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  1. Hayes Conner is no longer pursuing the case. Past on to another firm. Just wanted to bring this topic to the top of the listings.
  2. ...... just bringing this subject back to the front of the files. Hayes Conner is representing me. Any others being represented?
  3. Looks like to me Gatehub wins on this theft and we lose. Wait long enough and the problem disappears under the rug. When I make an error in business I make it right because my name is the business title and its just the right thing to do.
  4. To Gatehub: From 1,250,000 XRP loser...... We now you are monitoring this site yet little response. Basically the only response in general we are receiving " we are still investigating ". You could at least inform us your intent of our loss or are you just preventing future hacking and ignore your mistakes of our loss. From the amount of views and replies you are receiving a lot of bad publicity! I'm not going to let this expensive issue lay dormant. Please don't let me give in to Hayes Connor for help.
  5. To : Gatehub, ... From : a loss of 1,250,000 XRP's ..... 1.You obviously are not going to do the right thing because the price of XRP is approximately 40% cheaper now then when this hack occurred which would be a 40% replacement savings.2. And just how can you run a business without ( I am assuming) Insurance for incidents that occurred as this. I myself as others on this blog had the rug pulled out from under us. 3. Ripple also is washing their hands of this even though they recommended using Gatehug for storage of XRP. My future life style , future donations to charit
  6. Has anyone received any information from Gatehub on the investigation, compensation or should we assume they are washing hands of this and moving on. Hayes Conner.com is starting a class action suit which tells me they must have a strong case. Is there anyone on this site using them to represent you? ......and how can you initiate a class action if nothing (supposedly) is resolved?
  7. What do you mean XRP is worth next to nothing? We where all in it for the long term which I purchased over four years ago at.oo4 per XRP then have it all disappear. I have total faith in Ripple's progress otherwise I would sold at $3.00 per xrp. ( 1250000 xrp's is not next to nothing that was stolen ).
  8. "Thank You" ChangeNow for responding . I've put Hayes Connor's forms on hold. Load off of my mind as with others on this post. Never heard of ChangeNow but my manager informed me that they are very reputable. Check ed them out by Googling them.
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