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  1. Sounds like you've been watching too much Prison Break my friend. These TA predictions are a waste of time and useless in crypto as we've seen millions of times already.
  2. We are in 2019 now and far too late to the party.
  3. Your dot connecting skills are tremendous.
  4. We will never see prices like this again
  5. If you believe that Bitcoin will reach $20,000 again then go ahead and keep buying as it will mean the price of XRP will reach $3. The opportunity you talk about buying on the cheap has been in existence for the past 7 years, bar the 2 months in between during the ATH. We will never see prices like this is a phrase that comes to mind. Other than the value of Bitcoin, has anything else affected the price if XRP to date, even with all the good news surrounding it? The answer is no. So you're basically pinning your hopes on Bitcoin now and, at the same time, people here are wanting to see Bitcoin die. Now if Bitcoin dies then it will drag XRP down with it. However, I still see XRP recovering but it will take at least 5 years to recover and even then the price won't exceed the current ATH IMO.
  6. This is actually a great thread and refreshing to see something different to the umpteen "end of year prediction threads" or your "what caused the price to rise by 1 cent thread" or even "Company X that nobody has ever heard of has managed to send $10 via xRapid, let's all rejoice" thread. And why would an FI tweet about sending a few bucks via xRapid and brag that it has saved and benefited so many people in many ways? If that's the case then why the **** not send $100,000 or even higher amounts via xRapid if it's clearly benefiting everyone involved? Surely even the piddliest of FI's out there make hundreds of thousands of cross border payments in a single transaction. Apologies if I sound downbeat or depressing but these are simple things that need to be addressed.
  7. I'm justifying it based on past events whereby everyone kept saying the same thing such as "the price will definitely go up during Swell" or the price will sky rocket when Snoop Dogg takes to stage during Block Week". Perhaps the most convincing is when people said the price is 100% certain to rise when xRapid goes live. It's clear to see people are clinging onto any event that they deem will help the price and there will ALWAYS be an event of some description just round the corner to entice and pin peoples hopes to. People will be led on for the next 5 years plus with similar promises. We've already had at least 10 events last year alone which people were certain on but jack all has happened. Hence I'm not convinced anything other than an increase in the value if Bitcoin will help and the proof has certainly been in the pudding. Anyone that thinks otherwise is simply deluded.
  8. And you think that by reading some post on the internet about paid fudsters is solid and 100% accurate evidence that it exists? You haven't received an email recently regarding a Nigerian prince dying in a plane crash and their relatives wanting to transfer cash to your bank account recently have you? If you have then I'd strongly suggest to ignore it. A lot of people, including myself, can use their initiative to realise when something isn't right or when someone's motives lye elsewhere.
  9. And it's not our job to make them rich which we are clearly doing. Only those that invested before the bull run in December 2017 and cashed out in the 1 month window after that will have benefited. Anyone that hesitated to cash out during that time will, in my opinion, have to wait many years before they will see a return in investment. And that reward will be far less than the ATH of December 2017 but will still never the less make a profit. Hence the reason I'm warning everyone here to think twice before investing more because, if and when this thing goes **** up, all the FOMO spreaders here will disappear and everyone will be like "well we did say not to invest more than you can afford to lose" and "we all knew the risks before investing" etc etc. Don't be blinded by this very real possibility. Are you really willing to keep throwing money into this for the next 5 years at least without any guarantee of a reward? I would suggest that if you've achieved yiur original goal of accumulation then stop there. We all know what happens when people become greedy - very rarely does it bode well. Those that are yet to invest, go ahead and think carefully for what your accumulation target is and don't exceed it based on FOMO.
  10. I have many examples but don't wish to disclose anything as I know there will be a huge backlash. I'm already getting it in the neck for airing my views in this thread alone. It doesn't take a genius to figure out which well respected members here, in my opinion, are being paid to spread FOMO but I won't mention names as they are practically worshipped here. Any negative views or accusations towards them will result in a huge backlash and bullying as we've seen many times before. Can you post screen caps of discussions where people are offered money for spreading FUD as I certainly haven't seen any?
  11. Based on my gut feeling which has proved to be 100% correct to date and far more accurate than those posting TA nonsense and digging out references from articles found all over the net.
  12. The only thing driving the price of DA's is the value of Bitcoin. The price of almost every coin shot up when it hit $20,000. None of these coins had any utility.
  13. Clearly you haven't read my previous posts because if you had then you will have known that I've substantially reduced my DCA. I'm not ******* on anyone, I'm merely warning people, for their own sake, to not get carried away by throwing more fiat into a project that has not produced any results even after plenty of positive news. People now need to be patient and wait around 7 years at which point they may see a return in their investment, however nothing is a formality. If you think this is ******* on people then you are clearly mistaken. You simply don't know the difference between ******* on people and looking out for them.
  14. I'm glad you did your research before, clearly you are reaping the rewards now. Yeah right im a paid fudster, all the money I accumulated has resulted in me acquiring a rather healthy amount of XRP. I suggest you do the same as you'll get a lot of bang for your buck now.
  15. There is no solution but to wait 6 to 7 years and hope that no other organisation bypasses this project with alternative solutions in that time. In the meantime, it's too risky to be throwing more fiat into this for the next 6-7 years as it's becoming far too much of a gamble. No event has increased the price, everyone was adamant that the one event which would absolutely increase the price is the going live of Xrapid. We all know what happened with that. Many other events came and went making no difference whatsoever. And now people are pinning their hopes on the next event of regulations coming into effect which they again think will absolutely increase the value. Well it won't, just as I predicted with previous events. The only reason XRP went over $3 is because Bitcoin hit $20,000. There is absolutely no other reason. Period.