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  1. Ugh. The rivals never rest. There can never be enough soldiers in the army with all this wear and tear going on.
  2. A lot of banks replaced their fax machine IOUs with signed email messages and call this "innovation". However, IOUs are still IOUs.
  3. Scam? But, but ... Jed is the good Samaritan of crypto and will share his wealth with everyone. Isn't he? Huh, power to the people ...
  4. FUDsters were triggered and engaged. Mission accomplished. Goal achieved. Who wants to know such unimportant details?
  5. I really love Brad's eagerness and integrity shown in the video - perfect CEO attitudes.
  6. For me it’s all about fundamental value. The whole blockchain fintech sector is growing and growing, despite the low token prices. And I am more confident in the whole industry now, than I was when the market price of XRP peaked at ATH levels. Don‘t let Mr. Market’s whimps fool you.
  7. The price of BTC went from 1k to almost 20k in one year. It was clearly driven by speculation, venturer and casino players, not by serious investors. The next wave will be much more based on fundamentals, like tech and utility. The number of business startups are growing right now and the numbers grow significantly, despite bearish market price sentiments. Fundamentals will clearly catch up and fill the preinflated speculative bubble in the long-term. It's a wonderful new, young market with a lot of potentials and I still see a niche for Bitcoin generally, even if BTC can't compete with XRP's technical advantages.
  8. 'Still waiting for Yoshitaka Kitao's $10 EOY prediction to come true ...
  9. Just another drunk Bitcoin owner talking ******** about competitors,, while watching his investment take a deep dive into nirvana..
  10. ... And in the end a simple ego fight between miners and Bitcoin maximalists might have ended up in this dip. https://www.chepicap.com/en/news/5189/craig-wright-threatens-to-send-bitcoin-price-down-to-1000-while-btc-dumps.html Bitcoin - The Dying Swan.
  11. Of course. 1. Spread rumours and FUD 2. Proclaim nanny state viewpoints against the consensus of a free market (Ugh danger lurks everywhere) 3. Enrich yourself with taxpayer's money 4. Repeat
  12. Clearly a bot trading with order book spoofing algorithms, a tactic that is actually forbidden in regulated financial markets. Licensed Forex brokers have systems in place to detect this type of behaviour. They'd automatically report and suspend accounts with conspicuous trading behaviour from their marketplace, otherwise they'd be held responsible by authorities in regular book audits.
  13. Me too. The market seems to be dominated by day traders and P&D whale groups in action. Pretty annoying because they suppress the asset's actual value and give a **** on fundamentals. We need institutional money to flow in and we need it now.
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