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  1. XRP isn't a company so really not the best comparison. I am a realist though, $40 is a tall order from the 2018 perspective. But I am on the 5-10 year plan, and am already at peace with whatever happens. I made a calculated risk, skipped a couple vacations for life changing possibilities...Yea sign me up for that, Que Sera, Sera
  2. Its been discussed..so what? That means its not a security? Although I personally think it cant be a security, this is not a done deal yet.
  3. Good read. I am contrarian right now. Popular consensus is the sky is falling, so I expect a turn around.
  4. Anyone long on XRP should be buying like crazy right now. I see the risk, but the upside is tremendous and very likely to happen. I try to see through the morass of FUD, and predict whats more likely to happen, $.20 or $5.00 by end of 2018. I say $5.00 is far more likely. There will be pullbacks along the way, but $.25 is long gone imho.
  5. 5 years seems reasonable, so does 8-10 tbh... Crypto and blockchain is too young to expect anything less. Not that things couldn't change quickly, that would be great. It's just be prepared to wait many years. 2028 is really not that far away.
  6. I thought settlement and getting your money are two different things. Maybe someone else with more technical knowledge can explain, I don't think I can.
  7. The single phrase does seem extremely out of place...HR intern trolling at AMEX?
  8. I'm still buying xrp. It's cheap entertainment for the cost.
  9. Fidelity has gone as far as mining coins "to learn" about crypto and what it means to finance in general. Their CEO is very interested in the crypto space and has been for years, so this is not surprising.
  10. It'll break up, 78 cents by tomorrow, then it's usual retreat to 70ish, then settle in around 75 cents for a week... disclaimer: Swag
  11. Heleum is asking for seed money, anyone else get the request? I might take a chance because why not.. Super high risk, possible buyout down the road.
  12. Yea...He also predicted a real estate crash in China that never happened. Fiat is a lot like Country Crock, it's one molecule away from being crypto. The grid doesn't need to go down for fiat to fail, see visa news. But if it did go down, Fiat could also be worthless. If he is right, he is a great predictor, if he is wrong, no one will remember unless they do a Wikipedia search...
  13. Also still buying. Not planning on selling for years, so day to day swings don't affect me at all. Adding to my stack is fun for me.
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