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  1. I use NEXO for borrowing @ 5.6% against BTC/XRP. They seem very trustworthy. Looking forward to getting the dividends for holding their tokens. Used Celsius for a week, and got a very bad vibe from them, and pulled everything out. All the animal people on their website made me feel like it was an episode of Arthur on PBS. For earning, I like compound.finance the best, Great for lending DAI and USDC. And you hold their tokens directly in your eth wallet.
  2. I started using MyFXChoice when Bitfinex closed to US citizens. Used them primarily for their bitcoin CFD. However, they have closed the BTC cfd, so I haven't used them since. (Does anyone know where I a US person can short BTC other than kraken?) You can choose the base currency for each account you have there, so all profit and loss is kept in that currency. So if you have an XRP-based account, and make profits, you would just withdraw in XRP. You can transfer funds from one account to the other, but this is usually at a horrible rate maybe 2-4% Edit: Just tried to transfer USD>XRP and got a message saying that XRP cannot be transferred. "Ripple withdrawals to any other currency and vice versa are not allowed. Sorry for inconvenience."
  3. Goldmoney.com (formerly bitgold.com) has been one of my planned emergency exit points for years. It's a nice way to turn crypto into gold. I've tested the physical redemption with a small amount and am happy with them.
  4. I wouldn't use rippex's IOU's. You should be able to buy about 890XRP or .0976BTC.Bitstamp with that .1BTC.Rippex Try buying 800-890 XRP, and wait a minute for the pathfinding to find the offers.
  5. Wow you're right! There were over 2M Snapswap USD issued to that account. Hope everyone here removed their trustlines and orders. There's still an order to sell 309K XRP @ 3.8 SS.USD surprised he didn't take that too.
  6. I was looking at the 200,000 XRP he bought: "This is a Payment transaction. The payment is from ~ra216 (rnd8KJ4qeip6FPJvC1fyv82nW2Lm8C8KjQ) to ~zeit035 (rwCHL7JwufMJsi98NgyB5iJGB4T8pPZr9n). It was instructed to deliver 200,000 XRP by spending up to 533,502.26 USD.ra216(rnd8KJ4qeip6FPJvC1fyv82nW2Lm8C8KjQ). The actual amount delivered was 200,000 XRP" So he paid about 2.66/XRP when the price was about 2.00 - so that's only a 25% loss. No too bad considering he bought it with snapswap dollars. I do feel bad for those that got stuck with his snapswap dollars. Hopefully old inactive accounts. Following the 200,00 XRP... He bought 10BTC and sent to bitstamp, then sent the rest of the XRPs to a bittrex account. He still has 358K snapswapUSD, so he might try to liquidate some more as the price approaches 3.00-3.80 mark
  7. If you're familiar with it, and you have a ripple wallet, You could always use a ripple client: The current price is about 3 XLM for 1 XRP (2.9963) Be sure to get and use the memo using your ripple address, and try a small amount, like 25 to test it first. https://ripplefox.com/util/stellarTag Otherwise just use an exchange.
  8. In my experience, a typical XRP Deposit to polo goes like this: 1 XRP arrives at the deposit address - Instant 2 All XRP (except for 25.15) swept to polo's hot wallet - Up to an hour depending on network conditions Hot wallet = https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph/rDCgaaSBAWYfsxUYhCk1n26Na7x8PQGmkq 3 The deposit should show in polo now, as pending 1 of 2 confirmations. This can take another 30 minutes On days when xrpcharts has "delayed info" this can take longer. Looks like it's business as usual based on hot wallet activity.
  9. If SWIFT has 29M transactions a day, and all of those were handled on ripple instead, then only 3.5 XRP would be burned per day.
  10. I would stay away from poloniex tonight, despite the temptingly low price... I was wondering why my XRP withdrawal wasn't processing. then I checked their wallet (which usually has over 10 million XRP in it) and it has been wiped clean! https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph/rDCgaaSBAWYfsxUYhCk1n26Na7x8PQGmkq Nevermind guys. it showing all 46M in there now
  11. Anyone that trades XRP on BTC38 should know: 1 Their hot wallet has been empty for over 24 hours now. 2 There is currently a 24 hour hold for XRP withdrawals. (You don't get this information on the English withdrawal page) 3 Deposits are working as usual. Be sure to use the proper destination tag, as it is different for each deposit. And only send the exact amount you specify, otherwise your deposit won't credit properly 4 They are cheap on the BTC network fees (.0004BTC/Byte - that's 1/10th of what bitstamp uses), so expect a day long wait on BTC withdraws. Always check unconfirmed transactions Their current XRP wallets are: Deposit: ra545WwJStiP64Sty7MeZBWcKcXpGyapaU Hot: r9zrsxaodijNE6jEPknTcF3FR1rFn6ht5y Cold: rBUzWBi6WhhbpmjN8v7hzDcfjmbqxj4ivB
  12. maybe try https://www.btcexchange.ph/
  13. The ripple network fee rises during high volumes to protect from attackers spamming dust transactions to bog down the network. Any attacker doing so would have to pay increasingly higher fees to maintain the attack. Poloniex keeps .15 XRP to cover the cost of transferring the XRP from your deposit address to their hot wallet. So your amount credited will always be .15 less than what you sent to your deposit address.
  14. https://charts.ripple.com/#/validators Closest thing to a server list I could find. I added rippled.mr.exchange to my server list and I'm back in business now. Still have to re-try occasionally but transactions are successful most of the time now
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