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  1. Wyckoff Distribution in 2021 ... And nobody took him seriously. A classic.
  2. The GitHub repository is incredibly silent and empty for a project slated to be released in a month or two. I don't want to accuse anyone of anything, but well ... I've shed my childish naivete. I need evidence to believe and see the source code to understand ..
  3. Doge, a bad joke, listed on Coinbase. XRP, best in class, delisted. A single man farts his thoughts on Twitter and the world is upside down. So much for today's generation...and Coinbase.
  4. With its DEX, IOU, Smart Contract and Token Issuer functionality, XRPL is a direct competitor to Ethereum and the Ethereum Alliance. I think we all know the story of XRPL's Codius, Vitalik Buterin, Ripple and Ethereum. https://medium.com/coil/codius-smart-contracts-made-from-containers-b3b16c3e3890 The "Clayton" case is a clear case of deliberate competition distortion. A case of sheer corruption.
  5. Ripple‘s ODL Product utilizes XRP as a bridge currency for immediate settlement. This exchange happens in a matter of seconds. There surely is no „investment for profit“ involved.
  6. The chosen ones must be Doge, Cumrocket, Sushi, Telcoin and Venus after 8 years of research.
  7. This section tells a lot about the SEC lawyers' narrative and the origins of SEC internal brainwashing.
  8. Yes, very frustrating - as a holder, user and builder. Doge sucks the last bit of rationality out of this emerging market... Unfortunately true: „The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent“, John M Keynes.
  9. But, but .. it’s decentralized ... 🥳
  10. Dogecoin is just sucking all the dumb-money out of the market. Don't worry. 5 Cents is overpriced for an overhyped fun-asset with infinite supply.
  11. I guess we all know David's "trading incident" ... https://cointelegraph.com/news/regrets-ripple-s-cto-sold-40-000-ether-for-just-1-each
  12. It is only in the US that a government agency can take a private company to court with allegations and assumptions, but without any evidence or facts. It is clear that this opens the door to corruption, especially when the agency operates in the financial sector. This exaggerated John Wayne mentality has to stop.
  13. The fingerprints of the mining industry (pools and alike) could also be clearly felt in the daring argumentation by the SEC. Bribery and Corruption - the epitome of Clayton's SEC.
  14. Hinman, Clayton and whoever else was involved in the framing and the action .. When you put the puzzle together, you quickly realize the extent of this corruption case. The SEC has become a stepping stone to personal enrichment.
  15. It is unbelievable with which ignorance and smug arrogance Mr. Tenreiro appears. He tries to dictate his narrative to the court without evidence. No serious judge goes along with this for a long time. The SEC has blood on their fingers, and it's time the SEC got grounded.
  16. Interesting: "[...] as late as October 2020, the SEC was directly informing retail holders - who were inquiring as to the status of XRP in relation to bitcoin and ether - that the SEC had made no determination as to whether XRP is a security and did not know when or if it would ever make such a determination."
  17. As much as I appreciate Jed and his work. The XRP community is eagerly awaiting his last XRP sales.
  18. Short summary: The SEC enforcement lawyers can no longer get through with their no-utility narrative and now generally attack the consensus protocol and premined token. What this has to do with Howey seems to only exist in the dreams of the SEC enforcement laywers. Hint: Ether was also largely premined and "given away" by an entity, but nobody in the SEC seems to care. Especially not the unsuspecting William Hinman, or backers like Simpson Thatcher, Vitalik "The Brain" Buterin, the Ethereum Alliance and associated mining companies such as Canaan Inc. Why also? Ether not only donates money for hard-working (but underpaid) "enforcement personnel", but also offers potential business entities to sue as an ERC20 ICO platform. SEC & ETH - A perfect match.
  19. I am also one of the 6,000+ interveners and all of our points of view have been made abundantly clear in the papers. No matter whether the intervention is accepted by Judge Torres or not. Thanks to John E. Deaton and his inner circle for making this all possible.
  20. The SEC remains true to its line and continues to deliver allegations without facts or legal basis. So the SEC claims that as a private seller from the USA on a foreign exchange I have to ensure that no US citizen acquires my item? Even if I am abroad? Did I understand that correctly?
  21. Hilarious. How can "investor protection" work without fair notice? Only the SEC knows - maybe.
  22. The SEC screwed up the matter and you can see the desperation in the aggressive tone of the SEC enforcement lawyers. "Fair notice" is so much more than a simple announcement. It's a fundamental legal principle. If the SEC cannot issue a fair notice, then the SEC has missed its mandate.
  23. There are reports about people who committed suicide due to the overreaching actions of the SEC. The SEC has blood on their hands and there is certainly no fun behind it.
  24. When the SEC openly searches for whistleblowers and freely determines its own powers, nothing is surprising. A few more violations of the law do not matter. The USA is experiencing the beginnings of an authoritarian socialist regime. Soon it will not be possible to open a private company without serving the state plan. Whether security, digital security, digital asset security or virtual currency security - the main thing is security.
  25. XRP existed fully functional and natively with its ledger as exchange token. Code is Law. It's no matter how it's spun, it will always be reducible to the fact that XRP is and never has been an investment contract. "centralized thing"; Even the SEC noted that Ripple does not run the majority of XRPL nodes "little credible utility"; Ask all those third party product vendors, indies and XRP users about utility of the fastest and most robust asset in the market "large cash payouts"; Whatever this means, it doesn't matter and isn't different to any other crypto-project in the market (or any other commodity utilizing company) "control the thing"; Whatever this means, the XRPL network determines its governance fully autonomously However it's a good advise for Ripple to leave the USA and pay taxes in a sane and innovation-friendly country.
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