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  1. Guess we'll know if I'm right soon enough enjoyed your posts in this thread
  2. My take was slightly different. He was intentionally unclear about the numbers and stuck to the last official numbers of 200+ customers and 10 to 15 xrp users, but by the time he said 10 to 15 he had named moneygram who is not a bank. The key difference to the start of the year is that he tried to not lie by using the term orders of magnitude of 10 to 15. We already know they were signing approx 3 new clients per week earlier this year which would make the clients approx 300 now. Adding approx 5 new xrapid users. He also stated they were very happy with the uptake of xRapid. My guess is that they are saving updated numbers for Swell
  3. The initial concept Ripple had was that banks would hold XRP. The concerns over regulations by the banks hindered this which is why they came up with the xRapid concept. With xRapid the N/V requirement goes away and they don't hold XRP. As regulations become clear it does open up the opportunity for banks to hold XRP. But instead of having multiple pools of money (N/V) that they need to fund they have one much smaller pool. DS had stated they could save more of they hold their own XRP.
  4. The key here is years down the line. By then we'll be long gone. It will still attract traders, but the returns will be similar to current fx trading. investors will use it as a safe haven in hard times and probably will receive some interest. We can't expect these to just go up indefinitely.
  5. You should never underestimate the depth and breadth of idiots in this world sorry couldn't help myself
  6. Don't forget that a lot of exchanges have one address for all of their customers and use the tag feature to credit their accounts when sending to an exchange. Any customers who leave the coins on the exchange won't have a separate address and therefore won't be counted. I'm not sure if that makes up for all the dead wallets or not.
  7. madToo

    Zerpening Club

    Hi @Moonraker I think what you are missing is that the quality posts that you so enjoy in the zerpening is because the people who research xrp, do so because they are passionate. That passion means they are very positive towards xrp, why would you work so hard to research something you're mildly interested in. It can be tiresome to constantly read and correct misinformed negative posts when the response is, you're just a fanboy. The zerpening went private only because a few people posted lots of posts criticizing the positivity. Just like you did. You can't have it both ways. You want the passionate to research but don't want them to post passionately. I do not partake in the gifs. some of which I find amusing. Others I curse for making me scroll so much. But I wouldn't change the club because the passion is what makes it.  I have never seen a ban for an expression of an opinion. An attack of another's opinion yes. An attack on people criticizing positivity yes. And in all those cases sustained posts creating a theme.  I for one will vote for you to rejoin. The old saying is don't bite the hand that feeds you. In this case you're being fed quality posts and some junk food I will not vote yes a second time
  8. I agree with @Ripple-Stiltskin in regards to diversification. Chasing pumps however usually leads to losing money. Be very careful with this thinking and good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  9. The definition of technology versus product. My pet peeve has been discussions that get limited by statements of 'Ripple did not design it to do that so it can't'. It opens minds to greater possibilities.
  10. Unique node lists and how they interact If you can choose your own unique node list. What is stopping you creating your own nodes to trust with nefarious intent? And if you do, what damage could you do? As I understand they will just order transactions, if the blockchain gets out of sync because it's changed it will only impact others that trust you? But I don't fully understand the intricacies.
  11. Hi, I'm madToo and I promise to lurk and be a sponge. Unless I have something constructive to add, then I'll speak up. Thanks for all the insights. And I will invite you to my yacht no matter how I earn enough to pay for it
  12. I was referring to a single stock or coin. Which I didn't make clear, thanks for pointing out.
  13. By definition a bear market does not make sense. It is created by people (usually after a catalyst) who no longer believe a market makes sense so they sell. It keeps going down until all the weak hands finally fold. Can a bear market lead to zero value of individual stocks / cons? Absolutely, and it has happened many times inside and outside of crypto. The real question is not about bear or bull markets. It's what are the big players doing (not necessarily saying). It is about value being created. I believe in xrp because of the incredible progress ripple have made. And now also R3. Great customer feedback and SBI. The negativity I read I can quickly dismiss because I have researched a lot and know most to be lies. Some is true, but to me is a reasonable risk eg 60% ownership of xrp by Ripple. No asset is guaranteed, whether crypto, stock or anything else. Including XRP. I believe in other cryptos gaining value such as Bitcoin because there is so much big player investment. I don't believe in bitcoin, but I can't dismiss the infrastructure being built by respected institutions. They do not do so without expectation of substantial profit. If your only reason for thinking this is not a bear market is because of all the good news, or nobody believes anymore, without doing proper research (proper research can mean selling). Then you are one of the majority that will sell at the wrong time. And probably one of the majority that will / have buy at the wrong time.
  14. So no getting it up when you're going down? My flying blacksmith will be very disappointed
  15. @Wandering_Dog first of all thank you for starting and continuing to contribute to an interesting discussion. I have to agree with @tar who I thank for their detailed explanation. To put a different slant on what @tarsaid. It's not about xrp being a bridging tool. It's the fact that XRP is not a national currency. The issues you describe are to do with monetary policy manipulating fiat currency to influence the local (or regional) economy. XRP will have a floating value compared to fiat just like gold (as already stated by others and agree not 100% perfect analogy). As stated by others, if liquidity dries up for xrp (unlikely if it gets critical mass). Then an alternate method for exchanging value will be used. Probably a more liquid crypto asset. Is it likely that a crypto asset is used as fiat currency in the medium term. Probably, but only for small economies that want to use it as a stable currency. But they will lose the ability to use it as a fiscal tool and would only do so when it does become stable. Is it likely that XRP could be used to buy items in every day life in the medium term. Yes, but it will be correlated with the local currency value. The other thing to be mindful of is that economic theory is an ever evolving field. I am no expert, but I would not be surprised to see current norms evolve into a drastically different philosophy in the near to mid term future. Also for others here that say that Ripple can use their XRP to provide liquidity. XRP for sale is only half the equation. The more difficult half are buyers for that XRP. They can certainly use it to incentivise market makers, but not magically make people want to buy XRP. Thanks everyone for one of the most interesting reads in a long time.
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