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  1. The Sec claiming Ripple executives intentionally failed to follow legal advice was not thought out thoroughly by the SEC legal team when originally filing the case. Within the last month, the SEC legal team had to make amendments to try and strengthen this claim. It appears the SEC legal team didn't realize they needed stronger points to prove intent (which is required when they listed Chris and Brian as individuals on the lawsuit). I believe they were informed by the judge they are going to need stronger points, which resulted in them making the recent amendments. Then we come to acknowle
  2. I am avoiding buying any additional crypto since we are already in a bull market. Then I will look to buy cryptocurrency again once the market crashes and we have been in a bear market for a year or two years.
  3. Another great example of reaching out to SEC for confirmation, which they failed to inform the public of XRP being used as a security. This doesn't logically make sense, why they feel they can dodge confirming this answer for years as a regulatory agency when directly asked. But, then file lawsuit years later saying XRP was actually being sold as a XRP during the same time frame. There are really only two options: 1. XRP was truly never being sold as a security- SEC was correct for the last few years reinsuring investors they had no evidence or ruling that XRP was being sold as a s
  4. When listening to the recording, there was most likely random people on the call. I was originally thinking alternative was who ever uploaded this recording, just manually edited that in at the end. I am not sure where the original audio recording by the court is saved. Who ever was responsible for uploading the audio with the the court system would typically strip out that part at the end, rather than ending the recording right after that. But, the resources with the court system that organized this call seemed incompetent, so that wouldn't surprise me.
  5. It doesn't really matter. Its just an example of how confident Ripple's legal team feels and they are intentionally mocking SEC's legal team. Stuart is pretty vocal on twitter with taking digs at the SEC. Mary Jo White has been vocal too, calling out SEC for being legally and factually wrong. I still think the SEC has a good chance to win the a settlement for a money penalty against Rippe, but Ripple's legal team is willing to mock the SEC's legal team based on their confidence.
  6. That was most epic response the Ripple legal team could have thrown in at the end. Ripple may need to hire this guy for their marketing team after the case is settled.
  7. The call ends with one of the people saying "XRP to the moon" at the 27:02 mark. That was one of the main takeaways I had from this call.
  8. I am guessing BTC is not really correcting yet. Elon Musk tweeted BTC is overpriced, causing todays BTC crash. He did the same thing with his TSLA stock last year crashing the price that day, which just resulted in TSLA sky rocketing later in the year. Elon has a cult following of investors, so if he/TSLA is still in BTC, many of them will stay in.
  9. I have not heard of this rumor. Ripple definitely would not want to coordinate this, based on the active SEC lawsuit. Others are free to fork a XRP Gold token as desired. Including having Ripple and their executives receive ownership of XRP Gold tokens, with out breaking any laws. Ripple may still be limited on how they can sell their forked XRP Gold, based on final results of SEC case. I would personally be interested in a XRP gold type of asset, if it implemented rules to further enforce asset to be deflationary and/or prevent dumping, like these features: Potential transaction
  10. I said I am assuming they would not be interested in this at this time, but in the future they may consider this. David and Wieste have had a positive relationship with Ripple and XRP direction in the past including salary and funding, so no way they would want to consider this in the past. A few reasons why they may consider this in the future: Stakeholders like David were never "gifted" XRP, they worked to receive XRP. If they feel their voices and interests are not being respected, they may contemplate this option in the future. David has already pro-actively discussed XRP fork
  11. This is topic is periodically posted on the forums, I was looking to start additional discussion on if the community should further consider this option. I don't believe this should be done now, but should this be an option that the community continues to vet out in the next few years? The two main opportunities I see on forking XRP, to a new version like a XRP v2 (version 2): Ability to have better control on what functionality is developed and implemented on the forked token. Ability to exclude certain individual's and organization's wallets from being forked to have
  12. Ripple's 2020 Q4 report is here: https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2020-xrp-markets-report/. They have been buying back XRP at a net loss for the last few quarters. AKA, they have been increasing rate of selling XRP compared to buying XRP, until the SEC stepped in: Q2 2020: Sales (net of purchases) was 32.55 million Q3 2020: Sales (net of purchases) was 35.84 million Q4 2020: Sales (net of purchases) was 76.27 million
  13. When looking at 24 hr volume calculation, I am seeing XRP being about ~3.5 times as much. I am not familiar enough with how liquidity is calculated to effectively interpret this metric. I am not sure how any of my calculations are mathematically off. In regards to being logically correct, market cap is often debated on usefulness. You could take average price of sales for last 24 hours, month, etc.; which would still show similar results. The circulating supply calculation is not arbitrary, this is based on defined values of cryptocurrency units available to be traded
  14. People care, because it is a significant factor impacting people's investment in XRP. A large amount of potential investors are waiting for Ripple and their executives (including Jed formally being a Ripple executive) to stop mass selling XRP on the open market. The timing of when Jed's wallet running out could align with positive SEC settlement rulings, crypto bull run, etc. Ripple and their current executives cannot sell XRP for profits, until the SEC settlement is resolved. Potentially never being able to sell XRP in certain ways for profits. If best case scenarios align this year,
  15. This didn't take into consideration of the total Market Cap or Circulating Supply differences between BTC and XRP. Which these factors will ultimately impact the actual selling pressure for each crypto. I quickly drafted up calculations considering the market cap and circulating supply differences. Feel free to note any numbers I incorrectly calculated. Based on these numbers, I am seeing Jed's sales currently having 15- 18 times as much selling pressure as BTC mining. This isn't even including if/when other areas can start selling XRP again (Previous Ripple donations, COIL, Ri
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