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  1. Dude seriously... Time to end this discussion
  2. Are you a validator? And can you tell me what the different steps are to become one?
  3. Can you point me in the direction of the voting area?
  4. $250 iPhones 'sounds fair' too, then definitely 'everyone can get one'... Unfortunately, it isn't. If you (not you personally, but the general you) don't like this price, nobody is forcing you to get an account/buy an iPhone/... There are plenty of other coins available. People are free to explore those if they deem $8 too much.
  5. Ok, you made it clear that in your opinion it should not cost 8 dollars. Still every day new people are getting new accounts to trade and hold XRP. That's what's called a free market. Apple puts its iPhones at 1000$, some will not like it, others will not care and still buy at these prices. You have your opinion, a lot of people seem to have a different opinion. Time to move on and close this argument.
  6. Why doesn't it make sense? Money or XRP, it doesn't matter, you had to pay to get an account. You did this, 10 times. Now you complain that you had to pay to open an account.... Nobody forced you to open an account (or 10). You can hold XRP on exchanges (which I don't recommend but it's an option) or you can just refrain from ever coming in contact with XRP. You're completely at liberty to buy other coins that don't have an 'entrance fee'. I think your actions are that what doesn't make sense.
  7. If it's not ok for you, then why did you do it? 10 times even...
  8. Some banks will ask for a fee to open an account, some banks ask for a monthly fee to maintain your account. There are so many things you have to pay for in life just to get started. Are you seriously complaining about 20 XRP (for the moment roughly worth less than 10$)? Just consider it as an entrance fee.
  9. Hi Bob Thanks for doing this. Minstrels should sing songs about you! I mostly lurk around here. And i'm not that technologically-savvy so I will probably not start a business from one of your ideas. Nevertheless, I accept your terms Looking forward to learning more! stvv
  10. Hi Claire, welcome to the forum! If you want to see people get crazy here, an idea would be to start a thread were you post clues as to what the next steps of Ripple are or what the next announcement would be. Some forum members would dedicate a lot of their time to figure out the clues More serious though, are we allowed to ask you questions? I think people here are anxious to ask a lot of question, but maybe that's not really in the scope of what you want to do here? For example what do you think about the fact that the entire market seems coupled to BTC? And can you talk about wha
  11. Any suggestions as to what the easiest way is for a European to buy TRX?
  12. Agreed, but a media-outlet focusing on 'fast money' should be able to make this distinction, no? It should be their role to help overcome this confusion, not to keep it going. We will see tonight, I guess.
  13. Yeah that's what I was getting at. I can see it happening, they show this graph while Brad announces something about xCurrent...
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