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  1. He is not rational. His emotions are driving his investments. This is not a correction as usual. The fundamentals are threaten now
  2. Some answers from SBI on the SEC complaint. Still waiting the defense from BG, CL and Ripple
  3. Yes can you read the complaint before making so much noise please.
  4. Show me where please : https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2020-338 I don't find anything in the SEC complaint
  5. What I am waiting from this lawsuit ? A decision if XRP is declared a security or not. Why BG and CL sold large amount of xrp. In What purpose and what was their plan with selling so much of their xrp ? ( they stated since many years that they want xrp to increase in value etc... I begin to doubt of that ) If XRP have a real utility and If ODL, xrapid etc... can have a real value for FI and banks. I want to hear what BG and CL have to said to their defense. If they can't defend themselves clearly well actions have to be made. Resignation would be the proper ending. If Ripple's products have no utility and a limited use case. Well that will be really bad for XRP. We want answers and I hope this lawsuit will make things clearer with regulation. Investors Sentiment is really bad at the moment. DS is still for me the main character at Ripple. I will not sell until I didnt hear what BG and CL have to say. But my confidence in Ripple and their board is very low now.
  6. If they stop trading it's not because they want to. It is because they are forced or they protect themselves. There is a risk somewhere about something. A risk about what ? Idk. Could be xrp deemed a security, or an other thing
  7. Too much risk for bitstamp if xrp is declared a security. Other exchanges may follow...
  8. Hello there, After the SEC complaint I am thinking about something. What if Ripple forced the SEC to do the complaint to get clarity ? Ripple was waiting since years to get clarity and regulation. The Chairman resigned the day after the complaint. The next administration will be in charge of the lawsuit and could clear it. This brings clarity and regulation so ripple can move on. A one year 50 to 80% drop is better than to get non regulation and non clarity for the next few years. So Ripple can get back in his feet quickly and keep building the " railroad "
  9. Hello there, We've to remember that alts are moving after BTC. The same pattern seems to repeat: BTC goes up at a high value > people sell and jump from alts to alts ( they call it alt season ) > and then xrp moves and is the new bitcoin in the media. For a new " bullrun" I am not watching the charts. I am looking for the euphoria of 2017. Money was raining. Mainstream medias were talking about bitcoin, peoples in the streets, families, friends etc... We are clearly not at this stage. Why ? Because of the US elections, Covid desease, stock market crash and rebounds etc... These huge events are affecting the world more than the btc price. People are not looking to invest, but rather secure their money. Once all this events will be clear, maybe mainstream media will talk about bitcoin and launch a new wave of investors ( if he is at the ATH or near ) Then the bull run will begin with btc, then alts, then xrp. One last thing can trigger a bullrun, especially for xrp is the regulation. But I wouldnt count on it
  10. " Blockchain and distributed ledger technology Blockchain and its underlying distributed ledger technology have the potential to fundamentally transform a wide range of industries and markets. The Global Blockchain Policy Centre is exploring the benefits and risks of blockchain for economies and societies, beginning to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigating uses in specific policy areas." Published 3 mars 2020 : ( link with full list of members involved : https://www.oecd.org/daf/blockchain/OECD-Blockchain-Expert-Policy-Advisory-Board-List-of-Participants.pdf )
  11. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/6irqhs/mathematically_speaking_what_is_the_highest_price/
  12. With this kind of FUD, you can unfollow the site for the next 4 decades. Thank you.
  13. Round C went into Ripple and not XRP. If Ripple release a stablecoin ( see joelkatz tweet ) and the demand from Central Banks for a stablecoin ( ECB with Lagarde etc...) powered by XRP. XRP would not be the main goal for Ripple right now because of the regulation. But issuing a stablecoin for central banks could be an other way to make them use indirectly XRP as Xcurrent using XRP too. Central Banks => Ripple Stable Coin => XRP. FI's => Xcurrent => XRP All the roads points to XRP. The paths and products are differents. https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ https://cointelegraph.com/news/ecb-president-we-better-be-ahead-of-curve-on-stablecoins
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