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  1. 20 July is G20 Finance meeting to decide what happens to crypto regulations. I believe it could be a bloodbath before that date by 2 weeks then SBI will launch full fledge after they see G20 outcome. So be cautious while buying now and buy on multiple intervals to be in the safe side. Good luck!
  2. Pathetic XRP sales, no wonder they have been delaying the release of the the report. Idiots should have released it yesterday when market was on fire. EVERYBODY WAS HOPING FOR A NEW PARTNERSHIP... nothing to do but to HODL now.
  3. https://usethebitcoin.com/apple-introduces-payment-request-api-for-apple-pay-could-work-with-interledger/
  4. Perhaps the testing is completed and successful? This was from back in June 2017 http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/mastercard-experiments-ripple-technology-cross-border-b2b-payments/ Come on Master card you can do it
  5. They mentioned remittances and innovation and how it is beneficial. Apart from that it was positive, besides money laundry etc. So hopefully green these days!!
  6. Hello XRPCHATers, I will be posting trading opportunities here for any body who would like to follow then and possibly benefit from. I base my position on news/market trend. For tonight and tomorrow, clear your portfolio and open a sell position on BTC or BCH. I wouldn't recommend such move on XRP as the coin can have any sudden news that leads to a spike and thus it becomes a sell position (such news such as huge partnership, etc) even though the time wouldn't be good for Ripple's strategy to burn a good announcement at such time where the whole crypto world is focusing on G20 outcome. Happy trading!
  7. Only opened sell positions, you all shall sell and reconsider buying tomorrow or on 20th after the indication from G20 is clear. Same thing happened on 6th of Feb before US meeting, my advise is that sometime you need to let go rather than increasing your loss / reducing your profits. This is not any sort of FUD or to let you let stop HODLing, but price by tomorrow could go again -15%, this has been the daily pattern. Look @ Stellar, back to 0.17 , @ cardano back to 0.12 , @ eth back to 470, they are all almost back to end of Nov 17 , 1st week of Dec prices. Ripple was @ 0.2-0.27 at those days so a pull back further to $0.35 is very highly possible. I have been trading for quite some time and this is my advise to you all, am open for discussion. Good luck everyone!
  8. Hello peeps, 2 days ago there was 1 transaction worth $10B XRPx, almost 25% of XRP's circulating supply. That lead to a price spike by almost 10%, from $0.62 to $0.69 Any ideas if it is a big exchange/Firm/Institution such as Cirle, SBI, Amazon etc. After this transaction by a day CoinBase tweets their process of adding news assets etc. Not trying to speculate anything regarding CB as they won't add any asset till G20 is over. Just wondering if you guys got any thoughts. Transaction ID: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/90865CCC92C9E24B5F027EEE0779989F23F7FA17BA75946BAE9507AB62C66595 Happy rippling!
  9. Whales don't wait for any news, they create the wave themself
  10. Wait till 13th of March where Asia Money conference will take place
  11. I live in UAE and already the country is investing heavily in block-chain and innovation. It is the only country with a minister for AI. Good things looking in the future, soon UAE Central bank will integrate with SAMA for the transactions as they have mentioned this a few months ago "http://gulfnews.com/business/sectors/government/uae-saudi-working-on-a-joint-crypto-currency-1.2140573" And guess what? I smell some rippling in their. Why bother to develop a new block-chain and a network, etc where there is an established network with many validators worldwide? So hold your horses for more good news soon amigos
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