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  1. I feel like a long time hodler at this point. Down 4x from my even point [emoji17]. So, at this point, I'm immune to all falls. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. It will be a pump and dump. Watching the market TRX, ADA, and CND over the last couple days all did the same thing
  3. I thought about that also but some on here have done the math and at current rate it's something like 500+ years before they all diminish.
  4. Agreed man! I'm super excited. The last couple years have been torture. They need to do whatever they can to protect Jimmy G and build around him.
  5. I'm a die-hard 49er fan and fly out to the Bay area every year to see a game. Originally from California but I live in Denver.
  6. Get a sleeve on my right arm that's a ripple mural
  7. Oh so close. I got one more 4 digit buy to get. I'm starting to get greedy thinking it's continuing down but you never know, I might wake up tomorrow to over a $1 again.
  8. As of right now if BTC is in the 4-6 range, XRP Will be in the .5 range. We need to decouple from BTC.
  9. I understand that even though I disagree, if XRP doesn't reach $5 than the way the market is right now everything else has failed. I was just curious on his reasoning.
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