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  1. I have a long list of things I want to build! Whenever time permits
  2. This was not a paid piece. It is amazing, however, how many requests I have received to cover projects. I have never, and will never, take payment for writing about any project or product. Requests is an instant disconnect on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.
  3. Silkjaer

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Important question: Where is Alice? Welcome 😊
  4. The Cypher query language is extremely powerful. I wrote some samples in the guide on the website that should get you started.
  5. It is available at xrpgraph.com – open to everyone
  6. What happens if you merge all the 3 major products by Ripple (xCurrent, xVia and xRapid) into one software package? Apparently “Convergence”. At least according to Jim Chauncey-Kelly, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ripple, who in an interview with Interview Now started: An what does it do? Jim gives this example: So the big questions: When will we hear more about this Most importantly, where is the X? Source (August 9, 2018): https://www.interviewnow.io/so-you-want-to-work-at-ripple/
  7. No. And hashes.org is most likely not connected at all.
  8. First, I want to clarify that I haven't said I know who BW is, but merely who ~dangermoose is. Secondly, I have decided to stop my research. After following a lot of threads, I found multiple connections to a market making and OTC company. People that have been in the game for a long time. I believe, that the funds being moved to the exchange wallets are a part of OTC trading and/or market making by the said company. I think that some funds may be sold on the market, and some may be redistributed from the exchange to other wallets in smaller portions (using the exchange to lose the tail, so to speak). If this is the case, it can explain the Ripple involvement, as we know they are using third parties to do programmatic sales, quote by David Schwartz :
  9. When/if I connect the dots more clearly, I’ll be sharing. Just don’t want to implicate people for no good reason.
  10. I can tell you what he/she is not: not a Ripple employee or directly/officially affiliated with Ripple. But is in fintech.
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