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  1. Like others have said, the Ripple's legal team has ex SEC employees. So they already know the types of internal communications that were sent out (for the time period they worked at the SEC). There is a time period where additional communications have been sent out since them leaving their SEC roles. But still, these communications were sent to numerous employees internally at the SEC. Even if they wanted to try and hide one of these communications, all it would take is one whistle blower internally at the SEC to say they saw that type of documentation (that wasn't shared in this
  2. This is also a week after Ripple won the decision by the judge for them to read through all the SEC's formal internal communications tied to this case (memos, meeting notes, etc.): https://www.coindesk.com/sec-ripple-discovery-bitcoin-ether. We all knew SEC was contradicting itself up to this point. Then Tetragon was ordered to reimburse Ripple's legal fees based on this decision within the last week: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/tetragon-lost-case-to-reclaim-175-million-ripple-investment/. I am sure Berger knows he wants to have a job somewhere else, once Rippl
  3. First Clayton and now Berger. Who still supports this case? Everyday there are more people that are against this case and the few supporters are dropping like flies.
  4. In general its good advice. But its poor timing and execution by David. Tweeting this at the middle of the night, during SEC lawsuit, while XRP hits all time high within last 3 years, and having access to insider trading information; is not a good approach. Everyone should consider selling at least some of their XRP during the height of this bull run. But, the way David is communicating this recommendation, could cause him more problems than actually helping investors.
  5. In the past crypto bull markets, XRP has typically trailed at at end of the cycle. XRP and other cryptocurrencies typically drastically increase in value for the ~6 month bull run period, then significantly decline after. I do agree Jed running out of XRP is bullish and helps remove a significant ongoing sell factor for XRP. But, I am anticipating the hype for Jed running out of sales and price of XRP being traded at this future time, will be over hyped/valued. I am expecting a significant correction may be due shortly after this event. Every cryptocurrency bull run so far, has had a s
  6. Jed finally running out of of XRP has been a huge anticipation for many people over the last few years, including myself. I plan on using this as one of my personal triggers for selling my XRP holdings, when Jed's holdings fully deplete. Which could come very soon if XRP continues to blow up in this bull market.
  7. Lol, that backfired a bit. In reality though, if Ripple keeps destroying lawsuits like this with the SEC case. The $3.4 million fee Tetragon had to pay back to Ripple on this case, will be negligible compared to Tetragon's profit they will eventually make by having to hold onto their original $175 million investment in Ripple's series C stock.
  8. I had to look up specific examples, to get a better idea. Internal staff to staff emails on not shareable, but any thing more formal like minutes and memos are shareable. https://forkast.news/xrp-ripple-wins-access-sec-documents-bitcoin-ether/ This isn't quite as bad for SEC, but I would still bet they messed up somewhere on these.
  9. This case keeps getting better and better. There has been many yellow flags so far, based on how unorthodox the SEC filed this case and unprepared they were. It will be entertaining to see what internal communications the SEC has on this topic. All it will take is one mess up on a SEC's side on their internal communications, for it to be game over. Based on how the SEC has been struggling and contradicting on publicly shared communications, I can only imagine how bad their internal communications are.
  10. I do expect the bull run to end sooner, than later. The bull runs have always been tied to BTC price movement. I believe all bull runs cycles in the past have lasted for around~6 months (from time prices really start ramping up to the date that all time high is hit). BTC prices started ramping up in November of 2020. This bull run could definitely go longer than the the historical average, but odds become less and less as this duration extends. I can't really accurately expect at this time if prices will ever drop below .90USD. This is too largely dependent on factors that are
  11. There are good chances XRP price will go over 1.28AUD in the next few months based on factors like: Jed's sales coming to end soon. All crypto currently in bull run- XRP was one of the most suppressed cryptos up to this point when looking at value vs. trading price. There are multiple scenarios Where SEC settlement could come to a end this year, pushing up XRP price. XRP historically has been a late bloomer on the last bull runs. XRP has not yet hit its all time high (like most other major cryptos already hit and passed during this bull run). Even though I am
  12. One of the key factors that will impact the price of any asset or investment is business institutional interest in holding the asset/investment. Specific examples of this can be debated on level of impact and how to trigger enough interest for institutions to buy the asset. A few examples: Bitcoin: Exchanges- Holding large values of BTC, so they can support buying/selling on their exchange. This requires more BTC to be bought and held as interest in exchanges increase for this use case that they can profit off. Organizations like Tesla buying BTC - Appears Elon did this for
  13. This is an area the XRPL foundation needs to improve on, to make it easier and more accessible for stakeholders like yourself to get involved on. At this time I would recommend: Participate in the Github XRPL discussions posts, including: https://github.com/XRPLF/XRPL-Standards/discussions/30 (as noted above) Follow and watch this streamer channel on twitch.tv- They will be discussing all types of technical concepts, including NFTs: The currently available functionality on the XRPL for NFTs is far from being ready for individual developers to mass integrate applic
  14. I haven't read through the white papers, but I am sure David Schwartz has spent plenty of time analyzing the consensus framework like noted above. In latest RippleXDev twitch.tv stream he also mentioned his opinions when to implement functionality into the existing ledger blockchain code base vs. forking to a new system. Basically, he summarized any types of changes can be made to the existing XRPL software code (which is safe to say includes potential proposals like above). It just comes down to proposing value adding changes that the governance structure agrees to implement. He does a
  15. A method like this could very well be pursued. What is throwing people off is nikb's comment below. I would consider the above strategy to require some type of forking, which was noted is not being pursued: If this above is true, then it seems like Ripple's private version of XRPL would have to be part of the code base for the open-source XRP ledger https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-pilots-a-private-ledger-for-central-banks-launching-cbdcs/: Only way I could see this logically working, is Ripple is planning to work with the XRP Ledger foundation group to develop
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