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  1. I think it's more about the legalities of holding a digital asset as a corporation not being clear, and being a new asset class making it impossible to justify large scale "gambling" to shareholders!
  2. I think you'll find it's not dollar/euro/yen/btc or anything "based", that is XRP's raison d'etre after all. However, given the current state of our government and it's Brexit debacle, $100 will be the same as £100 soon anyway!
  3. @BarryMcHockenue, you have nothing to apologise for and thank you for your posting which I, for one, understand is not meant as financial advice but a friendly nod to a suspicion with a bit of background info you can't share. Anyone that makes investments based on information from a stranger on the Internet without doing their own research and due diligence is going to get burnt and I think you're getting a bit of flak from just such folk! I'm sure it's water off a duck's back to you, but just wanted to let you know we don't all feel the same way. See you on the moon! 589!
  4. I believe that when xrp is driven by utility and the price rises to the numbers you're talking about, you won't need to cash out, rather you'll be able to utilise xrp in and of itself, to fund whatever you desire! I see a time when converting it to fiat would seem a strange thing to do, why convert an inflationary currency into a deflationary one if you don't have to? Also, in the UK, tax is only due when any profit from cryptocurrency investment is realised. Therefore it makes financial sense, from a tax and inflation point of view, to only convert your xrp as and when required.
  5. It's unfortunate that you bought first and researched later but fomo is a powerful thing! As for not being warned on this forum about buying at ATH, if any one of us knew what would be the ATH, we'd be one of the whales manipulating the market rather than being at the mercy of it! Everyone warns not to invest anything you cannot afford to lose as there are no certainties in life, let alone in crypto. Whatever price you bought in at I hope you thought that you'd made a wise decision at that point and don't be disappointed that it's been at a lower point since then as you only realise a profit or loss when you sell, so just hodl.
  6. I agree, however taking that much oxycontin is enough to forget who you are, let alone a password!
  7. I, like a lot of cleverer and more informed people (see above post), believe it's a case of when and not if xrp will surpass $100. I'd like to add Susie at Esoteric Trading Solutions on YouTube to @mattwayne_c's list of research material. Following her figures on derivatives and xrp I worked out that $7384 a coin was likely from that market alone!
  8. Further to the recent post about London Block Exchange allowing GBP funding to buy XRP on Apple, the Android version of the app has now been released and I'm busy loading up with zerps without the hideous exchange fees from converting GBP to US or Euros, as I write this! And on this subject, is it just me or does it hurt everybody else that bit more than it should, paying the exorbitant exchange fees to buy our beloved zerps given that this is exactly the thing that they solve?! I think it's the irony that is the salt in the wound!!
  9. @Moonraker, you made an investment in an asset AFTER it had increased by 15-20 times (judging by your dca) in less than a year, and a few months later you're surprised that you're in the red?!! You must have known that this is an extremely volatile and unregulated market, and everywhere and everybody warns not to invest money you can't afford to lose and to carry out due diligence. One can only assume, based on your comment, that you ignored these warnings and for that you are currently in the red. Fortunately for you, it won't stay like that for long I'm sure, and the price being as low as it is at the moment, is a great opportunity for some of us to increase our stack. I would advise you to watch to get an understanding of what you've invested in and relax, enjoy the ride!
  10. I agree @ripplewaytogo, I think if it causes as much distress to hodl as it seems, to some of the people on the forum (and much worse on the Facebook forum I'm on!), then for their own good these people should consider a different investment strategy. I guess it's easy to say, although I thought it easy to follow too, but only invest what you can afford to lose and realise this is a 3-5 year investment. If you stick to this mantra there's really no need to stress about the price all the time. I should point out that I check the price about 3 times an hour but I am working on it! It's my crack cocaine, I watch every xrp YouTuber, follow hodor and bigbuck and spend much longer on here than is probably healthy but it doesn't stress me, I'm just looking forward to the time we moon!
  11. That's fantastic news @nicktemple, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'm amazed that this incredible news has been met with such negative responses so far, this is exactly what I've been hoping to hear and I'm sure will push the price up once the money flows in.
  12. Would you be able to put a peak figure on the rise? I'll name you a star when we hit $589 I promise. ?
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