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  1. How exactly does that 'crap' looks like and how should 'they' have any financial gains by doing that ? or perhaps I completely misunderstood you... -confused
  2. Trying to think.. hard.. and really, there's not a darn thing Ripple as a company does wrong imo. It's a fricking dream coming true.. XRP ? well, it's the most sound investment I have Made in my life. Quite happy really.
  3. deBereboot

    When rich ?

    Just did catch this informal speech...
  4. Now I finally understand that movie quote: 'What do I get for 10 dollar..? Everything!...'
  5. deBereboot

    Own Your XRP

    Thanks Hodor, Another great read. I remember getting into crypto around July 2017. Getting hyped up quickly opened an account at iqoption.com. That was my first mistake as one doesn't own the actual crypto but merely has a right, a CFD. After finding that out mirrored my XRP bag on bitstamp and sold my cfd's. That was a bit of a hassle but absolutely necessary as my XRP's now reside on a cold walled. One should definitely own ones own cryptos.
  6. At such an interesting and intriguing question one can only answer in complete and utter honesty. 64 dollarcent.
  7. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.. oh come on boys..
  8. Agree there completely. What I meant was that it seems sort of hypocrite how it is projected when looking up on their website. WU being a dinosaur, corporate wise, pretending to be saving the world while actually charging a fricking premium to transfer a mere 50 dollar. Then not to mention how they handled the sandbox trial with Ripple saying it hardly was something that would save them costs although then again charging less fees is not something the stakeholders would agree with. Wouldn't surprise me when indeed they will join Ripplenet. They do have a lot of brick and mortar to uphold though. their problem.
  9. This btw look at their website https://corporate.westernunion.com/leadership.html . Is that our saviour himself ?
  10. deBereboot

    How Are We All Doing?

    Nice longread, gonna make some coffee and... read it.
  11. deBereboot

    How Are We All Doing?

    Well, considering the price before last years bull run I can’t be that sad for it’s almost double now. Really an almost 100% rise per year isn’t that bad?
  12. deBereboot

    How does Whale operate?

    One might consider asking @spiegel for further insights ?
  13. Warning...for entertainment purposes only. . To be honest I didn't read through the whole pile of garbage but enough to make me LOL, enjoy. https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/10/02/ripple-the-charade
  14. I think or I feel coincide here. I think however that this little lift brought us to a level higher. Overall, after all of these months, feel quite optimistic. All of the good news ( holding anyways) made a window of lets say 3 years. Fundamentilities could not be better imho. ?
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    It might be the Venezualan Petro-dollar crypto?