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  1. As much as I like Polkadot's promised technical approach ... but it hurts to see that DOT, a provable former ERC20 ICO token with an even more centralized approach ("Partity Technologies") than Major Payne's knickers, has now more market cap than XRP . But XRP seems to be the tolerated epitome of the cancel culture in the crypto market anyway. Fairness and logic? Nope. Everyone is allowed to hit it.
  2. Transactions per second or per day? I have serious doubts about these numbers. The propagated lightning network is an off-chain P2P solution, that simply bypasses the LTC/BTC ledger, depends solely on the connectivity of both participants and is still not able to handle edgy error cases.
  3. It's all an estimate between risk and opportunity. Personally, I wouldn't jump from one HODL project to the next. The risk that the SEC will apply its John Wayne policy to this very project is very high. At the same time, the chance of an agreement between the SEC and Ripple and the determination of the regulatory status of XRP in the USA is very good. For this reason, XRP was and is an opportunity for me, not a risk.
  4. Coinbase, Grayscale, Blockchain.com, OKcoin, etc.. A list of shame. However, they have never been particularly xrp friendly either.
  5. It is a shame that other market participants are not behaving in such an exemplary manner. The case has not even been opened, but some of them are already burning books. Shoot first, then ask - such a typical Wild West mentality.
  6. DCEA (Digital Commodity Exchange Act) - an abbreviation that speaks for itself.
  7. https://www.occ.gov/news-issuances/news-releases/2021/nr-occ-2021-2.html There we have it. So, in every agency there is progress and preparation for CBDC and DLT, only the SEC is doing its own thing and blocking the industry?
  8. Sell Low, Buy High - Backyard geniuses sold XRP at 0.17 and bought BTC for it at 34k. In this forever repeating world, I no longer wonder about anything.
  9. Claims for damages by XRP holders should be brought against the SEC, no one else. False allegations, lack of transparency, presumptuousness, arbitrariness, immature legal frameworks and an incredibly poor information policy - these were the characteristics of the SEC policy under Clayton.
  10. A bet on XRPL means to bet on the most sophisticated real-time gross settlement solution available. However, as holder you decide which horse you want to saddle.
  11. I like the idea. It's actually Coil for Open-Source Developers. I guess this could also be well integrated in Maven Central or other Public Repositories.
  12. The SEC deliberately destroys an entire market with the knowledge of promoting the competitor (ie Bitcoin). Even if there is an acquittal by the court, the reputational damage against XRP and Ripple is enormous. Abuse of office is no longer a word for this. USA - the land of the free?
  13. The Bitcoin Market collapses as soon as Bitmain decides to sell and people notice that Bitcoin cannot be used at all. Then the idiot cycle starts all over again.
  14. I assume the trade was done OTC. For a good price, right behind one of the largest artificially generated FUD market sentiments in the crypto sector. That's how the pros do it.
  15. I can understand when the SEC is after ICOs and here I am on the side of the SEC. But XRP, BTC, and ETH have fully functional matured ledgers unlike ICOs. Incidentally, XRP is much older than ETH and, in contrast to the BTC "payment" ledger, has the higher-performance, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective technology behind it. All three use their respective ledger currency among other things as spam protection in the form of transaction fees in their distributed ledger networks. If the SEC now decides to brand XRP as "digital asset security", it must do the same
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