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  1. HenryHole

    The Final countdown.

    Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... #XRPtheStandard
  2. Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... Eat, Sleep, Accumulate, Repeat.... ZERPMOON. 😎 #XRPtheStandard
  3. HenryHole

    Anyone care to shed some light on this...

    Quite clearly Ripple T'shirt on the right face... The left is obviously @JoelKatz
  4. HenryHole

    Anyone care to shed some light on this...

    Completely agree... It's one thing to take a view on someones opinion on your Crypto Investment but another thing entirely to target their gender... Mods?
  5. HenryHole

    SBI VC now officially live

    The star of the commercial Danylo Boldyrev is the World Record holder for Speed climbing... Lets see if Ripple can 'speed climb' their way up the Crypto Wall... πŸ˜‰ #XRPtheStandard
  6. Good to see you back @Chewiecoin... I remember you were the first to post when I was a "New Member" back last year... I too have ignored the delusional man who sails the XRPChat Sea with his conflicting views... Oh the irony!! I completely agree with your opening post... All of the events (past, present and future) will be catalysts for Price Action for XRP. Maybe not as soon as we hoped, but it is inevitable that such media attention alone will increase the speculation and therefore the FOMO for new/existing investors in the CryptoSphere. A couple of things you didn't mention... - The Big "C"... I do think a listing for XRP will be inevitable at some point this year (the very Fact Coinbase are chasing their own regulation at the same time the CryptoSphere is under the microscope coupled with their recruitment drive last year) will drive some positive sentiment for Ripple and its Tech and thus increase the price (speculation or otherwise) - BTC Crossing $10K - I think in the near term this will be a catalyst for the MSM to re-ignite their Crypto Airtime and cover off the "Potential" of Bitcoin (and thereby [annoyingly] all other Cryptocurrencies) which will drive further speculation to other Coins Like (most) people here, I have believed in the fundamentals of Ripple as a company way before I believed in the potential uptake for XRP as a business tool. Recent partnerships from Western Union, MoneyGram etc... Have only further cemented my thought that utilisation of Ripple products IS changing the way we transfer money right now. Another interesting utilisation (from the UK) is the Pre-Payment fuel fiasco which is coming out from ASDA where Customers are having their cards Pre-Authorised for Β£99 before filling up their cars (regardless of whether they are putting Β£5 or Β£99 in their tank)... With the ILP and Blockchain, such authorisations wouldn't be required... (Article below) (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/08/petrol-stations-introduce-new-99-charge-pay-pump/) Sorry for the long post... #XRPtheStandard
  7. HenryHole

    SBI Summer 😎

    Is it possible that you are simply trying to provoke a reaction from people on this forum? Or are you attempting to provoke debate? Because unfortunately, the patronising fashion in which you speak to people would suggest the latter. Now if this is your modus operandi, then please be honest with your fellow zerpers. However if you are genuinely trying to initiate debate, conversation and an alternative perspective; it would be fantastic if you could provide some evidence based arguments with which to support your point of view...... Just a thought eh?
  8. What's funny is you know Mr Marbles will still have some XRP so despite his down talk, he is invested as equally as we all are. Difference is he has already cashed out (too early in my opinion) the majority of his holdings... Hate to say we told you so!
  9. HenryHole

    SBI Summer 😎

    Brilliant. IS @Captain_Marbles not the individual who 'predicts' XRP to never reach similar heights as were seen during the Dec/Jan run? Oh the Irony..... πŸ˜‚
  10. HenryHole

    Calculating Relative Holdings

    @strikerjax - Perfect thank you!
  11. HenryHole

    Calculating Relative Holdings

    Hi... I can't find it anywhere (and I wanted to bookmark the link) to calculate where one's holdings sit relative to the Whales/Long Time Holders in the market... I know there is a website but having trawled through the forum, I can't find it anywhere! Thank you in advance. πŸ‘
  12. HenryHole

    BTC supply vs Xrp supply

    I've been reading through this whole thread and it's a fascinating read... @Leprecoin - I completely agree with you. In Layman's terms working from the bottom up (as you rightly point out we have to) if Drops/Satoshi were physical currency akin to FIAT... We take all the 'Drops' of zerps and tip them out on a table... We take all the 'Satoshis' of Bitcoin and tip them out on a table... We then have 47.169x more 'Satoshis' than we do Bitcoin... If (one day) Ripple give an arbitrary name to half an XRP and the BTC community did the equivalent with half a Bitcoin, the equivalent values would remain the same. I agree with the point made by @AZerper - Had it not been for the divisibility of BTC throughout it's growth of 2017, the value would have been exponentially higher. Based on utility/security/speed/eco credibility, XRP has far more than 47.169x the credentials than that of bitcoin and I imagine at some point (at least 10 years) we will see parity with BTC pricing. Just my 0.000024 Drops worth
  13. HenryHole

    Will Interledger Be the New World Bank?

    So much of this article relates to BearableGuy123's Cartoon he posted... Lets hope it comes to fruition!
  14. HenryHole

    Crypto Bank FUD

    Either that or the fact we are about 2 years ahead of the competition... The difference is we have opened the door to the banking world so for competitors it is easy to come along and offer an alternative. With that being said I would imagine any pilot with another Cryptocurrency would no doubt have its hurdles!
  15. HenryHole

    Crypto Bank FUD

    Indeed... What I don't understand though is why the FUD from the BTC Fanboys is never targeted at any of the other Cryptocurrencies who are buddying up with the banks?! Probably because we're the trailblazers...