negative to say about XRP which, at this moment in time, is fully justifiable. Just because you've invested in XRP, doesn't mean you should praise and kiss its **** in every post you make. There's a time and place to praise it and this certainly isn't it. Go ahead and post what you want on Bitcoin forums, you'll only end up being ridiculed. The fact is people have made gains with Bitcoin and other coins over the past 6 months, it's a shame the same can't be said about XRP.
  15. Looks more like your ma cooking your dinner except she put the tinfoil in the wrong place
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