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  1. @Eric123 I’d try to not take everyone’s sensitivity too serious. They are the ones who consistently end up on the wrong side of history. Even the heads of Islam have called for control over Europe via outbreeding them. It cracks me up every time people stand up for a religion that banned Onward in their country because of homosexual references but bash countries that actually have constitutions to protect speech they deem vile hate speech. For reals, keep sharing your thoughts on the geopolitical landscape please. Some of us appreciate them
  2. I thought the privilege went to Verge. People trying to hide their fetish with their not so anonymous Coin wash.
  3. Well I guess time will tell if I’m right. Maybe it’s an early move to price in Swell, maybe not. From what I remember it seemed to push up in price all the way till the day of or slightly after and drop before the conference even ended. But hey, if I’m right I win, and if I’m wrong; cool, I still win 😎
  4. Pricing in swell. Happens every year followed by the post swell dump
  5. Your whole post smacks of hard core socialism/communism. Last time I checked GOVERNMENT is the problem. Nobody who lives under a centralized government shares your point of view. If they do, it’s because their government hasn’t run out of spending other people’s money YET. The fact that government can’t seize control or tax through bail-ins is exactly why this globalized world needs Fintech. If you love government control so much why don’t you move to Hong Kong, you’re missing out on your high water mark moment.
  6. I’m starting to believe it’s because Ripple isn’t selling on the down days. Same reason we haven’t been rebounding like the others on the green day’s.
  7. @Slipstream I want to welcome you to the club! I would say you have a good understanding, but with some ideas that you either haven’t heard of or didn’t consider. First, the Javon’s paradox is a great place to start (please research this as it’s too in-depth to write about). Next, the idea of a network effect has to be in place, read liquidity, for anything of really large value to be transferred and settled without completely disrupting the order books on corridor exchanges (think Bitso). There are more ideas but basically XRP isn’t meant to be a sovereign currency. It’s meant to be a bridge
  8. Looks like a bull flag forming on the xrp/usd 1 day chart. Nothing to see folks... I hope BTW, this thing looks like it is about to explode up on the charts. I’m thinking we are consolidating to get enough powder for the push past .50 and on to the .70-.80 range.
  9. That’s not a very scientific answer...seems more like authoritarian speak to me. Besides, if we get rid of the sun then there’s no longer a problem. Bitcoin isn’t going away regardless of your concern for the planet. Besides, the implications of the immediate shutdown of coal, oil, CNG powered plants would mean the end of much of the civilized and developing world. BTW, why did Germany get rid of nuclear energy and how did that turn out? Hint: Climate change. Hint 2: they relied on more coal fired plants
  10. In terms of percentage of loss it is. However, your point is well made and is a great point.
  11. XRP is solidly above the trend line. I think we might revisit it but I think this ship is in some pretty open waters with some decent volume to boot. I think this is going to be a great second half of the year @Eric123. What do you think?
  12. If it gets to 200k then I’ll be fine with that because XRP will be sitting at close to $20. I can’t wait to start hearing about transaction costs and people waiting in the queue for their transaction confirmations. Last time it went to 20k my friends transaction took 30 days to confirm. So I say that meaning XRP will shine again when people jump ship for 3 second confirmations and zero fees. In all sincerity I’m just glad the space is growing. I’m not going to down a coin because “my coin” isn’t doing as well. I’m just stating what I believe will happen. We’ll all get our 15 minutes of fa
  13. I’m thinking XRP gets a pump tonight. It looks super good and it usually lags Bitcoin. I wouldn’t be surprised if we woke up to .60-.70. I guess all this hub-bub is because of greedy or new to the space people. Just chill and watch the greatest show on earth!
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