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  1. Hey there.. Long time no see. Getting back into xrp with these low prices ?
  2. The more important question is.. why is one Buttcoin still not valued at 370k plus?? Being so widely adopted and hey.. it’s supposed to be a store of value?! (Why actually.. lol)
  3. Thanks, that is actually quite a good text.. Don't mind my copying it to use in the future (yes, with reference... lol)..
  4. So, they should keep their stack.. until ? Or.. is this whole escrow thing not such a bad idea on the whole ?
  5. oh come one.. lets get personal..
  6. Doing a bit of Bitrue myself but if you want some serious interest, let me suggest the... Turkish Lira! https://tradingeconomics.com/turkey/interest-rate -This is not financial advice... lol
  7. Boy oh boy, it seems like fun in here.. Player 3 entered the party.
  8. And so.. 3,49% up for the last hour... It's such a grown up market..
  9. Someone like Jed perhaps.. lol. The question really is why they would want to do that.. My thoughts are they are not, nor would they want to do that.
  10. Plus you might want to check out this video in which a letter is mentioned (and shown) from the ABA to the FED.. enjoy.
  11. Thanks @BobWay ! really appreciate your time and effort being here. No questions other then..well, wen moon or such.. Thanks!
  12. Just re read my post from last night and have small headache to remind me some alcohol was involved.. lol. But pawns yes
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