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  1. LINK ? ALGO grew 500% in the last five month as well. This doesn't mean I would invest in such a white paper project based on an ERC-20 ICO and pure speculation.
  2. I think that the status as an asset in the US must first be clarified before XRP can be held or used by institutions globally. I don't know if the delay in decision making is intentional or not.
  3. Let's face reality... XRP fell like a brick and might continue to do so, if Ripple doesn't change their "freebie" distribution attitude. And yes, It is the worst performing asset in my long-term portfolio. Every Venezuelan penny stock performed better. I know that the fundamentals are continuously improving, but this effort is currently not reflected in the price.
  4. I guess having the charts upside down isn't a bad advice. I recently changed the colours of the candles in my XRP charts from red to green and now I feel happy again.
  5. People go FUD with falling market prices. People go FOMO with rising market prices. Glad to see that nothing has changed and the weird market mechanics of **** economicus are still intact.
  6. Selling when the market slumps in a black swan event is such a typical behavior of retailer investors. You'll actually sell your assets into my enormously large ball* bags.
  7. We just experience a global short-term black swan event. Just like in beginning of 2018, but in the opposite direction. I really doubt this negative market sentiment and media fud will survive an upcoming corona vaccine.
  8. I totally agree. Blockchain semantics is the ultimate-ratio in any governance where costs, speed, transparency and documentation is needed. It's only the US administration that have currently issues with being on-time. The switch towards the IoV is already happening (see Europe and Asia). And of course XRP will play a significant role in it. Retail investors in general are very fragile and manipulatable people if it's about their money. A non-mineable B2B utility asset like XRP, that is actually mobbed by the mining industry, needs institutional investors, and they will be part
  9. If you burn the driving force behind your business infrastructure, you actually burn the trust in your whole enterprise. Nothing can be more harmful in professional big finance. I totally disagree in what the Stellar Foundation did. It's like self-abandonment.
  10. That's too harsh to watch for my simple minded eyes. I guess that a lot of people must sell below their purchase price for whatever reason or Jed is trying to keep XLM up with XRP flips.
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