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  1. It's marketed that way as a 55% discount but the preferred shares have a 3.3% dividend.. That's why its worth more. The common stock has no dividend so it's worth less because of that...not because it's discounted.
  2. Current Implied Valuation is 4.5 Billion. There are a total of 180 Million Shares Outstanding. Market Cap Valuation is: (Number of fully diluted shares x $25) = $4.5 Billion. Last round of Financing was led by Tetragon Financial and valued those dividend paying preferred shares at $61.
  3. Just wanted to know how many here (if any) have purchased pre IPO shares of Ripple Labs or would like to? I've just received an offer to purchase Ripple Shares. Minimum investment is 400 shares at $25 per share or $10k total investment for initial investors on EquityZen. I'm now mulling it over to determine whether I want to (potentially) add to my crypto losses or (hopefully) magnify my gains if ripple and XRP both take off and are successful in the long run. I'd probably be looking to buy and hold the stock for a long time until at least ripple labs succeeds or fails in attempting to launch the IOV. Also wondering if anyone made the plunge into investing in ripple labs, what was your share price ... but ... only if you don't mind revealing that info .. Thanks.
  4. Another option is keep all your money in XRP/Crypto in your own wallet .. and never cash out unless you need to buy something. If you also choose sellers of goods and services that accept crypto, then you never need deal with inflation or cash again..
  5. That would suggest there's more than enough liquidity around to support these volumes.. Price will only be affected once one side of the order book gets depleted.
  6. Alternatively, you can be your own bank and convert to a stable coin and send to your own private address.. Granted that you won't earn any interest on those funds in your private wallet.. but at least you are using your own keys..
  7. Thanks to Crypto Eri for an in depth analysis and explanation of this service here debunking the click bait nature of this announcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9HN1v9kcSU
  8. Ahh...Bitcoin. The alpha of Crypto.. Long live the King !!
  9. Yeah. We know. No need to belabour the obvious. I'm really sorry I wasted the minute of my life to deign to reply.
  10. You aren't making much sense with this statement. ODL is just the mechanism by which XRP is ramped up to meet demand for bridging to fiat. Liquidity is not the same as ODL.
  11. It's all relative. 10x a house would be $39,000. 10x rent would be $270 per month. You can't get these prices for those goods and services in current time. There are some people who make 100x the salary now compared to back then and they are doing ok.. but for those people who are trying to get by , they can't hope to survive in this environment.
  12. You might be one of the lucky ones whose average income may have kept pace (maybe your'e a big data scientist or in AI ?.. ) .. but mine and a whole lot of my peers have definitely not.
  13. It's relatively easy to obtain disclosure.. just buy some shares of ripple labs from Sharespost or EquityZen (I think minimum of $10-25k)... then as a shareholder, you'll get all the disclosure you want..
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