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  1. Go to the songbird explorer to look at all the transactions you've claimed in the previous periods. Note that You must claim rewards within 90 days or they go back into the pool. https://docs.flare.network/en/tutorials/reward-faq
  2. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sec-vs-ripple-legal-fight-120000950.html
  3. .. and from which credible source did you glean that factoid ?
  4. You should do some homework and educate yourself with the facts ...Ripple doesn't pay anyone to run XRP nodes.. It's not POW nor is it POS.. Here is the proof:
  5. As I said, no you cannot, all addresses on the ledger are derived from the recovery phrase regardless of the app/coin on the ledger. You cannot add your own specific address ABD123 since it was not derived from the recovery phrase. Your best bet is to go to a supported flare wallet that will let you import ABD123 as a flare address and then use that wallet to send the flare coins to the flare account on your ledger.
  6. There's no way to import an existing private key into ledger because private keys on the ledger are derived from the recovery words. Private keys are derived using one-way algorithms (one-way meaning you can't go backwards from your private key to get the 24-word recovery phrase). You can however send the coins at your old existing address to your ledger by using software wallets that accept adding existing private keys (e.g. MetaMask, electrum). Once your old private key is added to MetaMask/Electrum, you can then send your existing balance to your new ledger address. The only thing you need to be careful of is making sure that the software is from a legit source otherwise you will lose your funds once you import your private key if the software you download is not legit or has been hacked. Note: Some wallets that claim to import private keys don't actually do so (e.g. Exodus) , they "sweep" the funds into the wallet's own new key by transferring the funds and is just a one step procedure to transfer existing balances using an existing private key to the new wallet. Your balance at the existing address will then be zero. Unfortunately Ledger software don't support this functionality. Ideally, If you still have your existing software wallet that originally generated your old keys, you can just send them to your new ledger address..
  7. We kinda already know this from the fact that doge is in the upper echelons of the top 10.
  8. Don't be upset. There are some of us who value both sides of a discussion and people who don't know how it works should know that nothing in life is certain and everything comes with a set of probabilities. I do understand a little about TA and generally know it measures the sentiment and level of supply and demand. I still marvel at how you guys/girls know all the little intricate details that go with it. I for one thank you and appreciate your contributions to this forum and hope you don't get discouraged by all the negativity by those who disagree with you.
  9. I take it you mean that someone with that much fanfare should have perfect accuracy ?. That is an Interesting perspective. Not being as smart as some of the folks here, I was certain that no such crystal ballers exist (those who can accurately predict price movements 100% or at least most of the time). Could it be my expectations are too low ? .. or .. on the flip side every one else's standards are just way too high ?
  10. That's exactly the point. No one can tell you with certainty what will happen in the future. It's only what is the likely outcome within a probability range. If you're looking for concrete and precise predictions, you're in the wrong space.
  11. I posted this in another thread already.. but here's a less obnoxious and abrasive way to keep everyone's levels of delusion and bias in check.
  12. Here's some advice on how to evaluate the various perspectives in the future direction of the market:
  13. Who or what is going to convert between CBDC of Country A and CBDC of Country B .. Assuming a sender from Country A wants to send money to country B and each party wants to transact in their respective native currencies. Who will provide those liquidity corridors ? Obviously a bridge currency like XRP that have established corridors between different countries supported by cryptocurrency exchanges within each respective country.
  14. No. It's precisely because you don't have enough of your own money available that you need to use leverage (other people's money) to amplify your profits. The amount of leverage you use magnifies your gains on the upside but also does that on the downside. A 100x leverage will let you double your capital with a 1% gain but lose all of it with a 1% loss. The LTV (Loan To Value) ratio dictates how much collateral (which may be in the form of other assets) that you need to put up and is a measure of how large a safety net your lender has before you get liquidated if you don't maintain your LTV ratio.
  15. ...You could also lose everything ... Invest $100 +1% return becomes $200 - makes 100% of your initial investment. -1% return becomes $0 - loses your entire initial investment. 2x or even 3x is a bit more reasonable risk to take for a gambler who doesn't want to bet everything. 100x is basically like a lottery ticket i.e. going for broke .. so you only invest an amount of which you're willing to lose 100% with a very high rate of probability.
  16. If you have concerns, you could even move your xrp to a different address before setting the MessageKey field because your flare airdrop is based on the past balance in your XRP wallet at 12th December 2020.
  17. If you were not on the BEP2 network and you transferred your XRP on the XRP ledger, it should be relatively easy to recover access to your funds. One way to verify this is to search for your transaction (by transaction id) on the XRP ledger using: https://bithomp.com/ Since you've transferred it to your own Wallet on ledger nano, you'll need to extract the private key from your ledger nano. After you get the private key (in hex format), then you will need to download and install the Xumm XRP wallet (Andorid or iOS here: https://xumm.app/). Start up the wallet and import your extracted private key in (hex) - with 32 pairs of hex characters (for a total of 64 characters) prefixed with a '00' - using family seed format. This will let you view/spend your XRP balance at that particular address on the XRP ledger. This is From the Xumm Support e-mail that I requested info about this function in Xumm a while ago: If you don't want to use Xumm and still use ledger.. you will need to switch your network from eth to xrp ledger (don't know if that's even possible in ledger as I don't use it). and use the same private key you're using for eth.
  18. Yes. Install Xumm Wallet and import your XRP account into it https://xumm.app/ Then connect your Xumm Wallet to the Xumm Community site to delete your XRP Account and recover 15 of the 20 XRP.. you will lose 5 XRP forever. https://xumm.community/
  19. Or.. to put it more succinctly.. whether you're in the win or loss column depends on your entry point which is a rule that is true of any investment .. not just crypto... so timing is not just everything, it's the only thing.. and especially in this market.
  20. I don't think there's anything to be worried about here. To be sure, this is an issue to keep an eye on.. However, this not only affects cryptocurrencies. Private/Public key infrastructure is the underlying tech for anything that requires privacy and security (https, ssl etc used in online banking, secure communications etc..). I expect that solutions will materialize long before it is possible to compromise those use cases..
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