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  1. That should not happen if you have a password that is required to authorize transfers. Do you have a password that is required before transactions are confirmed?
  2. .. or almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... unfortunately that could also be a train..
  3. Gartner's hype cycle is one other way of looking at the stages of adoption: https://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/cryptocurrencies-blockchains-in-the-gartner-hype-cycle/
  4. Yep they did. https://www.econcrises.org/2016/12/07/enron-corporation-2001/ Enron’s name has become synonymous with corporate fraud the world over. Although there was indeed fraudulent activity at Enron, the reason the corporation failed was the same reason for its meteoric rise: foolish financing. The company used off-balance-sheet vehicles to take on large amounts of debt and fabricate earnings. It owned many of these vehicles in non-arm’s-length transactions, enriching its management at the expense of shareholders. Enron exploited accounting rules to conceal its activities from the public. Perhaps most egregiously, the company pledged Enron stock to back many of its financing deals. Thus, if Enron stock fell substantially for any reason, the company would experience a wave of collateral calls, forcing it into bankruptcy. In fact, that is precisely what happened. Had Enron been forthright in its disclosures, its collapse would have been all too predictable.
  5. I think your thinking is flawed.. Enron hid what they did... what ripple labs is doing is in plain sight to everyone .. and ... that is the difference. That is why you have the opportunity to complain while they're executing their plan. Unfortunately you do not agree with their plan because you want a quick fix and not lasting value. That is your true beef..
  6. If this was a scam, then all the businesses, banks, payment providers would all be party to this scam too wouldn't they ?. Or worst they being, I would think a lot smarter bunch of business people would be as gullible as the rest of the public ? Does that really make sense to you?. or do you also view all of those reported partnerships to be fake news too?
  7. I suggest that since you have such strong conviction on how to build a successful ecosystem, you should go away and build it yourself and then you can gain satisfaction that way instead of depending on others to do the hard work in a way that you don't agree with.
  8. It depends on your outlook.. If you're waiting for a big price jump to cash out, it's not going to happen anytime soon because demand and adoption has not reached critical mass for cryptocurrency in general and XRP in particular. Probably I would guess that a vast majority of the general population has never even heard of XRP. With this kind of exposure, there is little chance of a quick price jump in the near future. My approach is to view XRP as a longer term asset (approx. 5-10 years horizon maybe even longer).. if you believe the fundamental nature of money is about to be changed, then this in my opinion is the correct perspective to have for this asset class. This is by no means a sure thing either.. as the implications of alternative currencies and stores of value may have lasting consequences for governments hoping to continue influencing economic policies via manipulating money supply and interest rates. It is still not clear what effects this new asset class will have on the real economy once it becomes big enough to rival other asset classes.
  9. BTC has a ways to go before 20k again.. ETH also has a big hill to climb before it hits 1.3K.. and again, this time it's still speculation.. otherwise they would have retained value and people won't be worried about it tanking again.. Most of the crypto market has no lasting value except for those with actual concrete use cases. We all want price increase.. but in fact what we should wish for is lasting value creation.. that way everyone can hold and not worry about speculative ups and downs.
  10. that is because everything other coin dropped as well ... e.g. $20K bitcoin to $5k.., .1.4K ETH to $165 etc .. What was driving the price at that time was just pure speculation.. not lasting value caused by adoption but only increasing demand via speculation.. Only use cases and adoption creates lasting value..
  11. If there was no adoption, demand would not have kept pace with increasing supply.. and the evidence would be a declining price. Because price is relatively level, that means demand = supply.. and supply is increasing, thus demand must also be increasing at the same rate.
  12. Actually at current rate ... approximately 15 years. 2.5 years for 51% distribution.. Assuming distribution rate is constant.. if it increases, it will be shorter. If it decreases, it will take longer.
  13. Nope. I agree. the more sold, the faster to deplete escrow and give demand a chance to increase price...
  14. It seems to me that XRP price isn't being driven by speculation so much as being maintained at a level price by increasing supply balanced equally by increasing demand.. i.e. threading water at the moment. Once increased supply is exhausted (i.e. all XRP is distributed) and demand maintains the same increasing rate due to usage, price will need to rise. Unfortunately for those of us who want to get rich real quick, that isn't going to happen overnight.. At current rate of distribution, all XRP will be distributed in about 15 years..
  15. Here you go: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/ALV:raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp/XRP?interval=4h&range=1w&type=line
  16. Yeah. Easier for me to buy a loaf of bread now for $1 or pay $10 for the same loaf 10 years from now.. But then when people realize that with XRP there is no constant de-valuation and I can buy the same loaf of bread for 2 xrp today or 0.02 xrp 10 years from now.. I might think twice and go through the effort of registering on a Crypto exchange and keeping an XRP wallet ...which by the way is not that onerous.. in fact I can do all that from the comfort of my home..just upload my KYC info and at most 1 day later, I'm done.
  17. It's discussed here in this reddit topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/bcc72w/resona_bank_pulls_out_of_ripple_tech/ https://resona-gr.co.jp/holdings/english/investors/financial/integrated/pdf/17/ir18_all.pdf Ctrl F wallet, page 18 and 32
  18. Here is some good discussions on the topic.. which ultimately leads to ways of making XRP the most liquid asset on the planet..
  19. Ripple has changed strategy .. they realize now that for XRP to have enduring value, Cryptocurrencies in general and XRP in particular needs to gain public acceptance and usage. This was one thing I thought of when back in the early days they focused solely on cross border transfers and banking applications. The one thing that they forgot was to attribute value to a digital asset, it needs public acceptance and support. Period. This is why the change in direction to put some effort into other application usages of XRP hence the foray into video gaming and other use cases.
  20. more likely not at all since they have enough XRP to last for over 20 years at current rate of distribution..
  21. Just speculative run.. nothing from a fundamental basis.
  22. These figures are just from the growth in circulating supply from the historical prices taken from Coinmarketcap.. so includes all XRP not in escrow I believe..
  23. We are already in full swing.. Circulating Supply has ramped up significantly .. If current rate of increase holds, it will take 2.5 years for 51% of XRP distribution..
  24. That is the simplistic view. The actual mechanics is a bit more complex. Volume will increase as MM's increase their holdings (investment) to make more profits or more MM's come into the market to participate.. See this post Q&A by Bob for more detail.. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30745-answer-about-the-patent-lets-talk/?do=findComment&comment=687488
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