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    Mooie uitleg over Ripple XRP door Wietze

    Wow Wietse dank u wel.
  2. It was posted today on youtube
  3. I think the pilot is a succes Mr Noriaki Goto, President and CEO, Bank of Ayudhya starts @ 18:45
  4. https://medium.com/@FriendlySparrow/arrington-xrp-capital-and-sparrow-collaborate-to-protect-the-future-of-cryptocurrencies-today-97dc3bb8b5a6 Arrington XRP Capital is a digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets. The fund is denominated in XRP, one of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Arrington XRP invests in a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets and related digital technologies, with primary focus on existing tokens. The fund also has investments in initial coin offerings, or ICOs, as well as more traditional investments such as private equity offerings. Sparrow Exchange and Arrington XRP look forward to a meaningful collaboration in expanding Sparrow Exchange’s network of liquidity providers and market makers. The close partnership would also enable Sparrow Exchange to access important feedback and advice on how to better serve the risk protection needs of US participants. Founders Michael Arrington, Heather Heade and Geoffrey Arrone believe that cryptocurrencies and its related technologies are the future. “The crypto market has been crying out for proper derivatives to control risk. The volatility has simply been brutal. Sparrow Exchange will provide these badly needed products without the counterparty risk. We are excited to be a part of this project and we can’t wait to use the products ourselves.” -oOo- About Sparrow Exchange Sparrow Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer options platform. It offers fully customizable options on cryptocurrencies with no counterparty risk in an easy-to-use interface. Website: https://www.sparrowexchange.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/SparrowExchange Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/sparrow_ann Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparrowexchange
  5. https://dzone.com/articles/blockwatch-ripple-coil-codius-and-malta-summit
  6. xrpmommy

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Ashton Kutcher