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  1. @JoelKatz, thanks for suggestion. For some reason it happens a lot with my transactions (15%) of my transactions are canceled with this error message for all issuers and currencies. For instance i one of last canceled transactions: "Order (10.0000 XRP for 12.36 USD) has been cancelled due to lack of funds." I created offer at bitstamps: ( I had ~ USD 2k and ~ XRP 4k) { "TransactionType": "OfferCreate", "Account": "rLo5nViV44DNjUEsJzUyEYx7KiZPmGdZYV", "TakerGets": { "currency": "USD", "issuer": "rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B", "value": "12.36003" }, "TakerPays": "10000000", "Flags": 2147483648, "Expiration": 570456855, "LastLedgerSequence": 36164677, "Fee": "12", "Sequence": 2869 } Order failed as part of this transaction: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/E7EB450EDD54BA2980AE2A6020CB9310C690639BDB5EB899ADA4BE075A797301 I cannot figure out why ? Have similar examples for other currencies. Could you help me?
  2. Thanks for your help, sorry for bothering with simple case.
  3. mrcarrot, it is not a case. There are several links that I have provided. Biggest one take 7% (300xrp out of 5k xrp) of amount on my wallet. But 1% orders fail as well.
  4. A lot of orders that I create fail with status: has been cancelled due to lack of funds But there are funds to complete this transaction. https://www.ripplecharts.com/#/transactions/A227E71B9357102CC844CA0BC49D3E12329A57188E48FE23D32667B9790AC4B0 https://www.ripplecharts.com/#/transactions/B03ECB85C3088F591FBF2E415B05E03A6C36315B46509D7175F67B72AA344CE9 https://www.ripplecharts.com/#/transactions/DB382947DABA37142209D9F43096FD551A8CEF5EDE9F2CF6266DBAAE88B9C41B https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/D596E565D4B3832B4B6A47090D67CDF22123A59DC6AEC28B7F589A81FC039304 Why? What I'm doing wrong?
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