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  1. It will level the playing field..It already is slowly headed that way .. with some people (like me) opting to put their savings in stable coins/alt coins earning 5-10% .. if you don't think so go do some research .. Celsius Network, Nexo, .. etc.
  2. There is so much that is wrong with this statement, I wouldn't know where to begin.. If you look at the existing financial system, it's tilted towards those that have the power (and wealth) to exploit those that do not using the existing FIAT system. Think about it critically . Earn $15 per hour --> Deposit savings in bank --> Earn 1% or less --> Bank turns around and loans moneout at 4-5% .. this is what fractional reserve banking is about.. Fed --> Keeps interest low at 0%, Increases Money Supply --> Slowly devalues your money --> You pay more dollar
  3. Banks are not smart.. it's the people who run them that are. The reason for not wanting crypto is to preserve the status quo and keep the existing financial structure that feeds off of the consumers of banking services which is why they take your fiat deposits, give you 1% and turn out to loan it out at 4%... That's the beauty of fractional reserve banking.. If I were feeding off this gravy train, I wouldn't want to get off either. The people in charge of printing FIAT is just as bad, if not worse, because increasing the money supply at a rate faster than the growth rate of the economy slowly
  4. It would have been a much more elegant solution if they did re-route the money on local rails to access a Forex market to exchange the funds into local currency and just use the proceeds to settle the payment on the UK side .. then that would be a complete solution, but as it is now, it's just half baked.. BTW .. good analysis and summary of yours!
  5. Here's my view on it .. RTGS is not new.. it has been greasing domestic payment rails for years. But they've now come up with a process which puts a settlement layer on top of the old correspondent banking system that ensures there is liquidity to fulfil remittances on either side of the border... and also with the intention of keeping the (banker's) gravy train running.. This is how I understand it works ... according to the video here at http://rtgs.global Manufacturer in US at Bank A wants to pay Supplier in UK at Bank B For simplicity let's assume exchange rate is 1:1
  6. Then how do you suggest to pay the devs to develop and maintain the project going forward ?
  7. It's marketed that way as a 55% discount but the preferred shares have a 3.3% dividend.. That's why its worth more. The common stock has no dividend so it's worth less because of that...not because it's discounted.
  8. Current Implied Valuation is 4.5 Billion. There are a total of 180 Million Shares Outstanding. Market Cap Valuation is: (Number of fully diluted shares x $25) = $4.5 Billion. Last round of Financing was led by Tetragon Financial and valued those dividend paying preferred shares at $61.
  9. Just wanted to know how many here (if any) have purchased pre IPO shares of Ripple Labs or would like to? I've just received an offer to purchase Ripple Shares. Minimum investment is 400 shares at $25 per share or $10k total investment for initial investors on EquityZen. I'm now mulling it over to determine whether I want to (potentially) add to my crypto losses or (hopefully) magnify my gains if ripple and XRP both take off and are successful in the long run. I'd probably be looking to buy and hold the stock for a long time until at least ripple labs succeeds or fails in attempting to
  10. Another option is keep all your money in XRP/Crypto in your own wallet .. and never cash out unless you need to buy something. If you also choose sellers of goods and services that accept crypto, then you never need deal with inflation or cash again..
  11. That would suggest there's more than enough liquidity around to support these volumes.. Price will only be affected once one side of the order book gets depleted.
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