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  1. Wait for it. It could come from Asia waking up or perhaps Friday. Either way, s***’s about to get real (my opinion of course.) I think we are going to have a very nice week 😏
  2. Looks like a penant is forming on the 5 day chart with higher highs and higher lows on XRP/USD. I’m thinking a break out will happen soon.
  3. Eric123 was asking if anyone knew how he could buy XRP in New York, USA.
  4. For real? You honestly don’t believe that anyone will use xRapid? Are you telling me that you know for a fact that none of the use cases I’m saying will actually come through? That Arrington capital didn’t send 10’s of millions of dollars to their clients using XRP for less than a few bucks? That SBI isn’t building out the infrastructure for XRP to be used as a settlement tool? The list goes on of actual utility for XRP. I’m really not sure whether you are joking or not. 🧐 In case you were wondering, here’s a link to companies USING xrp to facilitate my “pipe dream.” https://decryptmedia.com/5313/complete-ripple-partnerships-xrapid-xrp
  5. Just out of curiosity, how do you expect a .30 xrp to provide utility for a $7 trillion dollar remittance world? More so, how do you account for all of the other use cases that xrp is being positioned for? How can the network load of 30 billion dollars support the use case of a multi trillion, if not a quadrillion, dollar world? Do you honestly believe Ripple is targeting an extremely small portion of the financial world? With that, do you believe that SBI, R3, Arrington capitol, etc. are only expecting XRP to work for ONLY Ripple?
  6. Entitled? I’ve been watching this thing for over two years. What have I learned? I’ve learned that complaining doesn’t do a thing. Being grateful for what you have gives you perspective. What you are entitled to do is stay in your feelings or get over it. Either way what you are entitled to doesn’t do a dang thing. So in a way you are entitled to nothing, because that’s what complaining gets you. I WISH we as a community would stay positive and be excited for this whole thing to rise. As much as it may hurt you to hear, if the whole crypto sphere doesn’t thrive then the goose that lays golden eggs may die for everyone. PS, don’t worry about replying. I’m done with this, “somebody ****** in my cornflakes!” thread.
  7. People crack me up. We go up 14% and people are complaining because it isn’t as high as other coins. Wow...I’m guessing folks would be more happy if the whole crypto sphere dropped 10% and XRP ONLY dropped 8%??? You have got to be kidding me. Everyone needs to be grateful for the GAINS TODAY.
  8. It’s released from escrow and up for sale for that month. Anything not sold goes back into escrow. As far as when Ripple will be out of zerps nobody knows.
  9. Where did you get CSC? I’m looking into it and seems like a good speculation play
  10. I have one word as to why Ripple, and you for that matter, should care about the gaming industry; liquidity. See, gaming isn't really about buying a video game in your local store anymore. Everything is online now. You download games. Because of this game makers are going to want to receive their native fiat and not have to use swift or some local exchange to convert their profits. This is where XRP comes in; namely cross-border instant settlement. Furthermore, there will come a time when instant streaming of payments will be used in gaming because I don't necessarily want to pay a ton of money for a game that I may want to play for a week because I just like the storyline or want to beat it once and be done with it. It's the new renting of games. For the games that I want to own because I'm just really into that game then I can pay for it outright. This is the new way to lease a game, or rent it, much like Amazon has done for college textbooks. I don't want to own my books so now I just rent them for a fraction of owning them. If anyone in the whole cryptosphere should care about this, it should be XRP holders because it's another use case to source liquidity from. This could be as big or bigger than the cross-border payments people want to send because it's a way bigger niche of people who will spend crazy money, especially in developing countries. After all, people have to have their entertainment!
  11. Dude, doesn’t that mean you should report them to the authorities and start a class action lawsuit? I bet that’ll show them! And then you can get your money back! You should call Ryan Coffey. He knows what to do!
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