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  1. Maybe I am reading too much into it you can be right. The sentence could mean : 1- Ripple and JP Morgan are working together on cross border payments 2- Ripple and JP Morgan are working on cross border payements ( but without any contact of any kind between the two firms ) I have a doubt about the meaning of the sentence. It can be important if it's number 1 option, if not, well eveybody will forget this post
  2. Hello there ! Pdf released in september 2019 from the Bank Of Canada https://www.bankofcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/swp2019-40.pdf
  3. Hello there, Sibos event will be really soon and there are ripple partners at the event. Also Ripple members are invited. Major news release or non event ?
  4. Hello there. It has been some time since I did a post here. But this information could be something really good. The IMF is looking to adopt instant payment. Not now, but they are looking at it seriously as an alternative. It could be related to ripple, maybe not. But it is definitely concerning cryptocurrencies. If it's real, mass adoption of cryptocurrency is on track
  5. Wyckoff accumulation phase. Maybe this is the Spring ? ( On the daily and weekly chart )
  6. Pick one : - Ripple got a tons of XRP and nobody to use them - Ripple got less XRP and an entire ecosystem to use it build around XRP and their products. More they sell XRP now to atttact new customers the higher the price will be in the long term because the use will increase. Not short term good news. Long term good news ( 3 to 5 years is now 2 to 4 years also )
  7. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/w2xxsGv5-Bitcoin-is-at-Critical-Resistance-Here-s-What-s-Next-BLX/ We've to touch the blue line to start getting up again According to MPC we will touch it around this year's end, this theory matches with your estimation
  8. If you're right they would list XRP when a bullrun happen : nasdaq + fomo = Epic candles
  9. That's a good sign but the EMA50 have to stay above the EMA100 before we can say the market will become bullish and enter an accumulation phase. We have to wait few days and we will know
  10. The joke : " When Coinbase will add xrp " has come to an end
  11. Here are also the phases to time the bottom of the BTC and XRP. Each time this is divided into two phases, we must break the first line and then have a confirmation by distinctly breaking the second line with volume to enter a new bullish / accumulation cycle. This will sound the end of the bear market to cross over with the crossover EMA 50-100 we are talking about and a strong buy signal If no break of the second line then we can form a new low The old supports are resistances as we can see XRP line1: 0.30 € XRP line2: 0.40 € BTC line 1: 3470 € BTC line2: 4000 € The figures are rounded and see how it fits perfectly with the psychological supports of the market. Just below the round figures in euros
  12. For the bear market to end, the EMA 50 must cross the EMA 100 and stay on top. He can cross it but then descend below, creating a simple rally in the bear market and then descend on a new low. But if the EMA 50 crosses the EMA 100 and stays above several weeks, then it's a strong buy signal and the end of the bear market to enter a build-up market
  13. I agree with you. Domestic payments to the euro area will not be powered by Ripple. What we see here, and I think, is the use of the Corda R3 network for instant payments. If the banks decided to want the same for international transfers then they would have no trouble doing so thanks to R3 who would then use the XRP network. It's just that the banks were not going to go all in with Corda for the moment but rather to gradually give them an increasingly important place
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