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  1. @Eric123 - Based on the volumes and sentiment, do you think these prices are sustainable in the near term? Trying to find an XRP entry point for next week... I am an XRP long term holder, just looking to top up
  2. Surely the change by the OCC giving licence for Banks to Custody Crypto is change enough to drive the price? And I agree with tracking RSI on longer timescales; whilst Crypto is a volatile market, a daily strengthening in RSI was a buy signal back in December 2017...
  3. Do we have an idea of the value of BTC traded daily? Trying to find the information from CMC but it's not clear... If anybody has a source that would be great
  4. I will be buying regardless; whatever occurs in the short term from the Halving will not supersede what Ripple are building in the background for the long term health of XRP and the ecosystem
  5. This I can agree with... 24hour volume has increased 50% since the beginning of April (66BN as of the last 24 hours, from 40BN on 01/04/20) Based on the required purchases reducing by 50% (and the volume being sustained) I would suggest that any price increases occurring now and simply due to hype?
  6. Afternoon Everyone... I've been off of XRPChat for a while (still holding the Zerps having been invested since mid-17') and I wanted to hear what peoples thoughts were on the Halving and what potential impact that may or may not have on the XRP Price. I know the two should not be associated but regrettably we are (as this week is showing). Do any of the wiser, more knowledgable Crypto investors on here have any thoughts? @Chewiecoin I would be interested to hear your thoughts... Thanks all,
  7. If XRP is being sold by Coinbase in New York, surely that would elude to the fact that XRP is/isn't a security?
  8. The greater the price, the less liquidity is required at the market maker facilitating the transaction.
  9. Makes sense... If you believe the BG123 prophesies, then the 'flippening' will be a (x)rapid and an 'in the blink of an eye' moment... Which falls in line with your point about buying up the order book.
  10. I agree... A slow and steady price rise is almost definitely the way it should/will go... I just thought the simplistic approach above made it seem 'too good to be true' so I wanted some of the more experienced Zerpers to clarify. Thank you @Tinyaccount for your response ?
  11. No problem... I do not post as much as I would like but I know in the past @Yodaxrp has been very knowledgable when it comes to arbitrage, TA and finance. ?
  12. @Yodaxrp - I knew you were the man to answer this... I think the thing which struck me was the simplistic nature with which the price could rise. Based on the corridors recently announced by David Schwartz, the liquidity inbound from xRapid would be sufficient (in Lehmans terms) to drive the price way way up... I just feel like there must be more to it?
  13. Hi Zerpers, I saw this comment on Rob Art's youtube video regarding $589+ and I wondered if any of those more familiar with TA would be able to advise the legitimacy? Hello Rob Art I have recently posted the below for Jungle Inc and as you have also touched on this subject, then i would like you to consider these facts before stating that XRP will take extreme amounts of money to reach $589. Please take particular note of the section where i show on the Bittrex Exchange that transacting small amounts of money can push up the price dramatically. Please do not be fooled into thi
  14. This is honestly the best 'idiot proof' explanation I have seen on this topic... *Tip's hat* Please accept my sincere thanks ?
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