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  1. I don’t think the USD has anything to really do with it. I think the biggest blocker is regulation and the banks don’t want to screw with that. I will say though, I think that banks are itching to be the second mover but are waiting for someone to jump first. What I mean is, no one is edging out ahead just yet so they are content with business as usual. But don’t think for a second they haven’t already been discussing contingency plans for their competition if they move first. Liquidity has to get higher before you see any real moves on the banking front. That’s why Ripple is targeting remittance services because those small payments can be done today with the liquidity at hand. As far as 50-60 years. I’m thinking more along the lines of 5-10 years before this thing is so house hold everyone wonders how sending a check or wire transfer was ever a thing.
  2. No, they would need direct fiat pairings into all of the corridors they operate in as well as liquidity and trust. Last time anyone wanted to do this (I.e. SWIFT) it was an epic failure. Not to mention the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You invest hundreds of millions of dollars just so you can save a few bucks on every transaction when you could just go with a turn key solution that doesn’t take maintenance, governance, nodes, trust, liquidity, fiat pairings, etc. for a fraction of the upfront cost.
  3. My thought to your question is that if a crypto is decentralized then they can’t, no one can. However, Australia could potentially put up a giant firewall, like China, which would utterly decimate their economy as no other countries would want to do business with them. There’s a big enough pie in developing economies that I think internatjonl companies would just boycott them.
  4. Interesting stuff! Plans within plans...hmm
  5. It usually comes in waves, and then it goes away for a while. When XRP starts doing well in any capacity there is sure to be the rabble rabble kind of talk.
  6. I think what I’m getting at is Allvor is simply taking advantage of what Ripple designed the ledger to do. It’s a decentralized ledger that allows anything of value to flow through. When I said, “Who cares” what I was intending to say was it’s a win-win for the crypto space. Also, it’s a good argument that Ripple does not control the ledger whether it is XRP, Allvor, or any other thing of value flowing through the ledger.
  7. I mean this with respect, but who cares? This just proves how decentralized the ripple ledger is.
  8. It’s the holidays in America. Maybe there are other holidays happening in the world and sending money is low?
  9. Whose to say xRapid isn’t responsible for XRP not tanking? I’ve been noticing that volume seems to be close to a billion now almost daily. I think there is something going on behind the scenes that we won’t know about for a while.
  10. You caught me. I can read, I was just being lazy reading the article.
  11. Sorry, I can’t read...
  12. Interesting, bloomberg’s Crypto index fund almost doubled their weighting for XRP. Feels like a pretty interesting future ahead.
  13. So I read it and I didn’t see where it said 30%? Also, it’s interesting that XRP almost doubled in its weighting while ethereum slid.