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  1. Sorry to hear that. I'm glad like you I took a chance with a small amount first. Crypto still has this Wild West feel to it. I use Toast Wallet now and have had no further issues.
  2. And can anyone suggest what to do about my lost deposit? It says payment failed but it didn't go back to the exchange either... :/
  3. Can you please recommend a good personal software wallet so I can try again?
  4. Thanks for that, it seems the payment failed, I got this - This transaction failed with a status code of tecUNFUNDED_PAYMENT, Is it lost forever now?
  5. Yes I have that, but I have no idea what to do with it...
  6. Hi I recently decided to put some faith into ripple, I downloaded Ripple Desktop Wallet and transferred 21 XRP to validate it. Nothing has arrived and the wallet isn't activated. In good old crypto style neither the exchange who sent nor Ripple Desktop Wallet are replying to my requests for help and it's not like I can see anything myself. Can anyone suggest what to do? It's not a huge amount of money but I have more XRP I want to take off the exchange. What software wallet to use?
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