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  1. . ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies Integrating with Hyperledger Quilt and the Interledger Protocol https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and-Seminars/201908/Documents/Alberto_Fernandez_Abstract.pdf
  2. And Kahina Van Dyke 's response Congratulations David Marcus. We need the best and brightest and most influential minds shaping the future of financial services so that all people can participate in a more equitable and prosperous future. Totally agree that Blockchain and digital assets are the tools to unlock that future.
  3. https://www.law.com/corpcounsel/2019/06/12/driving-in-blockchains-legal-guardrails-how-ripples-general-counsel-works-with-regulators/?slreturn=20190513030608
  4. https://www.paymentsjournal.com/tim-sloane-talks-w3c-payment-request-api/
  5. Results of experiments Several patterns of synchronised settlement have been tested with successful results, including settlement between DLT ledgers, between centralised ledgers and between a DLT ledger and a centralised ledger using ILP, a specification of the transfer protocol introduced in the Interledger whitepaper. Synchronised settlement without using ILP on DLT ledgers is also feasible, and therefore using ILP is not a necessary requirement for synchronised settlement. Nevertheless, ILP could facilitate the abstraction of different types of ledgers, and therefore could bring about the benefit of standardisation. http://www.boj.or.jp/announcements/release_2019/data/rel190604a1.pdf
  6. She sure was active at the summit....... listen to this, is she saying that amex is member of the ripplenet committee??? (if so thats new to me) she starts @ 40:20
  7. Comments: (1) Todd McDonald - R3 - New York30 April, 2019, 21:55 0 likes Hi Carlo. thanks for taking the time to put together the post. I wanted to correct one (v important!) thing about the post. Corda Settler does not require the use of XRP. Corda Settler allows users to integrate and interact with other payment rails, both traditional and cryptocurrecy rails. XRP happened to be the first sample integration. The SWIFT work is not in any way associated with XRP. thanks
  8. He starts @ -2:31:15 and later on there is a Q an A
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