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  1. I think it’s a FOMO play and will be back down shortly. Might go to .30 or so before it hits some resistance again.
  2. Never said there wasn’t demand, just not in the US. I guess look at fiat leak. Again, this is all speculation on my part. It’s just trying to guess at what’s going on. I could be completely wrong, but I really do believe it’s the bots and algorithms doing this.
  3. These whales have billions. You can’t walk out the door with bags that big. You have to slowly sell into volume to unload them.
  4. Everyone selling that is retail has already sold. The only ones selling are the whales and they are doing it into volume. It’s not US retail I can assure you of that.
  5. Not to mention, did anyone care to ask Grayscale where they bought their 20 million xrp?
  6. Exactly, only US retail is going to be shut out. Ripple will simply do OTC sales to institutional buyers.
  7. Sorry to quote you twice so soon, but I’ve been thinking about this. I think everyone knows their project is about to get hammered by the SEC and you are seeing safe haven bets which is suppressing most of the ALTS.
  8. People are arguing the exchanges will shut out the US retail investors because the onramps won’t fire up in a days notice. Personally I don’t think it makes sense. I mean, if the US represent 5% of the volume then why wouldn’t it just pump right now? I know why, because Ripple is STILL selling into volume (or at least I don’t believe they have said they have stopped selling. Could be wrong on this one.)
  9. You aren’t breaking it to me, I understand that idea. However, I’m not so sure. I guess we will see
  10. Excellent point, that’s why I wouldn’t touch anything that hasn’t already been cleared. This basically leaves BTC & ETH. Trust me, WHEN xrp is cleared I will be back in the game. However, right now it just isn’t where I want to be.
  11. Think of Bitcoin as land. In the 1800’s you could get crazy amounts of it for nothing. Fast forward 200 years and people where I live are paying $40-50k for a quarter of an acre that someone originally paid under a dollar an acre. This is happening in Bitcoin because of scarcity and no other reason. Get in on the mid level or miss it all. XRP isn’t going anywhere for months and months and months.
  12. First, if they don’t do more of an investigation it will only cause distrust of HALF of the US populous towards the government. After all, Democrats have been rigging elections for ages with poll taxes, intelligence tests, and flat out banning freed slaves to vote. Amazing how well they have rebranded. Maybe Ripple should hire them 😂 Whether it goes one way or another, it IS in the best interest to have the Supreme Court weigh in, which those cowards have not, so people trust in the free and fair election process. Second, you should probably stick to your own country’s problems, God knows there isn’t one without them. Finally, I hope that we get the “light touch” regulation we were promised several years ago. Biden is a walking and talking $hit show so don’t hold your breath.
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