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  1. I respectfully disagree. Back then, it was economics that influenced the eventual rise for VHS just as it did VCD over DVD even though the latter was clearly superior. Fast forward to now and in the future, economics will always play an important role in determining the technology that wins or falls behind.. With Cryptocurrencies, the name of the game is adoption, usage and ultimately liquidity all of which are dictated by the economic value of using a particular network... rather than tech superiority being the important metric for gauging success.
  2. I think we should step back a bit and think what drives adoption. Is it really technology or usage ?. Of course one good tech can drive usage. However as we all know there are lots of examples in the real world where something that has better tech was not ultimately adopted for various reasons. case in point: BetaMax vs. VHS
  3. I had no idea we had an army of Bots at our disposal ?. This seems to be getting more and more ridiculous. XRP army of Bots
  4. Not my creation, that's what happens in the real world, regardless of what it is .. in the long run everything (without exception) tends towards an equilibrium state. You can't escape that fate.. It's just that some (or maybe most) of us in the interest of furthering our own financial status (myself included) want instant gratification and don't want to wait and want a big bang ending. I'm not saying XRP will be successful.. just that at some point in time, it will come to rest..maybe higher than now if the world considers that it still has utility, or zero, if it does not...
  5. Don't be sorry. To me it's just basically two different and opposing strategies in maximizing the value of XRP. 1. Do we want a sudden high octane price increase that will be fuelled by speculation .. and then just as suddenly fall back to the ground once it ends ?. 2. Or do you want permanent and long lasting value over time to build up the XRP ecosystem by slowly increasing usage and liquidity ? I would prefer option #2. The downside is it will take much longer but will build true value in time. Of course either outcome is never guaranteed and you should only invest what you can afford to lose in either case. Perhaps you can read some comments by other xrpchat members that give some insight into why the slow game is better than the quick and dirty one.. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30758-why-xrp-not-mooning-might-be-goodxpool-possibility-aka-tinfoil-hat-time/
  6. I think they are already doing that.. I think programmatic sales are designed to not influence the price too much.. The ultimate goal seems to be to increase liquidity to the point where it is the most liquid digital asset on the planet. To achieve that goal will take some time. Maybe not this year or the next.. but several years down the road.. .. And if you consider the entire world's population is only about 8 billion, if every person on the planet were to hold XRP there would only be 120 XRP per person to go around.. From that perspective, given ripple's goal, 99 billion XRP is not a humongous amount ...
  7. It's probably naive to think that only Brad is driving the strategy to make XRP a global bridging asset. Logic would dictate it would be a commitee of very smart and intelligent business/finance focused people (at least compared to people like you and I.. at least me anyway..) driving strategies for adoption. And as always, there's usually an opposing viewpoint that will think differently about how things should be done.. Here's one example (from Bob Way - former ripple employee) that thinks differently about how best to use ripple's stash of XRP to advance their agenda.. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30588-hi-im-bob/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-678305
  8. yep.. supply and demand applies.. but supply is increasing steadily and demand is keeping up.. otherwise price will have dropped and keep dropping instead of being stable at .30-.31.. If demand keeps up pace with supply increases, then once supply is cut off, then price will increase. However, as you see from the chart, it will take quite a while to distribute the remainder of XRP in escrow.
  9. No. XRP is definitely not a stock. This does not apply here. What applies here is increasing liquidity and usage which will eventually drive prices up..
  10. Circulating Supply has been increasing steadily at least according to this chart.. Circulating Supply History
  11. Sorry I'm being reminded of what happened to QuadrigaCX in Canada. ..I wanted to add.. and make sure you and at least one other trusted person know where to find it...
  12. Hi Bob, I'm Richard and I accept your terms unconditionally. Nice to meet you and thank you for spending the time to answer all of our queries!
  13. Well yeah, I only have enough invested here what I can afford to lose. Of course there's no denying that there has to be a rebalancing among asset classes if XRP were to rise astronomically.. but I would consider it as a bona fide asset class to include in my list of assets such that it would occupy a much larger portion of my portfolio than it does currently.. interesting factoid .. I just calculated what my entire stash was as a percentage of my net worth.. and it's a humongous 0.793% of everything that I own ! if it goes to $100 , that would really really dwarf the value of all my other assets..
  14. Yes. but would you (1) sell everything and then retire.. or (2) Sell just enough to retire?. or (3) just sell enough for what you need for the present ? If (1), it would seem to indicate that you are only in it for the money and don't really believe that it has staying power. if (2), it would tend to indicate that you believe in the tech and that XRP can and will be a stable (and hopefully ) increasing value of store until something new and revolutionary comes along to supplant it. (3) would be an even stronger indicator of (2)..
  15. That actually is exactly how I feel about it.. Good if it happens to take off.. otherwise, it was a good gamble. Thanks for sharing. I actually started by participating first in: computing for good ripple giveaway and earned some initial xrp.. then the more I read about it, the more I thought this could be a good bet..
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