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  1. It sure feels like a lot of people bashing xrp and ripple the company and their execs for doing the things they have done have a lot more invested than they should for such a speculative area. Investing in this asset class should prompt people to consider these caveats to live by: a. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose because it is quite possible that whatever amount invested may one day go to zero. b. Don't expect a rags to riches story.. the probability of this happening is next to zero .. because this particular asset class still operates within the greater fool theory and utility has no relationship to value currently whether you're talking about bitcoin or XRP.
  2. I should think & hope that it should have some value above zero. But I believe it is the network and the businesses/partnerships that are plugged into the XRPL that gives XRP it's underlying value rather than the token itself.. Tokens and coins can be easily created. The underlying plumbing, the network, the partnerships and businesses take time to setup and it is therein that lies the value of XRP.
  3. I would say for invidivduals as well.. if only to remove the risk of inflation as digital currencies like XRP has a fixed supply.. but it remains to be seen whether the governments of the day will allow that to happen.
  4. https://thexrpdaily.com/2019/09/10/brad-garlinghouse-will-be-interviewed-on-cnn-tomorrow-talking-about-ripple-and-xrp/ Delayed to Thurs. 09/12 to not conflict with 9/11 memorial coverage..
  5. Continuing the analogy ..I guess even though there is an alternate faster route, no one wants to travel using it until it's deemed to be safe ..
  6. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-announces-debit-card-deposit-141500371.html Anyone want to hazard a guess whether XRP is one of the elements in the settlement chain ?..
  7. Seems to me to be how any organization would try to win over the powers that be .. but you seem to object to this method of how most businesses lobby for their interests ? Care to share what you have in mind that would be more effective ?
  8. SBI holdings inc. Has about a 10% stake in Ripple Labs and also pays a 4.41% dividend to boot.. SBHGF Stock Quote
  9. richxrp

    Ripple is not XRP

    Yep. Wholeheartedly agree. The entire CryptoVerse is currently speculative and will remain so until the majority sees there is value and trusts that the value will hold ... just like everyone trusts current fiat currency although the only thing backing it is government decree. When trust and widespread adoption happens (.. and hopefully will eventually..), then everyone can stop thinking of crypto as a hop on and hop off kind of investment. It'll be something you hold that doesn't depreciate in value like the almighty dollar.
  10. Wow.. someone seems pretty bitter .. maybe invested more than what they could afford to lose ? .. and now need to lash out at others in anger for speaking their own opinions because it opposes their own views ? BTW and now back to the topic on hand .. thanks @Hodor for another great article. You rock !
  11. Yes. Go to Celsius Network (https://celsius.network/earn-interest-on-your-crypto/ ) download the IOS/Android App and deposit your XRP there for 2.75% or 3.0% (if you elect to earn interest with CEL token). Default is to receive interest payment with the same coin deposited. Advantages: You can withdraw at any time you want. Disadvantages: You leave yourself open to the Celsius platform and if they get hacked or the owner splits (however small.. both are real risks) then you lose your deposit as it isn't guaranteed. The NEXO platform is another option where deposits are guaranteed but there are not as much choice in coins and currently don't support XRP. To mitigate this risk, I don't deposit all I have on Celsius.. just a small portion ... less than 10% of my stash.. No compounding of interest (Except with the CEL option in the future .. only if you opt in). Whenever you withdraw your coins, the amount withdrawn is from your principal first .. and you only earn interest on the principal amount. You could of course earn in CEL and compound your interest only in the CEL token. I think you can also withdraw your CEL earnings, exchange it on IDEX (or LIQUID) for XRP and deposit again into your CELSIUS account as XRP principal .. only a couple of exchanges trade CEL currently . Low interest rate compared to stable coins like DAI, Tether, USDC etc.
  12. Thanks. Interesting tidbit. I do have some SBI shares.. but I think SBI VC is only open to Japan Nationals for registration at the moment though..
  13. not true. When emotions run high, IQ drops ... not even taking in consideration the natural aging process... at least for me anyway..
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