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  1. Just my thought:- They could also be adding TRON here (in addition to XRP), due to the donations from them.
  2. CZ says they are adding XRP base pairs.
  3. XRP-USD markets on Bittrex from 20th August 2018. Mods, please remove if already posted.
  4. No, the previous trading pairs of INR, BTC and ETH still exist. They just added 4 new XRP base pairs for XRP/BTG, XRP/LTC, XRP/FUN and XRP/ZIL. Reference here
  5. This is a great news indeed. Indian crypto exchanges are going through a lot of difficulties right now as the volume has dropped since all banks have stopped doing business with them. Koinex was the first to add XRP as base currency in India. This is why Koinex is still the go to place to trade crypto as it has the most coins paired with XRP. For those who don’t know about unocoin, it is not a big exchange. In fact, it is not even in the top 4 exchanges in India. As the name suggests, it primarily supported only one coin i.e. BTC for very long time. But adding XRP as a base curr
  6. I can’t comment on the beta state of xRapid but I do understand that SBI being live for 2 weeks is no reason to spike the price of XRP right away. Below are my reasons:- 1. SBI is known to have been very strict about Quality of it’s exchange. Security being one of them. You can read about it in here. 2. Implementing KYC in such a time when every government is out there to regulate crypto is a big and time consuming work. I remember when in december 2017, people in India were waiting for 2 weeks to get their KYC documents verified. I am sure american exchanges did it to US citizens to
  7. 27 here. I am from India and didn't get the chance to get into Crypto before 2017 as there was no way for people like me to get into it. I am glad I found you guys. XRP is the most I feel comfortable with.
  8. If I were a BTC whale and missed out on getting into XRP in earlier 2017 (when it was less than cents) , then I would definitely try to push the market a lot down. Everyone knows that XRP will go much higher when the next bull run starts.
  9. Twitter link Koinex proudly presents XRP-based trading market. I am also a user in the same exchange and I can confirm it is a big deal here in India. Mods, please remove if already posted. Edit:- Below are all 8 pairs added:-
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