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  1. I believe there are two types of "investors" in xrp. 1. Those that just want to ride the plane so that they can unload to someone else at a higher price some point in the near future.. 2. Those that believe that crypto is the future of money and don't ever want to get off the plane .. and only spend what they need for necessities. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot of people in category #2 and most people are in category #1. That is the source of the difference in the two points of view. You just have to place yourself in the appropriate perspective to realize that depending on which framework you land in, it will either be nonsensical or not. Note that I'm not saying one viewpoint is right and the other is wrong. Just that they both exist and neither can lay claim to the future state of affairs as it relates to cryptocurrency.
  2. It depends on your perspective and your start date .. circulating supply has been increasing steadily.. price has not obviously .. that means demand at least kept pace with the increasing supply, otherwise we would be at .02cents instead of .40cents. .. and don't presume you know everything that goes on behind the scenes by just judging on external appearances ..
  3. Think about the infrastructure and plumbing to transfer value as the engine that drives cross border transfers and payments. What does that engine run on ? Well the gas is XRP, eventually someone somewhere will have to hold it in order to facilitate transfers in and out of Fiat. ... .. and lots of it ... even though there are 99 Billion of them, eventually demand will meet and hopefully exceed supply. However, when that occurs is anyone's guess but this should be a very good long term bet if Ripple is even only 50% successful in their efforts to drive adoption.
  4. wow. Thanks for posting .. These scams still crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches.. do people sophisticated enough to trade crypto still fall for this sort of scam ???
  5. From the tone of this article, it would seem that there is a regulatory angle to ripple's strategic madness ... to support competing blockchains .. I'll let others chime in their opinions.. https://zycrypto.com/ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-speaks-on-libra-xrp-and-crypto-regulations/ The following article was a year ago ..... almost the same message .. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/07/ripple-ceo-tells-cryptocurrency-industry-to-work-with-the-regulators.html
  6. Haven't you realized yet what everybody here knows ?.. XRP doesn't go up with positive news.. the correlation is always in the opposite direction !.. That's why no news with XRP is always good news..
  7. The problem in a nutshell is that the world in general is not yet ready to ascribe value to cryptocurrencies in general and XRP in particular where there is no real backing of that crypto asset like for stable coins tied to USD. Adoption is dependent on general and widespread acceptance of XRP. You will definitely not gain that acceptance by focusing on just one particular use case like cross border payments. I believe ripple labs has realized that limitation given the reticence of banks and other financial institutions that are tightly controlled by rules and regulations to push the Xrapid switch. However they haven't entirely given up on that path given their investment in moneygram. At least the less tightly regulated corporations get to play and benefit from Xrapid. The other approach to force general acceptance is to broaden the use cases for Xrapid and that I believe is why so much investment has been poured into Xpring. I believe Ripple labs realizes that without broader adoption pouring more investment down the path to get Xrapid moving with banks and regulated financial corporations would probably be akin to keep banging your head on the wall for no real benefit. You can of course agree or disagree with their strategy and invest or divest according to your belief. However, that is what I believe have driven them down this path.
  8. Perhaps they have more invested in XRP than they can afford to lose and get disappointed when price doesn't perform according to expectations even after such an explosive torrent of positive news. The only sensible mindset to adopt is to be prepared that XRP fails miserably. If it succeeds beyond your wildest dreams, then you're a genius. If you need and depend on that money for the basic necessities of life, you've got too much invested in it. If you're investing with the hope of getting rich very quickly (within a year) .. don't
  9. .. The point is these projects do not seem to directly benefit XRP and XRPL.. but they should benefit the entire crpytoverse as a whole which means eventual widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in general and XRP specifically.. Right now, it is apparent that there is no real adoption, The majority do not really believe in cryptocurrencies. It's just one person selling higher to another in a speculative frenzy. If people really believed that cryptos have value and is a better bet at holding that value and not depreciating over time like a government controlled FIAT currency, then there should be gradual and sustained price increases. However, this is not the case and the evidence for this is the wild swings in price from one period to the next and the lack of adherence to utility metric valuation in distinguishing one coin over another besides supply and demand.
  10. I guess you still don't want to get the big picture.. But if you want to split hairs, I would take it to mean ..just not XRP alone ... as in the top 1% = (100-99) %.. otherwise BG would have said 100% of all others would die off....
  11. Wow.. another thread devoted to bashing Ripple Strategy.. I wonder how many people they have that are experts in business strategy and execution who know how to maximize shareholder value ?.. I guess obviously a lot more than in these forums.. Here's what I think: I humbly submit that we don't own the company and are only invested in XRP. .. which they had so kindly advised us in the past: "Ripple (the company) does not promote XRP as a speculative investment" .. Therefore, logically, we have no right to second guess how they conduct or run their company.. So, the solution is really, really dead simple: You believe in Ripple labs, it's team and their long term vision .. then by all means invest in the ecosystem if you want. You think it's a scam and the team are bumbling idiots.. then don't invest .. You don't have to pretend altruism and waste time to tell people what they should or should not believe in or do. Most people who have the knowledge and expertise to sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange can make informed decisions all by themselves.
  12. An interesting topic. I looked at the sites involved above here: https://xpring.io/ and this is my interpretation (which might or might not be correct) on analyzing the verbiage of some of the sites: Xpring seems not to be specifically aimed at increasing XRP or XRPL usage. Instead the project appears to be focused on a much more broader objective: that of increasing the general utility for all cryptocurrencies and growing the crypto verse: If it was merely targeted towards increasing XRP usage, they would have specifically said so in the blurbs above and below: If you read the writeup referenced in Xpring on Dharma here: https://medium.com/xpring/investing-in-dharma-854f5bd7b17f These snippets points to a vision of the IOV from ripple's perspective as encompassing the entire crypto-verse and not just XRP or XRPL itself. I think ripple realizes that XRP and XRPL are not the only core components needed to build out the IOV. Their systematic and methodical participation and investment in other infrastructures indicate that they believe it requires a complete end to end ecosystem that involves participation from all crypto-currencies and requires a lot more infrastructure and expertise that they themselves can handle. In conclusion, I think although we are just focused on XRP as investors (and why not?) but this serves as the blinders that prevents us from seeing the big picture. However Ripple (the company) seems to believe that a much broader and wider participation of all cryptocurrencies is paramount, to fulfill the vision of the future for the internet of value. I dare say many here may disagree and only care about the cold hard cash we've invested, but I for one would stay invested and see how this plays out in the end .. if I'm fortunate enough to be alive for that long. Now, you know why BG says "I'm also long Bitcoin" ... it starts to make sense now... for XRP to succeed, all the others must also succeed... it's not XRP and nothing else... instead it's an inclusive strategy and resonates with Ripple's stated DNA as a bridge currency. The more currencies that are left standing in the end, the more utility you can bring to the table .. by the number of bridges you can build...
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