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  1. I agree. I Highlighted that part im my initial Tweet
  2. Ryan Zagone - Director of Regulatory Relations - Ripple Moderator Matthew Feeney John Collins - Partner - FS Vector Andrea O'Sullivan | Mercatus Center Gerald Tsai Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Streamed Live Sept 12 2018
  3. Dan starts at about 12:52 From Sept 5 2018 Building a Global Policy Environment for Digital Financial Assets Flore-Anne Messy, Head of the Insurance, Private Pensions and Financial Markets Division, OECD
  4. Here it is https://bithomp.com/explorer/98C6103335B92F7C6165975E1D9B96DFB2BCE13C04156155ABF8439E7EBD1818
  5. Are you Talking About Me ? The Video is Very Self Explanatory, I Dont see what there is to Tell. Its all in the Video.
  6. Temenos Extracting value for corporate banks from blockchain The Experts Viewpoint FULL PDF https://www.temenos.com/globalassets/mi/wp/16/extracting_value_from_blockchain_final-161020.pdf
  7. The Ripple effect: what’s the impact on banking? By Darryl Proctor 23 Jun 2015 https://www.temenos.com/en/blog/2015/june/the-ripple-effect-whats-the-impact-on-banking/
  8. 98C6103335B92F7C6165975E1D9B96DFB2BCE13C04156155ABF8439E7EBD1818 This payment was successful and validated in the ledger #21172651 (index: 10). Date (UTC):2016-05-17Time (UTC):11:34:00Initiated by:~bluestreet-test LINK To Transaction https://bithomp.com/explorer/98C6103335B92F7C6165975E1D9B96DFB2BCE13C04156155ABF8439E7EBD1818

    Another Exchange postponement?

    They just tweeted this
  10. I Thank you xrpmommy. You have some Great Finds.
  11. Ripple Stefan Thomas The New Era of Web Monetization Tech Open Air Stefan Thomas will explore the potential of micropayments to move us away from today’s broken, ad-supported web –– creating an open marketplace that makes it easy for us to compensate and support content creators and each other.