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  1. Ripple's Navin Gupta & Mike Novogratz Galaxy Digital. Africa Summit Navin Gupta Managing Director, South Asia and MENA, Ripple Mike Novogratz Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital" Moderator Staci Warden Executive Director, Global Market Development, Milken Institute This was Live streamed. I edited the highlights and enhanced the audio.

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay i feel Canada banks are underestimated by many people. Could you elaborate on how deep they really are. What they are most interested in using or are using. Rewards points come to mind. Does RBC cross border banking run on ripple. Thats actually how i found out about ripple. How about TD cross border banking. Any information on xPool Thanks for all your answers.
  3. Amazing Looking exchange. And what a Intro Video. I Promoted it Via Twitter and YouTube. Lets Get you Some Pre Volume.
  4. I Found the original picture a lond time ago. and from what i found out it has nothing to do with Ripple. I Edited the Pic to hide the identities. as i feel they have nothing to do with this. But as you can see the screens are no longer blurred.
  5. Fis Talk about Ripple a Bit Here. https://www.fisglobal.com/insights/fis-blog/2017/blockchain-and-its-potential-impact-on-corporate-treasury-part-i
  6. Ripple, EOS and Ethereum together in a panel at the Blockchain Live event With Ripple :Marcus Treacher
  7. Ripple, RippleWorks, Coil, PolySign, Cryptocurrency Coalition to Pay D.C Lobbyists The coalition plans to pay Klein/Johnson about $25,000 a month and 10,000 XRP. Klein said his firm will convert the XRP price into dollars when it discloses the payments on federal lobbying forms
  8. The New Page was updated approximately 22hr ago. This is why i Tweeted it.
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