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  1. Let escalate this crap on twitter. I was planning to move my Zerps there before the Flare airdrop.
  2. This sounds like plain theft to me. You have made several deposits and only 1 withdrawal in the past. How the hell can that be arbitrage? That's bull.
  3. Ah crap! Just saw this thread. I will join you guys tomorrow!
  4. Hi @TraderDave For how long have you been daytrading? Kinda curious about that, and have you being able to time this crazy market? Have tried it myself but really suck at it, re: inpatient...
  5. 70% XRP, 20 NEO, 10 ICON. Keep it diverse, but I have fate in these projects. Use cases FTW
  6. Allright, everybody is calm again, what can we conclude: We started at 90 with about 300m volume before the Coinbase rumor. After that we rose to about 1.07. Then came tweet from Coinbase. After that the price tumbled to .95. But we stayed there. If we look at the current volume it sits at about 1.25B. So after everything we gained 5 cents and lots more volume. And on top of that there was the tweet from Cryptobuzz: And then there was the change on Coinsquare: So I think we are stronger than before this fiasco. Just my 2 Zerpzzz...
  7. Hmms, even though I really dislike that MPC-guy, he was spot on with yesterdays TA about XRP.
  8. Back on the rise again. We Europeans are not done yet.
  9. I always wonder how the taxman can verify your cryptoholdings? When you for example bought some Zerps from a local crypto broker and then you move them to an exchange. You could day trade swap to different cryptos make some profits and move them to a different wallet. How can they follow that crypto flow?
  10. I did my taxes yesterday. I took me about 5 minutes. You are being directed to a website of our tax organisation, and everything is pre-filled with the correct data. So you just have to check it and proceed, even a child can do that.
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