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  1. Biggerdo

    Ring of Fire (XRP)

    It seems that BTC SV is up 23 % and BTC Cash is down 23 % so maybe because of the split confusion some players have switched sides ..
  2. Biggerdo

    Message To The XRP Community

    What do you mean with the last line “when this is over “”?
  3. Biggerdo

    Anybody Knows Who behind Satis Group

    Since this Forbes magazine Satis article I guess, with a good dose of Fud normally instigates a dropping of the price through weak hands ..
  4. Biggerdo

    Anybody Knows Who behind Satis Group

    But why isn’t the price dropping?? Has XRP begun maturing ?? With only the true believers still hodling..
  5. That’s true if the Banks have the final say but if the customers/account holders demand a better faster cheaper service then the banks will have no other option , if they lose thousands of customers to the Bank down the street that are using XRP successfully..
  6. Biggerdo

    Arrington, Binance and Ripple

    Digital Asset guy on YouTube has the tweets on his latest video..
  7. The addition of Clinton should bring worldwide recognition so great publicity I would have thought..Rightly or wrongly
  8. Biggerdo

    The "HODL to $1.00 Club"

    Crashing the XRP back to 0.40 cents would suck guys ..
  9. Has anyone mentioned that the ATH could have been so much higher..XRP could have easily gone to $12 if the exchanges had been more prepared.. Remember the hold ups and waiting times to get registered ,of course so many exchanges Now ready and willing to take your business..
  10. I don’t mind this you tuber guy he’s ok in my book ..
  11. Well we better pray that XRP doesn’t get deemed a security then haha ..
  12. If XRP is deemed a security how will it affect XRP investors?? Better or Worse off ??
  13. It’s a positive that WU are striving to make it work and while slightly disappointing that it’s taking so long ..I