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  1. Hi Bob Thanks for doing this. Minstrels should sing songs about you! I mostly lurk around here. And i'm not that technologically-savvy so I will probably not start a business from one of your ideas. Nevertheless, I accept your terms Looking forward to learning more! stvv
  2. Hi Claire, welcome to the forum! If you want to see people get crazy here, an idea would be to start a thread were you post clues as to what the next steps of Ripple are or what the next announcement would be. Some forum members would dedicate a lot of their time to figure out the clues More serious though, are we allowed to ask you questions? I think people here are anxious to ask a lot of question, but maybe that's not really in the scope of what you want to do here? For example what do you think about the fact that the entire market seems coupled to BTC? And can you talk about what Ripple sees as the way forward to get out of this coupling? What about the tweet from Asheesh Birla that mentioned more announcements about xRapid would come in March? When will xRapid get out of beta? Is Ripple moving to Malta? These are just some examples of question that appear quite often here. I think a guest appearance of one of the execs to get some answers would be nice, but I'm also afraid that they will get buried in questions like the ones I mentioned. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what you will bring to the forum! If we can assist in any way, just let us know
  3. Any suggestions as to what the easiest way is for a European to buy TRX?
  4. Agreed, but a media-outlet focusing on 'fast money' should be able to make this distinction, no? It should be their role to help overcome this confusion, not to keep it going. We will see tonight, I guess.
  5. Yeah that's what I was getting at. I can see it happening, they show this graph while Brad announces something about xCurrent...
  6. Do you think the people at CNBC realise that they are showing a graph of XRP and not Ripple?
  7. I would think the announcement will be something specifically related to Ripple/XRP, no?
  8. It's an announcement about the use of xCurrent (not XRP) starting in the autumn (more than 6 months from now), what did you expect?
  9. The problem for me was more with the 'experts' sitting next to him. If he says that (and i'm paraphrasing) a lot of the cryptos not on CB suffer from volatility and are easy to manipulate, the obvious follow-up question is "How is that different from the cryptos that are already on CB?". But they just let him get away with that. This is poor journalism. Definitely if the next scheduled guest is pushing one of the cryptos he's talking about.
  10. Same here. A few nights ago, I dreamt xrp shot up to $7 and fell back to $1 in 1 day..
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