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  1. Oh coinbase will make a major announcement, I got exited for a minute
  2. Did the coinbase rumour actually manage to cause the whole market to spike and drop. Looks like Ripples effect on other crypto prices is growing.
  3. Is it difficult to buy from Kraken with USD?
  4. Blockbuster once had the opportunity to buy Netflix for only $50 million but turned it down and thought the company was gonna fail. Fast forward a few years and blockbuster was fighting just to survive. It’s never easy when you turn a blind eye to the future and people get vicious when backed into a corner. I see a lot of similarity with certain banks and even other crypto currencies when they see Ripple and Xrp.
  5. Imagine the drug money money coming in it’ll be sweet
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    FUD source identified?

    Maybe you should send this to Ripples marketing team.
  7. Read the comments it’s hilarious they even try discredit Ripple and xrp along with Stellar.
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    Kraken Email

    I received this email from Kraken taking about having to end some of their funding options using Swift as well as their Japanese currency funding.
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    DeVere adds support for Ripple and Dash

    deVere are quite a dodgy financial management company that basically encourage their employees to shove product down clients throats.
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    Paypal to crypto

    If you really don’t want a paper trail buy bitcoin from a bitcoin atm then send them to an exchange and change to xrp. The rate for the bitcoin might be a bit less favorable though.
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    Paypal to crypto

    PayPal needs to start using xrp
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    Again and again PayPal

    UAE is the second biggest now and they acquired travelex.