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  1. Bitcoin's success has very little correlation with XRP's success. One can easily be successful, while the other is a flop.
  2. This keeps getting better and better. Cowboy Brad tweets this a few days ago: Democracy wins - regardless of who you voted for, it’s incredible to see the historic voter turnout this election. Congrats to President-elect @JoeBiden and Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris- it's time to come together and turn to the many challenges that lie ahead #6 - Biden to require public companies to disclose climate change-related activities and GHG emissions in their operations. Love to see the action on climate change - first NYDFS, now this. Public companies holding BTC (ahem Square) -- may
  3. You never provided a specific example of a successful credible investor recommending to target receiving returns on investments after 7-10 years. I did not see that recommendation when briefly searching AngeList. So here is a article discussing strategy to focus on getting returns within 5 years or less: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/angel-investors-should-focus-irr-vs-roi-multiples-peter-adams. Feel free to come to come back to the forums in 7-10 years to brag if you personally or Ripple finds their 1 unicorn out of 1,800 investments, If any of us are still on these forums.
  4. Seems like you are trolling a bit. I'll provide a few responses, otherwise probably best just to ignore you. Not all of the information I referenced to was noted in the article and twitter link. There has been a lot of issues going on with XRP and Ripple, that I referenced to based on Brad trying to tell other companies how to run their business. It appears you have no idea what Xpring was, who controlled it, why it failed, and when it failed. Xpring was led by Ripple senior vice president Ethan Beard since 2018-2020. They relied on donating and selling large amount of XRP to the
  5. This is a good example on why XRP will not be successful. Brad doesn't have the interest or discipline to stay focused on XRP. He is more focused on charities, politics, and climate change. These are great, but he will fail if focusing on more than one area. He also spends too much time planning how to be successful in futuristic what if scenarios, instead of winning in the present environment. Why is Brad focusing any of his time on trying to give advice to other companies, when his own company is struggling to hit its own goals? Is he trying to be smug, so he can say he told them s
  6. Yes, they need to make sure they stay in compliance with securities and other regulations. Companies buy and sell assets all the time, with out them being considered securities. I would recommend to further read to better understand what is considered an asset vs. security: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/security.asp https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-security-and-an-asset https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2020/11/06/is-bitcoin-a-good-hedge-against-the-market-it-depends-on-your-horizon/ Companies have always been buying and selling assets like oil
  7. I made a comment last month on the forums for Ripple needing to provide Sales (net of purchases), in order for retail investors to have a true understanding of the impacts with Total ODL-related sales* vs. Total purchases. Not sure if it was a coincidence because they recently increased purchasing of XRP or employees like David Schwartz are readings these posts. For any Ripple employees- It was a critical mistake for Ripple's leadership to allow large amount of XRP to be sold on the open market this early in adoption phase. This screwed over retail investors, Ripple employees tha
  8. I am not sure why this is being compared to Cisco in 1989? Did this happen with Cisco back then and the US regulators cared? Ripple is currently a relatively smaller company and has lower revenue, as compared to the other power house companies in the US. There are no guaranteeds Ripple will be as successful as a company like Cisco. Ripple has a low amount of people who support them and understand their business model. The US government has already spent a lot of effort and attention on helping develop the current financial environment in the US. I would expect US regulators to no
  9. Looks like the following was mentioned. https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2020-xrp-markets-report/ A healthy, orderly XRP market is required to minimize cost and risk for customers, and Ripple plays a responsible role in the liquidity process. As more financial institutions leverage RippleNet’s ODL service, more liquidity is added into the XRP market. That said, Ripple has been a buyer in the secondary market and may continue to undertake purchases in the future at market prices. Hard to tell based on the wording, so maybe I am wrong? Secondary market is commonly used as a
  10. It is possible, but I am expecting very low probability in near future. A few reasons: 1. Ripple in the past has clearly shown they are more motivated to sell XRP, rather than buy. 2. Ripple as an organization being profitable in the past, has been dependent on profits from them selling XRP. 3. Other than impacts to retail investor and sentiment, it would be a bad business decision for them to buy XRP back in short term. In order for Ripple to hit their internal goals, they need to grow and make profits. Spending money on buying XRP would be counter productive towards these
  11. I agree, this is the case. I thought Ripple was also bundling some of their sale agreements in the past, directly selling their XRP to customers. I am not positive on this. Either way, customers buying XRP from Ripple will not increase buying pressure of XRP on the open market. Best case scenario for XRP price, would be majority of Ripple customers continue to use the XRP long term, rather than selling XRP on the open market after a few years and dragging down the price. One of the other factors to consider for XRP price, is the mistake Ripple made with Jed McCaleb sale agreement
  12. I used to work at one the Banker's Bank organizations in the US: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bankers-bank.asp. I worked in a project manager role, including development projects to improve functionality on our solution that would have been a competitor product of RippleNet. Working on projects like cutting down processing financial transactions from 2-3 days to a day. Also had the joy of being on call, to troubleshoot domestic ACH transaction issues every time one of the other larger finance institutions messed up their tasks for sending/receiving the ACH files. I worked
  13. Ripple has changed their targeted customer base strategy within the last few years. As well as a lot of this heavily relies on knowing the banking structure in the US, which makes it challenging to following. It seems like Ripple didn't even fully understand this banking environment until recently. Ripple previously targeted selling their products and services directly to larger banks and financial institutions, which was foolish. They wasted time and money doing this. The larger banks and financial institutions already have their own competing products against Ripple's RippleNet, which th
  14. Stefan Thomas is absolutely funding himself, its just indirectly. Check back in 2-5 years to see where he is at financially and success of COIL. He is using the funds to build his own privately held company (that he can sell and/or generate profits from in the future). Regardless if the company adds value to the XRP community. COIL is not profitable today on its own and isn't anywhere near this point. He is also using XRP funds to pay salaries for himself and personal acquaintances he hires. Which the salaries can easily be $150k+ plus a year, in the IT sector in San Francisco. Most like
  15. About time they got rid of Ethan, too bad the damage has already been done and will most likely not be recoverable. Ethan oversaw initiatives like funding of a billion XRP (worth ~$250 million at the time) for COIL, significantly hurting the XRP community: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ripples-xpring-makes-1-billion-xrp-grant-to-drive-xrp-adoption-and-advance-coils-monetized-platform-for-creators-300902194.html. Majority of these funds will be funneled into personal wealth for Stefan Thomas (former employee of Ripple). COIL and all/majority of the other initiatives funded by Xpri
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