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  1. @tulo @kanaas At least @cjpsurf deserve a appropriate answer since he mention on the bottom: "Please take into consideration I’m not nearly as bright as most members on here so if this offends anyone I apologize in advance". In the end of the day you are responsible to clarify the speculations!!
  2. Thanks for the answer. @T8493 Yes, I meant rippled, sorry. @tulo Thanks for repo link . @nikb Thanks, sure it is obvious. Wish you good day, less bugs more solutions
  3. Hi there folks, I'm relatively new on the blockchain, I have invested some money on ripple since I really like it as idea. But since I'm a computer scientist currently finishing my master on Computer Science in Switzerland I'm interested to work (contribute) on the blockchain! I would appreciate if you can give me a path that It would be possible to contribute on ripple project as much as I can at the moment ? Thank you in advance.
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