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  1. Will the exchange provide a tax statement for any sales that are done? Similar to statements that are received from a brokerage account when selling stock?
  2. Why wait?? If you believe it's going to sky rocket one day, buy now, heck .40 .50 .60 would look good. If you are day trading then it's anyone's guess. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  3. What is the likely hood that SWIFT would want to buy the XRapid technology from Ripple?
  4. https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/06/19/is-ripple-xrp-the-dollar-2-0/
  5. Apologies if this is old news. https://globalcoinreport.com/apple-ripple-partnership-could-send-xrp-price-through-the-roof/
  6. Anyone know of the top what Uphold's fee is for credit card purchases?
  7. Can someone fill me in as to how you can sell XRP at .10cts when the market is around .95cts? What am I missing?
  8. Thank you very much gray for tying this all together. Originally I was thinking of having a few wallets but I presume that each would require the 20XRP fee, will be staying with one. Now to decide which type of wallet. If you don't mind I'll probably be pinging you at some point after I have a few options. Thanks!
  9. So there is a minimum balance of 20XRP that needs to be in the wallet at all times. Do you have the option of closing out the wallet and cashing all coins including the 20 that needed to be there to keep the wallet activate?
  10. HOLD UP "Also each wallet requires a non refundable 20XRP deposit to activate." Is this worded correctly? Do I just give up 20XRP to buy into a wallet? That can result into thousands if not 10s of thousands of $$. Or is it a minimum deposit of 20XRP into a wallet? I've always heard that paper wallets are free. Please confirm. Thanks
  11. I get concerned about losing coins as well. A lot of folks here recommend a hardware wallet, but I'm liking the idea of several paper wallets for long term storage. I'm still undecided. Where did you read about Bitstamp keeping such a high percentage off site in cold storage?
  12. So now that you all have me thinking about being hacked . It seems that most here are recommending a hardware wallet, Nano S to be exact. Question, what happens if I load the Nano with my coins and at some point down the line I destroy the device by accident. Can I get my coins back? Also isn't a hardware wallet more for using coins on a regular bases and not for long term storage? I guess it could be used for both. I know I need to educate myself on wallets. Thanks all
  13. Hi All, I'm relatively new to crypto. Purchased my first batch of XRP a few months ago and my 2nd a few weeks ago on the dip. I find block chain technology very interesting and certainly believe it is the future for ledger/record keeping along with just about anything else that requires secure tamper proof data keeping. During my research I keep hearing that coins that are purchased should be taken off of the exchange and secured in "wallets". I realize that there are several different types of wallets to use. I'm still not up to speed on wallets, plan to research further. However
  14. My initial purchase was last month at $1.80 and again today at $0.75. I'll buy again if it dips. I'm in this for the long ride to the top! I got on board after reading an article on how Seagate Technologies has invested ~ 3% of Ripple. I worked for Seagate for many years and through that entire time I was extremely impressed with the executive management team, especially the CEO Steve Luczo. When I heard Seagate invested in Ripple I needed to find out everything I could about Ripple and couldn't wait to invest. Good luck to everyone on this amazing ride we are all on.
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