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  1. Hello there, We've to remember that alts are moving after BTC. The same pattern seems to repeat: BTC goes up at a high value > people sell and jump from alts to alts ( they call it alt season ) > and then xrp moves and is the new bitcoin in the media. For a new " bullrun" I am not watching the charts. I am looking for the euphoria of 2017. Money was raining. Mainstream medias were talking about bitcoin, peoples in the streets, families, friends etc... We are clearly not at this stage. Why ? Because of the US elections, Covid desease, stock market crash and
  2. " Blockchain and distributed ledger technology Blockchain and its underlying distributed ledger technology have the potential to fundamentally transform a wide range of industries and markets. The Global Blockchain Policy Centre is exploring the benefits and risks of blockchain for economies and societies, beginning to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigating uses in specific policy areas." Published 3 mars 2020 : ( link with full list of members involved : https://www.oecd.org/daf/blockchain/OECD-Blockchain-Expert-Policy-Advisory-Board-List-of-Particip
  3. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/6irqhs/mathematically_speaking_what_is_the_highest_price/
  4. With this kind of FUD, you can unfollow the site for the next 4 decades. Thank you.
  5. Round C went into Ripple and not XRP. If Ripple release a stablecoin ( see joelkatz tweet ) and the demand from Central Banks for a stablecoin ( ECB with Lagarde etc...) powered by XRP. XRP would not be the main goal for Ripple right now because of the regulation. But issuing a stablecoin for central banks could be an other way to make them use indirectly XRP as Xcurrent using XRP too. Central Banks => Ripple Stable Coin => XRP. FI's => Xcurrent => XRP All the roads points to XRP. The paths and products are differents. https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-
  6. @Palerider I think @Caracappa sums up my thoughs. Also someone noticed the latest MPC chart about XRP ? I find it very interesting XRP won't move until btc does first. Halving happening in may. Central Bank of France will test cryptocurrencies in 2020. Deutsch Bank bullish on crypto for the next decade. SEC incoming. More corridors will open etc... every day we got good news actually since almost two years. I am not an expert about the charts but usually when xrp moves, it moves the last and harder than others. We can go down, but I think in the long run we stand
  7. https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-108/Accenture-Global-Payments-Pulse-Survey-2019.pdf ( july 2019 ) From their website in 2017 : https://www.accenture.com/us-en/insight-real-time-cross-border-payments
  8. Hello there, Nothing changed back in the bull run of december 2017. BTC was in a bull run, alts too. Everything moved up except xrp. Then suddently after months without a move stuck at 0.20, we moved up. No news, no TA with a right prediction, no bg123 or other guy announced it. Then Coinbase rumors to list XRP put the price at new highs
  9. Maybe I am reading too much into it you can be right. The sentence could mean : 1- Ripple and JP Morgan are working together on cross border payments 2- Ripple and JP Morgan are working on cross border payements ( but without any contact of any kind between the two firms ) I have a doubt about the meaning of the sentence. It can be important if it's number 1 option, if not, well eveybody will forget this post
  10. Hello there ! Pdf released in september 2019 from the Bank Of Canada https://www.bankofcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/swp2019-40.pdf
  11. Hello there, Sibos event will be really soon and there are ripple partners at the event. Also Ripple members are invited. Major news release or non event ?
  12. Hello there. It has been some time since I did a post here. But this information could be something really good. The IMF is looking to adopt instant payment. Not now, but they are looking at it seriously as an alternative. It could be related to ripple, maybe not. But it is definitely concerning cryptocurrencies. If it's real, mass adoption of cryptocurrency is on track
  13. Wyckoff accumulation phase. Maybe this is the Spring ? ( On the daily and weekly chart )
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