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  1. Someone like Jed perhaps.. lol. The question really is why they would want to do that.. My thoughts are they are not, nor would they want to do that.
  2. Plus you might want to check out this video in which a letter is mentioned (and shown) from the ABA to the FED.. enjoy.
  3. deBereboot

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks @BobWay ! really appreciate your time and effort being here. No questions other then..well, wen moon or such.. Thanks!
  4. Just re read my post from last night and have small headache to remind me some alcohol was involved.. lol. But pawns yes
  5. Quite right you are but really.. can we expect XRP to be politically correct? Can we expect money to be correct? It just isn‘t, in fact you then touch the base of decentrilzation. I know.. it just isn‘t the right playground.
  6. Thanks for that.. It gets better every time I read it.. LOL
  7. Well, you're gonna have to do your own research and base your decisions on that. I've done some myself and am quite positive. Then again no one has a crystal ball.
  8. Your guess is as good as anyone's guess. My guess that it will take some time :-) What do you guess ?
  9. How exactly does that 'crap' looks like and how should 'they' have any financial gains by doing that ? or perhaps I completely misunderstood you... -confused
  10. Trying to think.. hard.. and really, there's not a darn thing Ripple as a company does wrong imo. It's a fricking dream coming true.. XRP ? well, it's the most sound investment I have Made in my life. Quite happy really.
  11. Just did catch this informal speech...
  12. Now I finally understand that movie quote: 'What do I get for 10 dollar..? Everything!...'
  13. Thanks Hodor, Another great read. I remember getting into crypto around July 2017. Getting hyped up quickly opened an account at iqoption.com. That was my first mistake as one doesn't own the actual crypto but merely has a right, a CFD. After finding that out mirrored my XRP bag on bitstamp and sold my cfd's. That was a bit of a hassle but absolutely necessary as my XRP's now reside on a cold walled. One should definitely own ones own cryptos.
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