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  1. with lydia becoming a foundation member is massive.microgaming have got europe covered and are world leader's.america is allowing online gambling.i read a few month's back that william hill is investing in america and australia and they are client's of microgaming. jeffrey haas.chief international officer for.draft king's who are a $billion dollar company.is on the board of advisor's for casino coin. brit boeskov.chief programme officer.kindred group.who have 1.5 million customer's is on the board of advisor's lee fenton.chief executive officer.gamesys. on the board of advisor's Over 25 million players. 1,000 employees. 51 Nationalities. some of the brand's they operate.jackpotjoy/virgin games/virgin casino. the list just keep's on going. i predict we are going to smash through $1 easily within a year.the more you dig the better it look's the connection's within the foundation are mind blowing.
  2. well done carlorossi and honeybyte excellent work lad's
  3. i have invested in a coin that's utilising ripple's source code as a basis for the blockchain.the same speed as xrp and has the backing of the iom government behind it. and has a foundation behind it made up of ex poker stars top people. i would advise you to do your own research. https://casinocoin.org/
  4. im hodling xrp for a good few yrs to come. and have started buying some csc.its interesting that they are using the ripple blockchain technology. https://casinocoin.org/ has anyone else bought csc.
  5. the 1 on the left with the cheeky grin looks like hes hiding a secret from the rest. hes bought a load of zerp's lol
  6. im convinced that ripple are succesfully implementing a revolution that will change the world for ever. and us mere mortals have been given a chance to invest in that very revolution. and for the minor sum of 71c how cool is that.
  7. it seems like the majority of people are living in the moment and there heads are spinning with the price dropping and climbing. theres no whale or shaking of my hand.the fat cats aint having my zerps so they can benefit in the future. im on the ripple train and my stop aint for a long time yet.
  8. i want the price to go through the floor to buy as many zerp's as i can. xrp isnt going to go away tommorow next year or the next 5yrs. im a long term hodler.people seem fearfull and want to sell in the dip through panic. im not bothered about todays price im thinking what could be in 5yrs time. but as a new crypto investor i now know that when we recover to an ath it will eventually crash the price again. and i will be waiting hands open to buy buy buy.
  9. theres a few teething problems a minute with the clutch.but once the clutch is repaired we are off lol
  10. im loving the drop and buying some more zerp's grab em while there cheap.
  11. i allways watch price in usd. but yea i agree i will adopt that tactic
  12. bitstamp price for btc is flashing 4600 and 5000 it done this yesterday and we had a price drop.
  13. why is the btc last price on bitstamp jumping to 2200 4000 for a split second
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