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  1. Looks like it still is the wild west out there.. one of Canada's oldest exchanges went belly up.. and I used to make all my purchases there. Luckily I never leave more than a token amount on any exchange and it looks like until there are stricter regulations for these exchanges, no one should either. Just treat them like on/off ramps but don't leave anything behind.. https://mashable.com/article/cryptocurrency-exchange-quadrigacx-founder-died-funds-lost/#gm6Tt_.DtuqO
  2. This chart was created by exporting all coinmarket history into an excel spreadsheet. Circulating supply is calculated as Total Market Cap divided by closing price for the day. From the numbers, It appears on the surface that XRP is holding a .30 cent price level because the circulating supply is being used to counter price drops..or increases...
  3. Price x supply = MC <--- Your formula supply = MC / Price <--- same formula using basic math ? I don't know what's wrong with the above ???.. Sorry, but can someone more knowledgable (than I) explain it to me in plain english please ?
  4. You mean to say that if you have a commodity and say you increase the supply of said commodity without any corresponding increase in buyers, there will be zero impact on the price ?.. or are you referring to just the .30 cent title itself ? It is plausible that ripple (the company) is not so much interested in boosting XRP price (which is what most of us as investors are interested in) as much as a) Having a stable price per XRP and b) boosting on demand liquidity. Not criticizing but just making an observation that the goals of the investor community in XRP are not necessarily 100% aligned with the goals of ripple the company. After all, if circulating supply were to stay constant and demand was ever increasing with each announcement of new XRP usage, one would expect price to increase accordingly.
  5. I'm basically thinking of supply and demand economics. If supply goes up while demand remains constant or does not increase to match increasing supply (i.e. circulation), then prices go down. Conversely, if supply remains constant or doesn't increase to match rising demand, then prices go up. .. at least this is what I remember in economics 101 in my university days.. maybe my memory and/ understanding is lacking ? https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/033115/how-does-law-supply-and-demand-affect-prices.asp
  6. Closing price is whatever standard coinmarketcap web site follows.. ** Latest data in range (UTC time)
  7. Yes. Coinmarketcap doesn't show past historical Circulating Supply. That's why it's re-caclulated ... i.e. Market Cap = Closing Price x Circulating Supply Circulating Supply = Market Cap / Closing Price
  8. Here you go... Excel file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b2kaf3vru8c1nb6/xrp-history.xlsx?dl=0 Raw file exported from coinmarketcap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xhehq8nu5cuiuk5/xrp-history.txt?dl=0
  9. More comments here: https://www.reddit.com/r/QuadrigaCX/comments/alv57m/not_to_be_insensitive_but_has_anyone_actually/ ..Probably best to write everything down on paper and let your family know where your passwords and private keys are.
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    Swift is partnering with R3

    https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/30/swift-announces-tie-up-with-blockchain-firm-r3-at-paris-fintech-forum.html Does this affect ripple (the company ).. but doesn't R3 use XRP for settlement ? thoughts ?
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    Swift is partnering with R3

    oops.. didn't know this was already posted.. in that case, please delete/ignore..
  12. Actually there are 3 options.. hold, sell or buy more..
  13. What is not clearly understood and where most seem to be missing the point of digital tokens is that the value is not in the digital token itself .. the value is the effort and work involved in establishing liquidity corridors in each country so that counterparty risk is removed and value can flow freely between national borders. Establishing those corridors takes years of effort and many resources. That is the real value of a cross border digital token. It needs to have established markets in each country to establish the on/off ramps between virtual and real world currencies.
  14. Anyone know if Accounts created by RT (Ripple Trade) are vulnerable ?
  15. Do you (or anyone can chime in) have step by step instructions on how to go about using the last option ?. I'm now using Toast Wallet on iOS
  16. Looks there will be a future for cryptos.. despite the naysayers.. https://www.ccn.com/fear-of-fintech-uk-bankers/
  17. Technical Analysis.. assuming that was not sarcasm..
  18. Nothing serious here.. but seeing as how 589 seems to be a popular number associated with XRP, Here's a challenge to tax the imagination of XRP community members... Challenge: How many ways are there to arrive at a $589 price for XRP ?. ..and here's my recipe... Take the numerical position of each letter in XRP. Add the first three digits in reverse order with the last three digits also in reverse order. x = 24 r = 18 p = 16 428 161 --------- 589 =====
  19. yep. we all know that.. just a fun exercise to stimulate the imagination.. is all ..
  20. Yes. The quote: is from ripple gateway guide found here: https://mduo13.github.io/ripple-dev-portal/tutorial-gateway-guide.html#ripple-gateways-explained
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    It will only be worthless, if all the businesses listed below using XRP stop using it: xrp info
  22. https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-exchange-bitstamp-acquired-by-belgian-investment-firm-in-all-cash-deal Nejc Kodrič, CEO of the Luxembourg-registered exchange, reportedly revealed the deal had been closed Oct. 25, but declined to share the full terms. The CEO told Reuters that in 2016 Bitstamp was valued at $60 million, up from $39 million in 2014. NXMH is a family investment holding firm — operatingas a subsidiary of Barclays — which has over 2 billion euros in assets under management and makes European consumer and tech investments.
  23. This was one of the very first crypto exchanges that I registered for back in the good old days when I dabbled in some gpu mining and traded for BTC and LTC. At that time I got free XRP for contributing my laptop and desktop CPU for this endeavour: https://ripple.com/insights/computing-for-good-ripple-labs-launches-global-xrp-giveaway/ This was also one of the few exchanges that stood the test of time ..Now fast forward to 2018 .. 5 years later...I hope it continues to be one of the better/more secure exchanges..