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    Instant payments in Europe

    I agree with you. Domestic payments to the euro area will not be powered by Ripple. What we see here, and I think, is the use of the Corda R3 network for instant payments. If the banks decided to want the same for international transfers then they would have no trouble doing so thanks to R3 who would then use the XRP network. It's just that the banks were not going to go all in with Corda for the moment but rather to gradually give them an increasingly important place
  2. BruceWhale

    Instant payments in Europe

    Before : SEPA transfer from one bank to another (even in the same country in euros): 4 € fee - 48 to 72 hours to receive it (working days except weekends) SEPA transfer from one bank to an other bank in an other country in euros 4€ fee - 48 to 72 hours to receive it (working days except weekends) Now : SEPA transfer anywhere at any time ( working days and weekends and monday ) 0.80/1€ fee - 10 to 20 seconds to receive it Strangely all the banks that now offer in Europe this last type of transfer are part of the R3 Consortium. It is not a coincidence. From now on a transfer towards Kraken for example or a European exchange will be immediate, whereas previously it was necessary to count 3 to 5 days so that it arrives Do banks want the same service for international transfers outside SEPA or in another currency? No problem, R3 Corda is a partner with Ripple and can use his network through XRP to do the same thing internationally Step by step
  3. BruceWhale

    Instant payments in Europe

    And in 6 months the time has gone from 48-72 hours to 10 seconds with fees divided by 5? What is the point between this companies? They are partners with R3
  4. BruceWhale

    Instant payments in Europe

    I'm not saying that they use the XRP for euro / euro transactions. I strongly believe that they use the R3 network for payments internal to the euro area. How are they going to pay for foreign payments? R3 => Cross-border payments => XRP
  5. More and more European banks in the last 6 months have adopted the instant transfer in euro especially since a few weeks Natixis (BPCE), General Society, BNP etc ... Between 10 to 20 seconds, 24/24, 365/365 with a fee of a few cents per transaction. But what does it really mean? These names may not tell you anything, yet they are ubiquitous in the European banking sector and in the world If we take again the list of the 20 biggest banks in the world and that one speculates the use of the XRP through the platform R3 corda where does one arrive? A picture is worth 1000 words. That's why I think the CEO of SBI is also bullish about using the XRP: "But according to SBI CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao, 2019 will be 20 of the major bank of the world, start incorporating XRP."
  6. BruceWhale

    The Xctopus

    Very useful link thank you ! By following your recommendations here is the first throw In blue are surrounded companies that use and / or test transactions with Xrapid. In yellow the potential new main actors likely to use it in the future through Ripple and other organizations
  7. BruceWhale

    The Xctopus

    We could try to make a yellow for using Ripplenet and blue for using xrp. Once a company uses XRP its circle would turn blue too
  8. BruceWhale

    The Xctopus

    It is !
  9. BruceWhale

    The Xctopus

    164 lines This represents all the partnerships but once its banks or companies announce the use of the network by their branches how will we keep track? That's why a synthetic view can allow us to enlighten and see the development of the network in a split second The creation of the model can be done in a summary way with the main companies and partnerships at first. Then we can incorporate branches, redirection links to the announcements. Why not also a link to the latest blogs / youtubes channels of influencers? The information would be just a click away for a novice without the need to search hours on social networks Xctopus can work as a digital encyclopedia of Ripple's partnerships with the past and its present
  10. BruceWhale

    The Xctopus

    Hello there Here is my idea: Create a panel representing Ripple's major partnerships across other entities. Let me explain: After doing a lot of research, I often lose track of Ripple's established partnerships, ongoing ones, rumors or those that exist through other companies. This image is freely accessible. It's up to us to create this Ripple-themed signboard. Ripple is in the center and no distinction is made between the use of a particular product (Xrapid, Xcurrent, Xvia) For the moment we could content ourselves with listing the main actors and major partnerships already established. The ultimate goal is to list the main players in the Ripple net network so that at a glance we have free access to information. Why not, in the future, model this panel in an interactive way so that each symbol redirects to the official information. Several ways of evolution are possible but it is up to us to model this image Here is the first part of the : Xctopus You are free to model it with the official information and repost it on this post. I would update the image on this first post regularly if the information is in accordance with the project
  11. I believe with the adoption rate of Xrp, R3 own something between 4 and 6 xrp. 4 millions drops woud be enough at 100 000 usd per xrp to run the world for one century with their low fees Just my 0.0000002 cents
  12. So basically R3 if SBI got 60 % of the stake of R3 they can decide for them ? So R3 = SBI R3 + Ripple are friends again because of SBI
  13. BruceWhale

    Swift explore blockchain technology

    Swift GPI would have been created without the Ripple threat ? I don't think so