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  1. https://forkast.news/xrp-ripple-novatti-asia-pacific/
  2. richxrp

    Didn't receive XRP

    Yes. Probably your 20XRP reserve which is not spendable unless you delete your account, then you get back 15. You can verify your actual balance by going to xrpscan and entering your xrp public address key .. https://xrpscan.com/
  3. You can lookup Bitstamp and how their IOU's work.. Here's a link with info to get you started: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/16040-usd-ious-in-gatehub/
  4. This one seems to be good.. looks into all transactions in each wallet and exchange you configure and automatically tallies up your trades, transfers, deposits and withdrawals. https://app.koinly.io/
  5. Yes. Just write it down somewhere .. and put it in a safe place .. so you can always reimport whenever the need arises.
  6. Don't delete toast without first backing up your secret key(s) because XUMM does not let you export your secrets and if you need to ever import them to another wallet you won't be able to. As to deleting and reimporting your accounts, there is no XRPL transactions used for that .. so no fees. You can delete and reimport as many times as you like without restriction as long as you have the secret key(s) (for full access)
  7. Yep. like roaches crawling out of the woodwork.
  8. Maybe this pattern ?? 2013 High = .04 ; .04/.001 = 400x 2017 High = 4; 4/.01 = 400x 2021 High = 400 400/1 = 400x
  9. ..Correction.. no one (Neither Americans Nor nonAmericans) can currently trade XRP on Coinbase
  10. Don't be over confident. we're still only in the first inning of a 9 inning game.. the fat lady hasn't sung yet... the only thing that's happened so far is the first pitch home run..
  11. Coinomi, Atomic, Xumm .. all of them work and are interchangeable as long as you know the 'sxxxyyyzzz' Secret Key. Coinomi uses a raw Hex Key and not the 'sxxxyyzzz' Secret Key Format, but can still be imported via the hex key into Xumm as long as you prefix the hex key with '00'
  12. You could cash out if you exchange your XRP for USD stable coins and then transfer to any eligible exchange where you can then exchange for Fiat.
  13. It's just the concept that you need to grasp. An address is just basically a location within a blockchain/network. The ETH address is an address on the ETH network. Your ledger device currently points to the address only on the ETH network. An address is not configured to point to any specific network. It only represents an address location within that network. The device (or software wallet) is what is configured to point to a particular network when transacting tokens held at that address. The same address location is (and will) also be an address that will exist on the Flare Net
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