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  1. je hebt absoluut gelijk ^^ From Google translate ^^
  2. I preferred your previous style of posting as it was easier to read. Now if only the XRP buy wall was as big as this wall of text! I'm just joking by the way, don't take it too seriously
  3. Are you still expecting a $400k Bitcoin this cycle?
  4. Anyone know what the target is to where we're dropping to?
  5. Emerging news of Elon Musk selling 10% of his Bitcoin. I wonder if the drop we saw is because of this and I wonder if it will drop further.
  6. At what point will it "unhinge" again from Bitcoin?
  7. If BTC doesn't recover from here and continues to go down, how will this affect XRP? Will you be expecting XRP to go down with it?
  8. I thought we dropped down hard until I saw Dogecoin
  9. This is the question I'm asking as I have no idea. Down almost 25% now in a matter of moments
  10. XRP down 20% whilst all other coins are down well under 10%. Anyone considering this as the blow off top?
  11. Wow, sounds like I hit a nerve. If you can't fathom my point and are offended then I encourage you to also put me on ignore. It's obvious this bull run is already bigger than that of 2017 - 2018 market cap wise for a lot of coins but not all. Certainly not for XRP but I'm hoping that will change. I'd also love to see Bitcoin at $400k but personally don't see it happening. I hope I've made myself clear now.
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