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  1. It's because I took my 50,000 xrp out at .55 , that's why.
  2. Well, after 3 years of holding I finally decided to move all my xrp into other coins. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone else, I regret it.
  3. Don't worry, I just sold 90% of my XRP for another Bitcoin and so most likely it will launch now. You're all welcome.
  4. Shoot kid.. I have been buying the dips before you were even born. I'm tired of dipping.. it's time to launch for once.
  5. Oh look, good news came out so price is tanking. What a surprise!
  6. Same here.. I don't want to work all day and come home to a house full of screaming kids... so they go outside and do it.
  7. I think someone should put a chart together of how many times in past 3 years we had people say " this is the month or this is the time"... and then nothing or worse happens. I think it goes nowhere exciting for another 9 - 12 months.
  8. We have 5 kids, I much prefer them outside being kids, screaming and playing then inside on video games all day.
  9. Yup and if that happens it means inflation is so high you need a million for a loaf of bread. I think this tops the dumbest thing I ever read on here.
  10. Of course they are crypto friendly, they hate the dollar and they want a single world entity. This may seem good for crypto holders but in every other important aspect of a world economy this is terrible. They want us to be the next Venezuela and that's nothing to be happy about. Obviously Bitcoin explodes as the Dollar declines and news of Biden winning continues the decline of the dollar - the collapse of the US currency just like when George Soros Broke the Bank of England. It is bitter sweet for us holding.
  11. Yes, I have been using them since they came out. Very good service, quick, easy withdrawal and deposit.
  12. I have adopted 5 kids, trust me, my life is full. Sounds like you are a bit jealous that I made the right choice and made a good profit and you are probably still wishful thinking.
  13. Glad I dumped all mine at .51 . Was pretty much a dull two years but at least I doubled my investment. Glad I sold a bunch back in March to pickup bitcoin at $4k. Rocked it!
  14. but the exchanges are removing XRP so you'll just continue to hold something of no use. Good Luck.
  15. Amazes me how people think 50 lawsuits were all by Trump's team. Most of them were joe shmo looking for attention and the media continued to call them Trump lawsuits. Even so, they are going through the motions that have to in order to get to where they need to be. They weren't expecting to actually win any lawsuits - if they did it would just be icing on the cake. It is going according to plan and everyone knows damn well if the tables were turned and Biden was now in Trump's shoes the left would be going absolutely crazy on vote fraud, riots, courts, filibusters , everything in their
  16. Well hey if Biden can overcome the 1 in a quadrillion odds of coming back from defeat at 3am election night after being so far behind then even 0% chance is still in play. Obviously they know they committed fraud and it's why they won't allow the audit of dominion machines because they have so much to hide. Nor would they ever allow only LEGAL votes with registered voters because they would be humiliated. FACT is there is 214 million REGISTERED and LEGAL voters. Trump received 74 million (and I think much higher when you add back in the stolen/switched out votes). 141 million people voted.
  17. Oh I agree, the republican leaders are spineless and continue to bring bats to a gun fight. They are pathetic and need drained along with the rest of them. I was making a point that the SCOTUS is not the final say, regardless of the chances, their are still optional paths IF senator republicans actually fight.
  18. Wrong on this circumstance because the constitution allows other remedies for an election. Only takes one house and senate member to challenge the electoral vote on Jan. 6th sending it into a battle mostly to delay until Jan. 18th when the house delegates decide the POTUS which is in favor of Trump according to their majority. I see Trump remaining POTUS , as he should considering the amount of theft going on that nobody should be happy about or want for this country unless they want it to become like Venezuela.
  19. Well, if you are looking at day trading then the short term chart interval matters. I think I posted trades on here when I was into it over a year ago...with like $100k in day trading and ended up just breaking even, which could probably be considered a win for day trading. Nice when chart follows the TA but the moment it doesn't, and it happens all the time, you can lose big. " But stop losses" Yea.. and the entry and exit fee's rack up real quick!
  20. Depends on how you're looking at it. The weekly actually shows it overbought just like the last big run to the ATH suggesting a big sell off.
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