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  1. Hi @Vhien The reality is no one knows. However you can guarantee that there will be extreme opinions on either side. Amplified by the sentiment of the time eg bear market = negative. These extremes are what get people to sell too early and too late. Many people will sell at a loss, try not to let your emotions both positive and negative trip you up. But that doesn't answer your question. Most people are here because the risk/reward potential is worth it. Me included. Therefore there is no point believing the worst unless you are going to get out now. Instead, look at the different predictions. Build an exit plan that gets your investment back (and possibly some minor profit) at the more conservative estimates. Then plan to sell at higher amounts at various levels up to great and may be even crazy levels so you take profit on the way up. You may not get to your higher cash out values. But at least you took profit on the way. The exact levels are specific to you and your circumstances / risk appetite. But remember you'll never be 100% happy because hindsight is a b*tch. Good luck
  2. Well done @xrpmeplease and @tar for discussing politics respectfully. Interesting discussion.
  3. My best advice is what not to do. Dont chase the pumps. I have seen way too many people do that and lose out every time. I personally believe all the options you listed will raise in price with BTC being the safest bet, but also with lower potential. The generally accepted practice in any investment strategy is diversification. Which is what I'd advise anyone who asked me. Although I am 90% XRP, so obviously have problems following my own advice I have no credentials to back up the advice, just observing the market for the last 3+ years. The multi year cycles seem to be the most predictable. Don't forget to have an exit strategy, most people agree that laddering your sales is the best approach. Plan the price points ahead before emotion kicks in.
  4. You have every right to disagree. And my example of stocks is is less aligned to my argument than commodities. Although there are worthless stocks that do not make / do anything as well. I also appreciate that a lot of of commodities are market (supply and demand) driven and fit within your definition. But a others are also highly manipulated and / or have intrinsic value just because people have decided they do. This latter category is what I put all digital assets in. Ideologically I mostly agree with you. But the line between investing and gambling is very grey. I believe my investment is in that grey zone. But I can tell you I am fully versed re what xrp is, what Ripple will and won't do for it. And what market cycles are currently influencing it. I thetefore have the knowledge to evaluate if I should have money in this and what the risk / benefits are. That to me makes it investing. Some one who has heard xrp can make them rich and therefore puts money in is gambling. No right or wrong between your position and mine. Just good debate and perspective. So thank you.
  5. Your knowledge and evaluation of XRP reduces the risk from your perspective which many others do not do. But even then this investment is riskier than what is considered for traditional investments. Although recent events are trying very hard to prove that last sentence wrong I'll also add i have added through the bear market just like you. Because like you I have evaluated the return to be worth the risk.
  6. The difference between investing and gambling is knowledge. Knowledge is used to minimise the risk and maximise the return. What you put money into does not define if it is a gamble, the knowledge of what you put money into defines it. Having knowledge does not remove the risk. But it does help you evaluate if that risk is worth the potential reward. For example putting money into stocks is not without risk, but is considered investing, even when the person 'investing' has no idea about that stock. But in fact this is not investing but gambling when you blindly put money in.to stock.
  7. You may be right, but why did you invest? It has always been a high risk high reward investment. It is still high risk. I feel confident with my investment because I am at peace with the risk, yet hopeful for the reward. It feels cycles are repeating, but they may not. It is very rare that you get great reward without feeling its all going to crash at some (even multiple ) points. If no one had doubts, you would already be invested too late.
  8. We have some overlap in our views and some divergence. I appreciate people sharing differences to my views, thank you
  9. Ideologically I have issues re Bitcoin for all the reasons @Julian_Williamsstated. But that being said i am realistic enough to know the best tech is not the winning argument here. Bitcoin has marketability and brand. It will be around and do well for a long time. Drivers of this market are not aligned to coin fanboys, but fanboys will surely be manipulated. The same is true of XRP. the price drivers to date are not utility. Although I do enjoy watching utility grow and succeed. The cycle has started again. Why should we trust that? Institutions are here. They will manipulate the narrative and use history to sell the future. Look at how institutional investors denounced Bitcoin and now have and sell funds in Bitcoin. You think they did not accumulate first? What do you think their next targets are? Assets that have proven exponential yields? Don't get me wrong, I believe in utility and believe successful projects will rightly be priced for that success. But today coins will be priced based on markets. I hold XRP because of utility. I believe I'll cash out (happily) because markets push the price up ignorant of that utility.
  10. From my experience more vocal / passionate members may appear hard-core. But a lot are too emotionally invested to maintain that. The real hard core are the quieter voices who patiently watch and evaluate without getting emotional. Although the real test is not the bear market. It will be not selling emotionally in a bull market.
  11. I will be excited when I exit, so maybe not so different after all
  12. I have been tracking the number of wallets with 200,000 or more. The number has grown by approx. 30% since January. Granted the $ value has reduced since then but its still significant. The rate of increase has been increasing in recent weeks / months. Original Jan post Today it is 8711 accounts.
  13. Thanks @Eric123 I haven't posted in a while but wanted to show appreciation for a quality poster. I still read and appreciate what you do
  14. Hi @investrrr, Welcome to xrpchat. Every one of the responses above is correct. But being new I thought you might want a reason why. Consider the wallet address the same as a postal address. In both cases the item/coins will get to the correct location. Just like physical addresses it may be sent to an address with one person at the location (nano is like this) or to an office building with hundreds of people (a lot of exchanges are like this). In both scenarios the tag is the name/ID of the person who should receive the package. But it only matters when it is sent to an office with more than one potential recipient. The office will receive it but not know who to give it to. In an office you'll ask reception/post room for your package and if they don't know you ask for proof of who you are. In an exchange you'll email the help desk and will absolutely have to provide proof of transfer. A few exchanges may even say they can't help. They would be lying or the support doesn't know what they are talking about. Even with good exchanges this process is a major pain. I hope this explains the advice above.
  15. Posting an update because there has been a massive jump in the last couple of days compared to normal. 7,021 as of today. That's 143 more in 18 days. About a 100 more in the last couple of days.
  16. Just checked again and it is 6907. 19 more in 10 days. I won't keep doing updates, just validating my post with evidence.
  17. If I didn't appreciate your response it would make my post hypocritical so thanks re PE you are right that it is used to value companies. But in that case it is based on one year of earnings and it is reasonable to factor future years. It also considers projects in progress that will increase revenue. I would also argue some PE multipliers do take value and then add a speculative element, sometimes they go crazy. Re the 5 trillion I concede that when I re read it, he was stating the size of the pie.
  18. Actually that is not possible with the software architecture ripple has developed. RippleNet enables communication between FI but the messaging does not go through Ripple so they cannot provide data. Can they force Ripple to disconnect entities (ie Russian banks) I don't know.
  19. The trouble with this piece is that the argument is about as solid as a Bitcoin maxi in reverse. I say this with more faith in my xrp investment than I had 2 years ago or more when I first invested. Which for the record is incredibly positive. Items I have issue with 1. Value is current and future utility. Sorry but future utility is speculation, even when based on research and expected outcome . Until it happens you are speculating 2. Uses potential adoption '5 trillion a day' as value. No, it's a market size not value. Bitcoin has a value of gold? Or originally replacing fiat? I don't think so. 3. Value is purely utility driven and Bitcoin has non. The ultimate reverse Bitcoin maxi. Bitcoin has the biggest utility to date in crypto. Do I think the utility has a limited shelf life yes. But to say it has non now is as naive as the worst Bitcoin maxi. What is that utility ? Trading other coins and storing value. Why, because that's what people are using it for. 4. Would ripple change to a better performing asset? I don't disagree with his points, but misses the most important. It takes time and effort to build liquidity. Without that a better performing asset is useless. His last section I mostly agree with. But again he confuses potential with value. Let me reiterate that I say this truly believing in the potential of my investment. But I don't confuse that with current value. I also hold no Bitcoin because I don't believe in it long term, although expect to regret that, because, you know markets. Let's be true and honest about our investments and open to the positive of other investments even if we are not invested. Our best road to success is knowledge not blind ignorance. And just for the record I love our tiny friend. I Usually agree with this ant.
  20. The below link is a calculator based on a Stanford paper coauthored by a Ripple board member. It takes various parameters as volume is just one price influencer. I don't know if the original paper is accurate or if this calculator is coded in accordance to it. But it will give you an answer to your question. https://www.allinxrp.com/Calc/ Enjoy
  21. I periodically look (every week or two) at XRP Stats and enter a wallet size of 200,000. Chosen because it is a serious enough size without being too out of reach. There are between 10 to 15 wallets with larger values than 200,000 being added each time I look. I don't look at percentage as there are too many dead / insignificant wallets that skew that figure. So yes I think there are reasonable positions being built up even in this market. Today's value is 6878 if you want to monitor https://ledger.exposed/rich-index/200000 Obviously this does not differentiate between individual wallets held on exchanges.
  22. Stellar took an early version of the code, then stripped out code Jed didn't like and introduced their own modifications. This created issues early on and based on the printing bug still has issues. Over the years the code has been diverging as both groups made their own modifications.
  23. You would think that, but from experience it's a very different skill set being able to create a technically functional site vs making it user friendly. There are people with both skills, but that's not the norm. Much to my frustration.
  24. He has never specifically stated it will go up, but he has stated in various interviews that 1. He doesn't think about price on the short term. He thinks long term 5 years. First stated 2 years ago 2. He has stated he doesn't understand market pricing and if he did he would be very rich 3. As already stated by others he gas said Ripple has a lot of xrp so have a vested interest in seeing it increase 4. About 2 years ago David Schwartz wrote about possible prices. But it did not seem to be based on any modelling, just an off the top of his head response on Quora
  25. I believe our tiny friend is correct, that is my interpretation as well.
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